Star Ocean: first Departure Dated for Europe

Follow the exploits of humankind's journey across the stars. The Star Ocean saga begins with the completely remastered Star Ocean: First Departure, available across Europe in October 2008. Featuring a revised game engine, an improved battle system and fully-voiced, all-new animated scenes displayed in 16:9 widescreen. With a newly added layer of character interaction, players can enjoy their journey into the rich Star Ocean universe like never before...

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mathsman4535d ago

FINALLY! It's about time...!

TheColbertinator4535d ago

The PSP Star Ocean is gonna be great

Lucreto4535d ago

I can't wait
SO1 and SO2>SO4

Abolisher of Apathy4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

For some reason this game makes my penis itch....Now I have to buy it

Genesis54535d ago

Buy what, your penis or the game?

Genesis54535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

Oh I was just foolin' around. But I'm glad to hear it was the game. Though both can be fun to play.

In case you didn't know. I'm on comic relief.

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