Opinion: More Games Should Have Great Difficulty Options

Flexible difficulty options in games allow players to create their own tailored experiences.

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twinspectre19903039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

in my opinion games should offer MORE options
No Auto Regenhealth (you need to find medic pack to heal just like older games)
No Waypoints (you must explore the world or Area all by yourself)
No Checkpoints (you must find Savepoints)
No HandHolding (I know how to play and do Stuff in a game)
NO dumbed down games

give us more Options
make happy both New and Old Players, what's wrong with that?

arkard3039d ago

I'm sure it comes down to time. They would have to balance where health kits are, where the save points get placed. All this is added development time. And how many gamers would actually Make the game more challenging? Judging by the percentage of gamers who get "complete game on hard" trophies, not many

twinspectre19903039d ago

so, they will take more time on making games :)
instead of making a rushed product

arkard3039d ago

It's not the at they are rushing if they don't cater to the "hardcore" it's that there is little demand. Spending months balancing some options that few people will ever use will never happen. It would be a waste of money and time. It's better if games like the Souls series are just built for the hardcore from the ground up.

ThePhantomHaircut3039d ago

You raise a good point. Some of the most elegant difficulty solutions are in basic design. For example, having the option to ignore heart containers in 3D Zeldas. Or having the ability to spend your experience on whatever you want or throw it away entirely like in Dark Souls.

Liqu1d3039d ago

It's up to the developer.

twinspectre19903039d ago

more like it's up to the publisher

OpenGL3039d ago

I don't think every game needs to cater to everyone.

OpenGL3039d ago

A developer doesn't need to make their game easier just to cater to uncoordinated players. Not everyone needs to play Dark Souls or The Binding of Isaac. If games are going to be recognized as art as many people in the gaming community want, they should understand that not all art is for everyone.

twinspectre19903039d ago

for me Games are not art, why people want Gaming to be Art? seriously why ? :/

Goldby3039d ago

so that artists, writers and design teams get the recognition of having actual art related jobs instead of computer jobs. plus grants are available for art industry more so than computer industry.

no matter how you look at it. Video Games are art, just some of the world doesn't like thinking like that, or choose not to. Art in its basic form is expressing ones opinions through either visual or audible aids. TV and Movies are considered art, but because we interact with the art, through the controller many people don't want to see it as art.

Don't get me wrong, some games are not made for the art of it but the money, CoD comes to mind, but at the same time, the artists should be recognized. but games like Journey, Witness, That Dragon, Cancer. those are pieces of art.

twinspectre19903038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

@Goldby even Kojima said videogames aren't art and I agree with him

EDIT after @Goldby Replied me :)
so, he contradicted himself?
btw, everybody have their views you think games are art and I don't see it as Art

Goldby3038d ago

he also said that 10 years ago while being forced to make metal gear solid games after not wanting to.
he sees himself as the operator of a museum of video games that holds the art. making sure that the lights work, tickets are sold, and such.

his words were that art belongs in museums, to be appreciated, there is museums now incorperating Video games as its a form of media.

he said that art is supposed to speak to individuals instead of the mass audience, but i can guarentee you that not every games delivers the same message to every gamer.

Just becuase Kojima (who i have immense respect for) says videogames aren't art doesn't make it set in stop. and if you started viewing some games, like the ones i mentioned earlier, you may have a better perspective of art and videogames.


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ChronoJoe234d ago

Inscrpytion should be higher and I think BPM deserves a mention.


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Christopher764d ago

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