PS3 Blu Ray vs Xbox 360 HD DVD vs DVD

So the "next gen" format war is upon us with two sides lined up, ready to take your money for your fourth version of Full Metal Jacket. If you are like most people, you are wondering a couple of things, the first being why would I want to buy another version of Full Metal Jacket, and is the $200 add on drive for the 360 worth the money, especially if I already have the PS3? More importantly, which one of the two (the PS3 or 360 HD DVD drive )looks and performs better. This article will attempt to answer these questions with background and information, as well as present evidence to why the ultimate conclusion was reached.

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Smellslikepie5242d ago

That was interesting. Also, I meant to press 'Cool' but accidentally pressed 'Lame' and for some reason you can't change it.

pbo2m35242d ago

meant to hit who voted and hit lame instead.

Smellslikepie5242d ago

They should really allow you to change what you voted for. Even if it's just once.

sjappie5242d ago

We are waiting for your enlightened visions on this matter hihi.

TheMART5242d ago

"When it comes to the format war, I would prefer the winner to be HD DVD, as I feel that they have more of an understanding of what consumers (and movie geeks) are looking for in a "next gen" format. I respect that Blu Ray looks and sounds great, but to me HD DVD feels more next gen with not only the great picture and sound, but also things like IME and U Control. Sony's half assed attempt to match this with the shoddy Blu Wizard almost feels like a joke, and I am almost insulted as a hardcore movie fan."

There you go. It's freakin' over for Sony and it's pushed formats that always die. BR will come in line with Betamax, Minidisc and UMD.


dbug3605240d ago

Its not just HD DVD that has picture in picture "the descent" which hit Blu-ray on December 26, boasts extensive extras authored in the BD-Java environment, including the Blu-ray format's first picture-in-picture video commentary feature, as well as extensive featurettes presented in full 1080p HD video. face it the format is only just getting started and things will only get better and better!

kingboy5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

well i could just post another source which crowns ps3`s blu ray player victorious over 360`s HD player.

Smellslikepie5242d ago

HAHA! You fool! Did you even take time to read that? That guy links to a site that says the Xbox 360's HD DVD is better. Which is also the site that this news story got it's source from.

Check the actual article, that was written by Tek Jansen.

MicroGamer5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

The article you linked to was linked to another article and the author stole the images from Last Samurai that are shown and then said the Blu Ray image looks better, but when you go the article he stole the images from, the original author says that the HD-DVD image is better, in spite of the fact that he is watching it over component and the PS3 is being displayed over HDMI. So I guess if the 360 HD-DVD player can produce a superior image over component to the PS3 over HDMI, that pretty much says all anyone needs to know because the image over HDMI on a Toshiba player must be absolutely vastly superior to the PS3. You had better check more thoroughly into the links you post before you make yourself look like an a$$ again.

power of Green 5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

Fanboy patrol doing damage control.

SPAWN5241d ago

Loser! Proof in the pudding and you still can`t accept defeat! The XBOX 360 was even using component cables and yet it still looked better and your lame fanboy arse still voted lame and won`t admit that the HD-DVD drive is better than Blu-Ray! Imagine if the XBOX 360 was connected with VGA! HDMI vs. Component and the HD-DVD still won you ignorant little fanboy! You especially look stupid being that you have some tech no how being that you spend some time in music studios! That just shows all that you are biased towards the ps3 and that you are a lame arse fanboy! Thanks for showing all not to believe an once of what you post or recommend!

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