December console sales (North America)

CNBC talks about the latest sales on consoles. The XBOX 360 sold 2 million units, followed by the Wii with 1.8 million units. PS3 couldn't catch up with only 750k units sold.

Microsoft seems to have hit the 10 million mark or at least came very, very close

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TheMART5446d ago

These sales are only for North-America!

So if 2 million are sold there...
World Wide it could hit 3 million for sure!
10 million is reached then

MicroGamer5446d ago

2 million consoles in N. America sold in December. 360 has officially become first to 10 mil!!!

OutLaw5446d ago

Woo Hoo!!!! That's funny. But you're right that should put Microsoft at 10 Million.

NextGen24Gamer5446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

One month in the Good Ole USA and reach the 10 million mark easily? Who doubted it? Honestly. I know that no one will admit to it now...but just about every Sony ONLY fan on this site laughed and harassed anyone who said the 360 hit the 10 million mark. I know its not official yet...but what is official is the 360 sold 2 million in the USA in one month and as of September had sold 6 million worldwide. The numbers for the ps3less Europe haven't came in yet....but we can safely assume the holiday season has been a huge success worldwide. Even Japan is buying 360's at a faster rate than they have all year long. Then you add in all the other territories the 360 is selling in and its very clear that MS knew exactly what they were doing when they shipped 10 million before December even rolled around. WOW.

P.S. What amazes me more is the fact that the 360 sold more than the HOT NEW nintendo Wii and the PS3. Before people start making excuses......I have seen Ps3's in stock several times this month at stores in my area....they are selling...but very slow...and on Ebay...there are many with no bids and they are selling at the normal price. People stuck with the ps3 or unhappy with it are exchanging them for Nintendo Wii's and xbox 360's according to the manager at my local EB Games.

Where are all the Sony fans who bashed the 360 and doubted MS in this next generation. I think YOU ALL owe us "Gamers" and apology. Be the bigger man/woman/gamer and realize what you had did for all these months prior to the release of the ps3....Was wrong and now the Truth is out and everyone can see for themselves.

Lastly....Congradulations MS....I'm happy for you and I'm happy for millions upon millions of Next Gen gamers all over the world. You silenced the doubters and you have officially made history...Keep up the good work and don't ever make the same mistakes Sony has done and take your success for granted. Always deliver the best product and never have hidden agenda's.....Consumers are getting smarter and smarter and those old tactics don't work like they used to in the earlier generations that Sony dominated.

JIN KAZAMA5446d ago

and also, ofcourse they are going to sell way more than the ps3 and wii, they have so much more in priduction. But with that said, congrats to MS, ther console seems to be selling well. Sony's PS3 is selling very well, and as soon as its being brought in the store, its being sold out. I love my PS3, i think RFOM is just awesome. There is so much chaos going on it, and its brutal. Love playing it. I wish GOW was on the PS3, but i can live without it.
Anyways, happy new years.

FadeToBlack5445d ago

I will get a PS3 when they have more games come out. There is a bundle available with 3 games and an extra controller right now at gamestop. But its too much money for me right now to justtify buying with the games that come in the bundle.

TheMART5445d ago

Wait a minute Jin

360 sells well you say with 2 million in NA
PS3 sells very well you say with 750k in NA

I can't understand that kind of thinking, it's the other way around mate.

360 sold very well, the PS3 dissapoints a bit, because even when they're in stock, they sell slow. Several sellers, and also on Ebay sellings confirm that.

The selling rate on 360 is much more faster. PS3 get's slaughtered here. And what you'd think about the rest of the world? That only has the 360 as the next gen choice because with Xmas they wanted a present?

RIGHT indeed they all bought the 360 and or Wii.
Millions of them.

BIadestarX5445d ago

as promissed lets bring all those quotes from sony fanboys about the 360 not being able to sell near 10 million.

Let's start with DJ,
"It barely sold 4 million units in the U.S. after an entire year. It's selling at half the rate the PS2 did when it was first released (territory specific). Hell, even the original Xbox was more popular in terms of monthly sales."

"There's no way they can sell 1,700,000 units in that amount of time. They'll hit 9 million probably, but definitely not 10. It's kind of wierd comparing worldwide sales instead of territory sales, especially since Sony's only in two territories at the moment."

I really hope DJ stop talking like he is a prophet that can predit the future so he does not have to eat his own words.

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