Top 10 Video Game Trailers

As with cinema, game trailers are incredibly important. The right trailer can inspire you to play a game you otherwise wouldn’t have, while a terrible trailer can turn you away from a game you were excited for. The quality of a trailer can sometimes even exceed the game it’s advertising for. From MOBAs to first-person-shooters to RPGs, these are Bit Cultures' top ten video game trailers.

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darthv72970d ago

My personal #1 is the reveal of Halo 2. When the chief is walking through the corridors of the ship to the hangar and sees the explosions on the planets surface.

The music is what really sets the tone up to the point where he jumps. "What if you miss?"... "I Won't"

And the Halo 3 was also quite epic with him on the edge of the cliff looking to the forerunner portal as it reflects in his visor. Again it is the musical score that really hits home.

sonicsidewinder970d ago

I concur. Halo 3 definitely stands out in my mind.

Remember hyping about it while Matchmaking with friends on Halo 2.

eyoung25970d ago

I was always a huge fan of the music oriented trailer for assassins creed 1