The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s

Morgan Lewis, Managing Editor of Gamer Professionals writes:

"The Division is quite a hot topic among gamers these days, and for good measure: it takes the best elements of so many different current-generation shooters, combines them into one, and puts its own unique twist on it. This past weekend’s beta was an astounding success with 6.4 million players exploring New York City, making it the largest beta ever on a current-generation platform. People are very excited for this game for a reason. It is a third-person-shooter/MMORPG hybrid, taking some cues from Destiny and games like Gears of War but makes them its own. It is fresh and unique, which puts it in a prime position to dethrone Destiny as the go-to game in the shooter/RPG genre. The bottom line is people have just grown tired of Destiny and even frustrated with the game."

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guywazeldatatt3073d ago

I'm really excited for this game. I had fun with the beta, and we have to remember it was still in beta. I've grown so sick and tired of destiny and The Division will be a new and fresh experience. I can't wait to see where Ubisoft takes it.

DarkOcelet3073d ago

People have grown tired of Destiny because of its Repetitive Content.

The Division looks promising but the game looks like it will be very repetitive too after a couple of play hours just like every single Ubisoft game.

guywazeldatatt3073d ago

it's not just because of the fact that it's repetitive. if you stop playing you simply can't go back to PVP. you have to re-learn how to play because all the tinkering with weapon rebalancing. it's ridiculous.

Overload3073d ago

Where are you getting this from?

Like it or not, Destiny is one of the most successful games of this generation, it has an extremely active user base.

Why do you think big sites like IGN upload Destiny videos routinely since it's release?

As for the article, Destiny's and The Division's PVP modes are extremely different and not really comparable.

guywazeldatatt3073d ago

@Overload they may be different but that's what makes it fresh and new. Destiny may be successful but people are becoming tired of it. There are some serious issues with the game right now and unless they are rectified I can see them losing a huge part of their user base for Destiny 2. Just because they are so successful and IGN uploads videos doesn't mean that The Division won't make a decent dent in activity. It may not happen right away, but the promise The Division holds is pretty exciting.

DarkOcelet3073d ago


" Like it or not, Destiny is one of the most successful games of this generation, it has an extremely active user base. "

So a successful game means its not a repetitive game? Most Ubisoft games are very successful and sell very well but they are repetitive.

High Sales dont mean the game is great or amazing.

Overload3073d ago

I do think The Division will make a dent in Destiny's userbase. I think The Division will be very successful for a new IP, not unlike Destiny.

I'm just saying Destiny as of right now has a very active userbase.

Overload3073d ago


High sales is definitely part of a game being amazing, to the people buying it. Is it the only measure of quality? Absolutely not. But people don't buy and play millions and millions of copies of a game because they don't like it.

As for being repetive, every game to a degree is repetive and most games would love to be getting played consistently a year and a half after release like Destiny is.

Do I agree personally with Destiny's business model? No. But you can't deny the game has a huge following and those people obviously enjoy it in someway.

Docknoss3073d ago

I've known this but here is a great post from reddit


You do not start the game at level 4, it starts at level 1. (You know nothing Jon Snow)

The DZ vendors in Beta were purposely given (purple) items, they will not be so easily attainable full game. These were placed in for testing purposes.

There is an "in-game loot loop system" that we haven't experienced (interested in what this entails)

To those worried the Dark Zone is the only viable way to get the Best-In-Slot gear, equivalent and better gear can also be earned through PvE activities (missions, encounters, etc.) during a community podcast it was stated, "Some of the best gear in the game you'll be able to get through crafting" (Entirely unexplored system hype)

The appearance menu will have an updated UI come release to avoid the clutter we encountered in Beta

Missions will have 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Challenge Mode (My speculation: If it is anything reminiscent of WoW CMs, we're in for a treat)

It was stated by a dev there was end-game (besides the DZ) they weren't able to talk about quite yet

Majority of bugs reported/experienced during both Beta's have already been fixed for full game, they are beta builds for that reason

The full game will have 3 different colorblind settings

After launch, there will be weekly maintenance, addressing bugs, fixes, balancing, house cleaning, etc.

The BoO will have a DZ Funds Vendor that allows you to convert regular funds into DZ funds (based on an exchange rate of course)

guywazeldatatt3073d ago

@overloard sales don't make a great game. Look at the latest Star Wars Battlefront. It's so mediocre yet look at the sales. It's all about marketing and name recognition. Halo established Bungie in a big way, and it was a great game, but that doesn't mean that Destiny is good. That's fallacious logic.

-Foxtrot3073d ago

"The Division looks promising but the game looks like it will be very repetitive too after a couple of play hours"

Let them learn...I heard people saying roughly the same thing with Destiny and people brushed those concerns away...then look what happened.

I think the Division is going to go the same way as Destiny.

Hoping the game is good is a lot different then actually being good.

DarkOcelet3073d ago


People will never learn because they fall into their Amazing Marketing and Hype tactics.

That is what Ubisoft/Activision/EA are excellent at. Their marketing division.

PhucSeeker3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Look at all the bitches that bitched about games's sale. Because you lots think the game is mediocre, others should think like that as well, right ?

"Hey, people's enjoying the games i don't like. Hah, it's all marketing BS. They ALL think they enjoying the games when i know for a fact these lots don't really enjoy the games".

Overload3073d ago

Battlefront is not mediocre.

Should it have launched with more big maps? Absolutely.

It is one of the best looking, best performing and best sounding games around. It has little to no server issues, free content and is completely authentic to the Star Wars universe.

It deserves every sale it got.

Wallstreet373072d ago

I agree which is why i cancelled my preorder after the beta. Idk i just cant get why ppl are so enamored of this game. I mean it was ok but after two hours i just got bored and saw its repetitive nature and same looking enemies.

_-EDMIX-_3072d ago

I mean based on its genre.....probably but that can be said about like 90% of games.

ie Racing games get repetitive, all you do is race lol

I'm expecting to be searching, looting and killing folks.....repeat. I'm fine with that.

What struck me about The Division was its world, the NPC's speaking, how they act ,animations, being able to give them water, food etc.

The world they crafted supports the narrative sooooooooooooo well! I don't for a second doubt what is happening unlike Destiny where they basically tell you some narration and expect you to just deal with such a bland, dead world. The design of the world is just awful. So while doing missions on earth, apparently no humans exist folks, no food about, no wild animals...

Really folks? lolz

The Division nails it within mere minutes of first playing it. Though I'll be playing a bit after launch, its still a game on my radar to put some hours in.

I don't see me going some full 100 hours in it, but I do see me getting my money's worth, which 20 or so hours is fine with me.

Pongwater3072d ago

"Let them learn...I heard people saying roughly the same thing with Destiny and people brushed those concerns away...then look what happened."

Lots of people still playing a year and a half later, something not many games can claim. Still one of the most streamed games a year and a half later, something not many games can claim.

Let them learn indeed. Take your own advice. smh

DarkOcelet3072d ago

@ _-EDMIX-_

I would be fine with Repetitive games if there was enough gameplay mechanics to keep me hooked, we will see in the final version.

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Docknoss3073d ago

I had a better time in both betas than I ever did with the full destiny game.

TwoForce3073d ago

I had admitted that the Loot system in Division is much faster to find. What i mean faster to find meaning you can find rare and legendary weapons are much faster this time. It kinda mix Diablo 3 loot system. I had fun with The Division, but i need to see more.

Taero3073d ago

I would be surprised if that drop rate hadn't been altered for the beta to get as many varied weapons etc. out there as possible and show the kind of things you can look forward to as opposed to it being the regular rate.

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n1kki63072d ago

Do I have permission to like both games?

Pongwater3072d ago

I like both games but I do find Division's PvP to be much more interesting than Destiny's. They're different enough that I don't think one can destroy the other though.

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TheOldSuitedMan3073d ago

I hate Destiny's PvP. I'm really excited for the type of PvP The Division is making. I think Ubisoft has some serious potential with this title.

kneon3073d ago

After the alpha and beta I never touched the PvP again in Destiny. It was too unbalanced and laggy for me to bother.

Laguna_Levine3073d ago

Was PvP supposed to be a strong point for Destiny? I never felt like it was a main focus on their advertising. I felt more like it was supposed to be WoW in space, and WoW is mostly known for it's raid scene.

TheOldSuitedMan3073d ago

PvE was supposed to be the main focus, but the plan changed. The developers, Bungie, ended up making barely any PvE endgame content and soon dedicated all their time to developing their PvP. It was a very poor move on their part and they lost a lot of long time supporters.

SUCKxITxEZ3073d ago

Ya the 40 man raids not lil 6 player co-op bs.