Were amiibo Cards a Bust?

"When Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launched alongside the new Animal Crossing amiibo cards, people were really excited. Based on my experiences going from retail store to retail store on launch day, stock was extremely limited. However, looking back, I'm beginning to wonder how popular these cards have become, or if rather, they are a forgotten thing of the past."

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Trolltroll1061d ago

Lets hope so. There are more amiibo being made than content for those said amiibo. Well we will get 4 new amiibo tomorrow when Pokken date is announced. And no additional support for 50+ others. Just add hats or masks or fn anything plz.

superchiller1061d ago

Amiibos are a cancer growing on the gaming industry, the sooner the fad dies off, the better.

SegaGamer1061d ago

Yep, but we all know another load of these things will come around soon. It's just like Disney Infinity and Skylanders stuff, i hate them. They are too expensive and i don't want a bunch of crappy toys hanging around everywhere.

marloc_x1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )


Tough call if it should be capitalized in this instance though schiller.. 😸