Uncharted 4 using one of Assassin’s Creed IV artwork in their trailer

CRAVE: "Naughty Dog pulls a Nathan Drake and steals a piece of art that doesn't belong to them."

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Genuine-User1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Steals? That's most definitely OT.

It's a single concept image and looks slightly different.

-Foxtrot1063d ago

They should be jailed for this...


Genuine-User1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Someone should get fired...


↓↓↓ lol↓↓↓

Relientk771063d ago

Call the Fine Brothers. Naughty Dog is done.


gatormatt801063d ago

They may have paid for the art or received Ubi's permission. I think it's just an easter egg/ tribute to ACIV when you consider the theme of both games.

rainslacker1063d ago

It's the subway map all over again.:(

Eonjay1063d ago

Its obviously an Easter Egg.

Genuine-User1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I meant OTT - over the top.

The original title was "Naughty Dog/Uncharted 4 steals"; which didn't sit right with me.

This is such a non issue. Some people are going to have a field day over this though.

Eonjay1063d ago

@Genuine-User it is over the top of course because.. the internet requires exaggeration to get hits. And if it was an honest mistake they will fix it. But I like it because the theme of Pirates links the two games.

freshslicepizza1063d ago

confirmation that they will use the 'Animus' to keep the character of nathan drake going even if he dies in uncharted 4.

Mr Pumblechook1063d ago

Talk about reaching and trying to make a scandal out of nothing!

I came here wondering if Naughty Dog had stolen art assets from Assassin's Creed and used them in Uncharted 4... but it was nothing of the sort! This is all about a trailer featuring a painting that the art is from AC4. This might have been put there as a place-holder and left in by accident or as an Easter Egg because sometimes studios want to show respect to another game studio.

But this whole 'scandal' is a drama whipped up by Crave to get hits and attempt to throw mud at one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of the year. This is gutter 'journalism.'

They also wrote that The Uncharted Collection underperformed when actually Sony have revealed it to be a big success for them that helped sell new PS4s (see NPD, Media Create and Chart Track for December.)

It might get hits for you now, but it leads to the public distrusting you in the future.

I can't speak for anybody else but this 'crime' hasn't made me want to cancel my Uncharted 4 preorder!

mabreu1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

NG fixed it

The time it appears on the video is 1:36

bleedsoe9mm1062d ago

naughty going all the way with the Thief part of a Thief's end

donthate1062d ago


lol, ND admitted to it. I guess it was one of their outsources?

never4get1062d ago

Uncharted 4: A "Thief"'s End

Cheap Advertisement, so cheap, it's a steal.

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brokasfawk1063d ago

Back to the drawing board (pun intended)

Game delayed to November 2016

monkeyDzoro1063d ago

Nobody ever thought this could be some sort of easter egg or reference to Black Flag - a pirate game - since in UC4 Nate is after a pirate treasure ?
Firewatch included elements of TLOU, MGS and other games, they were called easter egg.
UC4 includes elements from other games, it's called "steal".

"Naughty Dog pulls a Nathan Drake and steals a piece of art that doesn't belong to them."
- CraveOnline.

Craveonline... again. Next Harcoregamer.

joab7771063d ago

This is it. I'm sure it is.

-Alpha1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

This is an art asset that came from concept art. It's hardly an easter egg.

It's not unlikely that ND outsourced this aspect of the work and that somebody decided to take someone else's art work, or reuse it. To pretend that this isn't someone else's work that is being used directly in a game trailer is really turning a blind eye. If it's someone else's artwork, they have a right to not have their work taken like that.

This is a mistake, and Im sure ND will correct it. Same thing happened before with Last of Us using a subway map that they had no license for. It happens. You wouldn't call this an "easter egg"

Naughty Dog and the artist reached a mutual conclusion in that instance, and it was very clear that the artwork was lifted.

Let's not pretend that this ISN'T someone else's artwork. Judging by the tweets by Ubisoft, it doesn't seem that ND really had permission here either. It likely got overlooked, but that doesn't mean that the persons who put it in doesn't have a responsibility.

It's just the nature of outsourcing to outsiders. Games of this scope aren't all done by Naughty Dog, and it's not like Naughty Dog maliciously approved the stolen work. It's definitely likely that asset work like this was outsourced to some guy who screwed up and that ND didn't pick up on it.

monkeyDzoro1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Nowhere did I say it was ND asset. Nowhere. I said it is possible that this is an easter egg. Merely stating a possibility. Do not put words in my comment.

Furthermore, it appears (not confirmed, I did not check) that the artist who made the artwork was a former Ubi employee who moved to ND. His name is Jonathan Cooper. Look below in @Overload comment.

So him using HIS artwork for a game where the themes are pretty similar (pirate treasure hunting) would not be a surprise and even less a steal. Especially if the artwork was not used INGAME for ACIV - Black Flag.

-Alpha1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

^ Again, it's not an "easter egg". Especially considering that they flat out edited out the person in the original picture.

Either it was genuinely taken without permission, or it was licensed, or the artist reused his own image that was originally used for Assassin's Creed (In which case, it is most likely that Ubisoft would own rights to art that is made for their property). But it's hardly likely that Naughty Dog decided to pay a tribute to Assassin's Creed in such a central way.

This is very different from your Firewatch examples and your suggestion that this is possibly an easter egg.

Again, we have an example of Naughty Dog doing this before with the Subway map, where they were called out on taking artwork.

So trying to imply that the media is slandering ND by juxtaposing this with when developers include easter eggs in their games isn't really fair. It is more likely that the image was taken as opposed to be made into a tribute.

rainslacker1063d ago least they didn't use the full AC game to promote their product. That would be unethical and funny. Good thing stuff like that never happens.....


To pretend that ND didn't have permission to use it in the first place is presumptuous. It may be the case they don't, but until Ubi says something, it's really not controversial. The Ubi guy who pointed it out doesn't seem terribly upset about it. Actually seems rather comical about it.


Technically, even if the artist is the same, if ND didn't have permission to use it, it would be a "steal". Any work created in the commission of another work becomes the property of the one paying for it. Even if they don't use it, it still belongs to them.

Only exception would be if the artist submitted the work, and Ubi rejected it for some reason, in which case, the original artist would be allowed to use it elsewhere. Not sure if this concept art was used for AC though....but given the nature of the tweet, it would appear it was accepted.

KilluaX31062d ago Show
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starrman19851063d ago

Cancel the game and make them all walk the plank!

Genuine-User1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Double post. Sorry

CuddlyREDRUM1063d ago

It is more like stealing 99 out of a 100 dollars from someone?

3-4-51062d ago

Looks more like a easter egg or tribute to a game some people on the dev team really liked or were inspired by.

Jughead34161062d ago

So, looks like a concept artist from ACBF moved to Naughty Dog. Guess maybe he thought he could use his same concept art since it wasn't actually used in game. There'll be perhaps some formal apology and the pic will be removed. That's my guess. But in the trailer, they showed the pic, then cut to the actual gameplay that looked like the pic. Do they have to redo this level? Does Ubisoft own the concept art of a former employee, when that art wasn't used in game? XBOX fanboys are loving this. It's hilarious. Guys, Uncharted 4 will still be one of the best games we've ever seen.

solar1062d ago

But ND are gods!! What are you slow kids going to do now?!?!

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dreadz741063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Wow unbelievable it's a direct rip of the exact same picture.

OoglyBoogly1063d ago

I don't get your downvotes at all. Other than them removing the person from the image and cropping some it is a direct rip of the AC picture.

N4G...were logic and reasonable comments come to die.

dreadz741062d ago

yup the evidence is right there denial is strong!

Septic1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Yeah its a literal copy hehe. Well at least we know where they got their inspiration from lmao

PhucSeeker1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Look at all the defensive ND fanboys up there. I mean ND straight-up apologized for messing up, ain't like you guys.

Overload1063d ago

Jonathan Cooper who use to work at Ubisoft now works for Naughty Dog.

DragonDDark1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Yeah, is he the one who made the artwork too?
Edit: I still don't know why ubisoft guys didn't act professional and contact Naughty dog and tell them about this issue instead of creating this drama.

Overload1063d ago

He worked on AC and didn't leave on pleasant terms.

neoandrew1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Then maybe NG should in the first place act professionally and not use someones work.

Blaze9291063d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dark_Crow1063d ago

This is not right. Then's only a freaking painting.

DragonDDark1063d ago

Yeah, i think that it can be removed almost immediately..