Could Microsoft Be Prepping A Major Announcement

So according to reddit, the domain name “” has been active recently, with development being done over the past couple of days.

Whilst somewhat suspicious on its own, the news happens to coincide with the Microsoft’s imminent press event on February 25th.

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OpieWinston995d ago

Given that MS has put an NDA on all articles until March 1st and that there's no livestream.
I wouldn't expect it.
But who knows maybe MS will give out a overview video of a few things like they always do.

jb227995d ago

Wait, so the Windows event isn't going to be live streamed & there's an NDA on all articles? That's the first I'm hearing about you reckon there will still be some new gameplay footage for stuff like Recore? I was really looking forward to seeing some gameplay for that one or one of the other upcoming titles.

Either way, is it an open conference or is it solely for journos? I don't see how they can keep info from leaking if it is a trade type event like E3, and it would have to be very exclusive even if it was solely for media to keep things from getting out w/ a full week until the NDA is up.

ScorpiusX995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Probably taking place on their campus and most likely have Tougher NDA with sever penaltys.

jb227995d ago


That would make sense...I know in the past the console division has typically taken a back seat at this event but I'm really hoping we get some great game footage & previews when the NDA runs up. Dying to see more from Recore specifically among others.

Agheil995d ago

How many things are there that "this is the first I'm hearing about this" for you ? Lol

illtownNJONE994d ago

we will be able to watch it march 1st

jb227994d ago


Way too many things brother...way too many things. News flies so fast these days you'd hafta be Usain Bolt to keep up

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Tobsesan995d ago

The event had a livestream last year

OpieWinston995d ago

That was for unveiling Windows 10.
THIS is to showcase all their games in the spring lineup and allow all the journalists to dump videos/articles on the same day after playing the games for a bit.

Idiedgoodbye994d ago ShowReplies(5)
FlexLuger995d ago

Id really like the ability to stream (better yet access those games natively on my console, even though it will no doubt be at lower settings on my xbox) my steam library to my xbox in my living room. have given plenty of xbox to pc...time for PC to come to xbox

joab777995d ago

It would be huge, but why would steam do this? Doesn't this undercut their living room box and all steam machines.

I just don't think I'd ever buy a game on steam to play on an xbone. Maybe many would.

Yetter995d ago

Valve doesn't care how you play your games, just that you're buying them from steam.

Dlacy13g995d ago

There are tons of games on steam that are not available to consoles. Having a way to bridge steam and xbox consoles would be a massive step for both MS and honestly Steam. Remember Steam also has been trying to crack the console market with their big picture and steam boxes but it's not been terribly successful there.

poppinslops995d ago

I bought a PC just so I could play the first Witcher game, but I'd have preferred to play it on my tv with my xbox controller... If this is a thing, then I'll use the feature for a bunch of games - Firewatch, the Witness, Fez (console version's unfinished) and Xcom2 come to mind, but there's a stack of older titles I'd like to check out.

I've never played any of the Half Life games, or any of the Final Fantasies and I'd love to try the first Crysis... Yeah, I could play 'em on PC, but I don't like playing on PC and I don't want to lug it into the living-room (where there's no space for it anyway), so a streaming solution would be great for me.

As to Steam undercutting their Steamboxes - perhaps they've finally realised no-one's gonna buy them and that this is a better solution?
That, or they're happy to let the Xbox be the low-end Steambox, while they concentrate on high-spec models?

Speculation at it's finest... I can't wait to see what comes out of this conference!

WarPuppet96994d ago

Wouldn't it be awesome if all steam machine took the name of Xbox one all in one machines. An Eco system of systems for different levels of players and Xbox live integrated into to all steam powered boxes, Xbox one or windows one machines.

DDMNeo994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Honestly this is more a benefit to current Xbox owners. This won't sell Xbox One systems for one really good reason. Why would you pay $300 when you can get the hub for $50? I mean if cross buy happened between the two that'd be another thing, but that'd still be mostly a benefit to current Xbox users. Granted if it meant the Xbox games would be available on steam as well somehow (like Halo 5 or Sunset Overdrive) that'd be big for PC players as well. However as a PC gamer I'd rather take the cheaper and more proven way. Does it hurt the PS4? Not really, but it doesn't help it either. The only way it hurts Sony is in the long game. If the next Xbox (if that even happens) comes out with a partnership with Steam then that's a big blow to Sony.

Personally I just hopes it means I can get Killer Instinct on Steam, because I don't want Win 10 or to buy from its store.

FlexLuger994d ago

"Granted if it meant the Xbox games would be available on steam as well somehow (like Halo 5 or Sunset Overdrive) that'd be big for PC players as well. However as a PC gamer I'd rather take the cheaper and more proven way."

PC gamers can access the windows store just as easily as they can the steam store. This is about Xbox as an eco system. PC gamers are now invited to the party. And it might be a case of steam being in on the party already...clearly something is being worked on between MS and valve, though.

"Personally I just hopes it means I can get Killer Instinct on Steam, because I don't want Win 10 or to buy from its store."

Your loss. The whole point of KI, QB and gears remaster coming to PC is to sell more copies of W10 and get more XBL accounts signed up (you also need an xbox account to play these games BTW, even on PC...thats how it records achievements and shares your gameplay clips with xbox gamers...not steam else did you think this was gonna work?

Now steam....valve wants it in the living room. And given that you (and pretty much EVERY PC gamer..myself included) already play your games on an X86 windows based PC (which is basically what the xbox is, in case you didnt notice), and nobody is buying steam boxes in case you have not noticed, so valves best shot at getting steam in the living room is the xbox. it always was..MS were just slow to unify the xbox and PC. Which was always the plan anyway. I own two PCs and an XB1 (aswell as X360 and PS4) and the synergy between my PC and xbox has spurned me to put a surface pro and a windows phone on my shopping list for this year.

Im an xbox gamer..but Im also a windows user (professionally and creatively) MS just tied it all together for me neatly.

Bobafret994d ago

It means more people accessing games through the Steam portal, which in turn may help with more sales. I could of course be wrong but that is my thought.

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Silly gameAr995d ago

That would be pretty cool actually.

StrangerX995d ago

Hey, I know I'm going to get burned for this but if this becomes real then Mr. X Media's info a while back was right about this one too. Just saying guys! Back on the subject: It would definitely be awesome to have a steam app for accessing games from the account!

pingthing994d ago

Cant believe you mentioned 'He who shall not be named'. If you throw enough s**t, some of it will stick to something, somewhere. Just saying.

meche334995d ago

Yes if MS has been baking up steam for the xbox that'd be amazing

meche334995d ago

Plus the Xbox already runs win 10 so it wouldn't be too hard

spicelicka994d ago

If they can bring PC to Xbox i would that would be just brilliant.

Idiedgoodbye994d ago

I use the Xbox One DVR app to record my gameplay but 5 minutes is not enough.

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ScorpiusX995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

They've bought Valve and fired Newell but kept everyone's else and they are proud partners of HTC and its VR.

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SpaceRanger995d ago

Since when is buying out a company good? Are simple business concepts that hard to understand?

wakeNbake995d ago

Many cases actually, one relevant example would be the Facebook purchase of Oculus which guaranteed the future of the rift through Facebook's enormous wealth.

headblackman995d ago

what if they announced that the xbox one is the the steam box that valve has been talking about for a while now? (just saying) ;)

Yetter995d ago

then the internet would break for a day

BitbyDeath995d ago

Valve buying Xbox would be more likely than MS buying Valve. IMO

BitbyDeath995d ago

I don't think it'll happen but - is a Valve registered website.

-Valve is embedded in the gaming industry and have nothing else as opposed to MS who is refocusing on the core.

-Steam Machines could carry on the Xbox name and provide exclusive content to help sell them. (As their existence still doesn't make much sense)

ScorpiusX995d ago

That is funny, ha ha ha ha But seriously MS could by valve without hesitation but valve buy Xbox ha ha ha that's to funny.

FlexLuger994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

"That is funny, ha ha ha ha But seriously MS could by valve without hesitation but valve buy Xbox ha ha ha that's to funny."

^^This..... I know valve are making money....but they dont have the funds to buy the xbox division from MS...besides the fact that MS aint selling the xbox division anyway...It is too important to their windows in the living room ambitions where they fight the likes of apple and google.

MS can though...and the best shot for valve to get mass adoption of their steam machines in the living room, is if they become gen is gonna be interesting.

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