Xbox 360 Live Anywhere!

Extend the life of your games using Xbox Live and the Live Anywhere feature.

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Smellslikepie5445d ago

That's odd. At the end he starts talking about 'both next gen consoles' and how they 'both have great games' and 'both have great graphics'... I looks like he's completely ignoring the Wii.

I think he's right, and this is a good move. Conenctivity between consoles and PC can be a good thing and a bad thing. It could be a good thing because it would improve and diversify the community, and answer the age old question; "Which is better, console or PC?" (the answer is they both have there merits and disadvantages).

The bad thing is that how are they going to iron out the advantage that PC gamers have with a mouse and keyboard? They will have better accuracy and that isn't somthing that can be ignored. The way Shadowrun does it, I think, is having the people on a 360 as a different character class with different gameplay etc. Which might actually work quite well, but what happens when you have a game on Live Anywhere such as Counterstrike? What could be done to level the playing field? It's something that they really have to think about.

He mentioned that you only need one gamertag for the service, a truly unified online service. Does that mean that if I have Live for my Xbox 360 then I can join the servers on my PC with no extra cost? Is Xbox Live going to be free for PC gamers? What incentive will Microsoft offer for PC gamers to pay £39.99 a year to play games online that they normally would play for free.

BIadestarX5444d ago

I think all the stuff about who had the advantage will eventually disapear. PC will become more like a console, since game will be designed with gamepads, racing wheel, etc in mind. Most PC games are designed for the lower common denominator, which is "not everyone has a gamepad and everyone has a mouse and keyboard" Microsoft will be enforcing some rules and ask developers to include certain standard features like GamePad Support, xbox live, racing wheel, voce chat if they want to have the "Games For Windows" seal on them. This means that games will be designed to work well with console perfiferals. Also, if it becomes an obvious advatange all microsoft has to do is support add keyboard/mouse support for the console and enforce developers to add support to it; so people have a choice. I honesly don't think there is a benefit; I know people that can kick lots of people butt with a gamepad, and people that can kick many's butt with a mouse and keyboard. I used to prefer playing with mouse and keyboard, but once I gave FPS a shot with the analog sticks, now I feel like I can do both without a problem. Let's see what happends.