Microsoft's Audacious Plan to Expand Xbox gaming

You all know the story: Microsoft’s Xbox One console is selling better than its predecessor, but it’s still getting outsold by the PlayStation 4 by a 2-to-1 margin. So what can the software giant do to turn things around? Simple: Just change the rules of the game.

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FlexLuger3067d ago

Good article. All this stuff sure has ruffled the feathers of many of my fellow xbox gamers, but in truth...we win. There was a comment in the section of the OP that highlights where my head is at with this whole XB-windows stuff

"You know what gets me. Is that everyone talks about the door swinging one way; ie games going from Xbox One to Windows 10. But people fail to realize that in the background, Microsoft has created the tools for the door to swing the OTHER way as well; ie. games starting out on Windows 10, and going to Xbox One."

Why else do ya'll think DX12 runs on both PC AND XBOX? A PC to XB1 port of any DX12 based game can be done in hours to days, which means a hell of a lot more time freed up for optimizations.

but then mr tachyon cargo follows up with :

"I know there are a lot of people who complain about the Xbox One "losing" all its exclusive games to the PC. But what those people do not realize, is that in two or three year's time, far more PC exclusives will be coming to Xbox One, than Xbox One exclusives going to PC"

Now...for a small dev...who starts their game on PC....the legwork is already done for an XB1 version before they even touch the dev kit. And its going to be hard to say no to a combined XB-PC audience. PC has more exclusives than consoles . period. What happens if you open all of that up to an xbox gamer?

MS are changing the rules here. If the steampowered thing is what its supposed and if there if that AMD purchase ever happens( If Ms dont buy them soon, they are gonna sink anyway to nvidia..and owning a company like And would be good for their next xbox, surface and phone divisions)...wow...but this is all speculation of course.

I guess w10 is a "two way street/door" for both xbox and PC gamers alike. PC only gemers...we will be allies in the future it seems. Who knows..maybe one day we will be playing a future forza horizon together...you guys making kick ass liveries with your mouses..though I suppose KB/M support is not far off for XB1 either.Or kicking ass in some crazy MMO with cloud powered destruction for XB-PC gamers alike ;)...again..Im just letting my imagination run with the possibilities here. I think MS are on to something.

Shubhendu_Singh3067d ago

This is a masterstroke by Microsoft, which they should have focused on years ago. (Though I still firmly believe the Xbox hardware/brand will get less sales because of this - but Microsoft in the end would earn much more money by brining games to PC, and PC to Xbox)

I just wish they can make the Windows Store UWP a little better. As of right now, there are many annoying limitations it imposes on games (I'm sure people have read the list so not gonna repeat)

aconnellan3067d ago

I'm sure infrastructure changes, new software programming tools (DX12 and the like), and business mergers/deals like what OP is speculating all take years to come to fruition.

This likely isn't something MS dreamed up a couple of months ago and decided to green light, it most likely was their plan from the beginning, or at least starting a few years ago

thekhurg3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

The PC exclusive titles don't lend themselves to console gaming environments. There is little to be gained by the door swinging the other way for any console gamer.

If it's on PC and it's not some random indie title, RTS or point and click adventure then it's already on consoles as well.

Griever3067d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Xbox fans should stop pretending that PC is somehow a Microsoft platform and benefits them in some way. A developer does not have to pay any licesning fee to Microsoft when releasing games on Windows unlike when releasing on Xbox. PC is an independent platform that is owned by nobody even if it runs Windows. MS gets money from PC gaming only when a game sells on the Windows Store or a PC version of a first party game is released.

IMO MS is trying to launch the Windows store by sacrificing Xbox One. They want to jumpstart it and increase the gaming library offered so they resort to releasing their own first party games on it regardless of the impact on Xbox One. This move is not benefiting Xbox One as a console in any way and makes its existence pointless. It will only benefit MS as a whole if it succeeds and Windows store takes off. However, it will kill Xbox One in the process. MS are looking at Steam's money and trying to get a share of it even it means sacrificing Xbox One.

In the end only time will tell what is on MS's mind and if there plans succeed. They make some pretty crazy plans but they rarely succeed. For example, Zune, MSN Messenger, Windows Mobile, Xbox Original Programming and many others.

However, in any scenario do not expect PC games like Starcraft or Star Citizen to come to Xbox One only because MS are releasing their own first party games on PC. Most PC games just do not fit on consoles and would not succeed especially given teh Xbox One's low sales. Besides when the 2-3 year timespan passes that some Xbox One fans are giving for PC games to appear on the console, the generation would already be over.

XanderZane3067d ago

What!?!?! Is that why a simple game like Minecraft (PC Exclusive) sold millions on the XBox 360 and is selling millions more on XB1 & PS4 right now. Then you have NeverWinter (another million seller on XB1), Smite, Divinty: Original Sin and Diablo 3 (all PC exclusives) have come to consoles and sold millions. Really the only thing missing on XB1/XBox 360 was a keyboard & mouse. There's a lot of SALES to be gained with these games coming to XBox. We're already seeing that right now.

GameNameFame3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Lets get the fact straight.

-DX12 on PC and Xbox One are DIFFERENT. It doesnt run actual same API on both. If that were true, you can say PC and Xbox One run DX11, too.

-MS giving away exclusive to PC has NOTHING to do with PC games coming to Xbox. MS could've kept exclusive and would have no impact on devs deciding to port their games to PC. Why would devs ever say. Wow QB released on PC, I should return the favor and release game on Xbox.

-Even MS knows giving away exclusive is BAD for Xbox...

Do you know how? Because MS always hide the fact that their games are timed exclusive...

Look at Ryse, look at Dead Rising, Look at Rise of TR. They will make it seem like they are real exclusive as long as they can.

Lol. Why do you think that is? Cause even MS knows its not good for Xbox.

Lets not tell ourselves lie here... This move was purely to push Windows 10 at cost of Xbox One.

MS do not own PC gaming platform.

ancientdiety3066d ago

What a joke. Masterstroke? Companies have been merging their services into one uniform platform for years, MS is late again. Also they ignored PC for decades letting steam build basically a monopoly. Yeah genius, slow clap. Its too late, windows 10 store is awful, throwing a few xbox games an year is not going to do anything, MS is onl;y doing it now because Xbox is niche outside of the US and even getting beat in America. Win 10 store forces everrything to be UWA's which means awful restrictions,a nd it has none of the features of steam. Another failed attempt by MS who still don;t get gamers, especially PC gamers. MAsterstroke of stupidity.

Pogmathoin3066d ago

You two above me would find a negative if MS cured all cancers.... Why even bother, you allegedly hate all things MS but use up many bubbles on articles here.... Facts blah blah... MS does not own the PC landscape, but its software is on basically 99% of them. Do the math.....

Fin_The_Human3066d ago

Why do some people think its hard for MS to add mouse and keyboard support to some PC games when they come to XBox?

4Sh0w3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

-I've already said most of this, it's true Xbox is expanding into a broader ecosystem that ties in the PC platform+other microsoft software and services. Although I do disagree with the viewpoint that this somehow is "changing the rules", surely Xbox in the console gaming space will always compete head on with ps, and Nintendo brand consoles, or any other future console brand but really this is just a natural progression of both Microsoft being a pc software giant and the tech industry/consumers which is trending towards the convenience of merging platforms. Simply put while Xbox One may lose marginal hardware sales neither Sony or nintendo have the leverage to benefit from a overall pc + console stratetgy, and that's not only focused on gaming software. >>>I'll just quote myself:

4Sh0w  +   ; 8d ago
"On the flip side YES Microsoft gains with Windows 10 release and crossbuy benefits gamers, more importantly new X1 pc crossover features benefit & ties to pc benefit the Xbox brand for the future for those open minded enough to see that inviting more kinds of gamers to fall in love with QB is good for promoting so much more than just X1= Microsoft continues to grow and expand their company, possibly solidify their OS among gamers, increasing its marketshare even forther throughout the world, while taking some small lost on hardware sales they just make more in other places, ensure QB software sales success and ultimately with 20min X1's sold while this well known strategy has already existed surely X1 will continue to do just fine."

-Honestly I don't know why this strategy is so surprising after all X1 is the successor to the *VERY SUCCESSFUL 360 platform which shared many exclusives with pc, lol X1 has continued that trend since it's launch.

GameNameFame3066d ago


Only X1 fans think that losing exclusive is as good as "curing cancer".

This is same as last gen. Xbox fans thought that getting exclusive drought was actually a good thing.

Lol. Damage control to death.

BTW MS do not own 99 percent of pc program. Lol. Its other way around. Not only that, they get no royalty from the sales either.

Losing exclusive is a good thing to Xbox fan boys minds. Just like how x1 having weaker spec was ok and believed into secret sauce.

Pogmathoin3066d ago

No one is denying the position X1 is in, no one is denying how they expected more when they announced it. But time has gone on, everyone has moved on, except you it seems. MS operating software is everywhere, the fact, only you would care about the royalties, yet you seem to miss the big picture. Enjoy your mikes lemonade, enjoy doing something only sad fanboys do, persist on something that happened two years ago. As for secret sauce, seems like you had too much powder.....

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donthate3067d ago

Yup, it sounds counter-intuitive, but reality is that MS is moving with the times. They are opening up all their software and getting on as many platforms as possible.

The cross-buy and cross-play between PC and Xbox One is just a step. MS master plan is to be everywhere you are going to be. If you are in an office/bedroom playing on PC, they are there. You in the living room playing games, they are there. You on the move using your phone, MS is there!

One purchase, unlocks on multiple platforms! Win-win!!!

Kingthrash3603067d ago

I still do wonder about a few things. ..like will this open up drm again? Or will xbox have full keyboard and mouse support for all games.
In the long run it is a good idea but If they are gunna start selling steam games on xbox and unify the pc and console. ..pc gamers will have a major advantage on a few fronts. Like 60fps key and mouse and free online play.
Well unless they are gunna make the xbox games on steam require xbl...but then are pc gamers gunna swallow that pill? All questions will be answered soon, but when money is to be made its never a smooth transition.
Ms won't give up on xbl it's what make them money, so it would make sense for them to try and get pc gamers to buy in somehow.
But like before I doubt pc gamers will want that. More games on xbox is good news though.

gangsta_red3067d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

The whole free online for PC gamers as opposed to Xbox gamer is a concern and I believe this is why MS made Win10 a yearly subscription service.

So this is a way they can possibly get the same type of yearly payment that they get from their Xbox users.

You want to play MS games you have to have a Win 10 machine which for now is the only place that supports DX12.

Just a thought.

ShinMaster3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Boy, does it feel like the wrong time to decide to jump on Xbox this gen... :/

If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have just settled for my PC.

Oh well, I'm enjoying Forza quite a bit for now, though.

ancientdiety3066d ago

Moving with the times, by getting destroyed by steam on PC and Sony in consoles lol.

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Bobafret3067d ago

Agreed and very well said. This has been apparent to me since I found out that PC ports are done so quickly with DX12.

darthv723067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I guess the first thing we all need to know is where this list of "rules" is. As i recall, there are no rules or requirements that a company has to do or follow the path of any other company they may be in competition with (including themselves).

It seems that some want to think there is a rule book and that there are companies changing the rules but lets be honest. It's all still part of gaming evolution. It has been a constantly evolving hobby since the days of Pong. Some things move the process along quicker than others but it is all still related to the evolution in gaming and how we play.

generic-user-name3067d ago

"I know there are a lot of people who complain about the Xbox One "losing" all its exclusive games to the PC. But what those people do not realize, is that in two or three year's time, far more PC exclusives will be coming to Xbox One, than Xbox One exclusives going to PC"

But not all exclusives are created equally. If you do the research you'll see far more AAA exclusives on consoles compared to PC. So PC will be getting AAA games from Xbox and Xbox will be getting those quirky indies from PC.

XanderZane3067d ago

Every PC game that uses Win10/DX12 has a very good chance of coming to the XBox. Can anyone tell me how many PC games get released in one year? Probably a lot more then what is released exclusively on Wii U, XB1 and PS4 that's for sure. That's a LOT of software sales. As we all know, profit is made more on software sales, then hardware sales. With rumors of a STEAM app coming to XB1 in the future, I see a lot of console exclusive games hitting the XB1 in the next 1-5 years from now.

bf0007779663066d ago

who cares about a game comming to another system with inferior quality?

Tsar4ever013066d ago ShowReplies(1)
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2pacalypsenow3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Well if they just brand their PC service Xbox, its no longer the Xbox we know and love, its just a Service.

SpaceRanger3067d ago

I think eventually this is what will happen. It keeps the brand alive long after console are gone in the far future.

It only makes sense with MS being a software company. Their hardware will eventually phase out. You'll see tablets years from now and computers years from now playing old and new games with a simple Xbox Live subscription.

Sony is ahead with this with PS Now to some degree. They already said PS4 streaming is coming to PC and Mac. And it's already on the top brand televisions. So it's only a matter of time.

Not what I personally want, but it's the way the industry is going. How many more online or "power of the cloud" PR interviews do we need till we realize it.

2pacalypsenow3067d ago

I mean no one says hey let's play Xbox , sure let me boot up my PC

343_Guilty_Spark3067d ago

Microsoft isn't phasing out hardware in the near future.

Microsoft is a devices, services, and cloud business.

On the devices part they create inspirational products like the Surface and then 3rd parties "copy' and create their own versions. I could see this happening in the near future:

1) Microsoft launches Xbox PC/Console Hybrid
2) Microsoft sells licenses to different vendors to create their own custom Xbox hardware
3) Xbox Live continues on as a service bringing the console and PC markets together but catering in some ways specific to the platform
4) More cross play/cross buy

So Xbox stays both hardware and a service.