NA Weekly Downloads: A Huge Surge of Games Are Set To Hit The North American eShops Tomorrow

A bunch of new games will be coming to the Nintendo Eshops on WiiU and 3DS consoles tomorrow.

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Averyashimself3061d ago

Pokemon Re-Release being the most anticipated game on that list :)

KentBenMei3061d ago

Not exactly a lot of competition there. Not seeing Smart Adventures - Mission Math as a real option lol.

FallenAngel19843061d ago

Why does Nintendo update their digital store on Thursdays instead of on Mondays like they did last generation

WiiWareWave3060d ago

Who knows, perhaps its easier on their servers or something.

Dunban673060d ago

huge surge of games? not on the wii u-


It seems Nintendo now restricts international purchases on eShop from certain countries

Users will be greeted with error code 2813-2470 if they try to purchase something from the Argentinian eShop without having a bank card or gift card registered for that particular country.

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JohnnyRambo327d ago

An unsurprising move from Greedtendo

cammers1995326d ago

They need to start quality control and getting rid of the shovelware garbage that's been infecting eShop lately.


Nintendo Shuts Down eShop Services In Russia After A Year's Suspension

Nintendo has decided to cease its eShop services in Russia starting from May 31 in a largely expected move.

Leeroyw406d ago

Good. You can't invade a foreign sovereign country and expect things to go on hunky dory. Queue the Russian bots to down vote me. I don't care. This is not okay. A child and her mother killed over night. In their own home. In their own country.

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Wii U & 3DS eShop are gone. What now? - Opinion Piece

Dan Rizzo says "So this is where we’re at with Nintendo and their continuous colloquy of tedious arguments against emulation. It’s funny how a company that’s so against open-source emulation, uses it to sell commercial products such as the NES and SNES Classic Mini, but release a minimal quantity to drum-up all the hype behind it, only to leave a majority of its fanbase disappointed when struggling to acquire the now collector’s piece."

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walken7456d ago

Jailbreak. It was pretty easy on the 3ds, there are good guides out there.

CrimsonWing69456d ago

someone made a good point that older music, movies, and books are far more easier to get access to than games. I think the industry needs to make a change. It's crazy that so much is gone now and I'm willing to pay for the games, but there's literally no way to get them now.

fan_of_gaming456d ago

I can't speak to music as I don't collect it, and books are still quite accessible through paperbacks & hardcover releases. But movies & tv shows are starting to have a problem with accessibility now, with all these streaming-exclusives. Before everything would get a DVD or Blu-ray release, but now if content is pulled from a streamer, like happened with some HBO Max stuff recently, there's often no physical disc option or even a digital download through a service like iTunes. They're just lost media, same as delisted digital-only games.

fan_of_gaming456d ago

play all of the games I got before they closed

PhillyDillyDee456d ago

Yar me thinks me knows an answer yarr