16 Months After Release, Driveclub’s Still Got It

Looking at my in-game statistics for Driveclub, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m a superfan of the title. Maxed out XP, all Elite levels achieved, platinum trophies for both vanilla DC and the Bikes expansion plus more accolades than a war veteran. There’s no doubt whatsoever – no current generation game has even came close to the time I have played Evolution Studios’ middling racer (outside of a certain kart racer). I’ve raced in over 2,000 events, earning every single star.

At risk of going on about how much I have actually played of this game, I will cut it short. My main starting point for this discussion piece is that even though I have more than had my money’s worth (and enjoyment) from Driveclub, would I say its a fantastic ‘must own’ game for the PS4? The fact I even have to ask myself this question should say how conflicted my feelings are about this title. Through this piece I aim to show what makes Driveclub top class… and conversely what pushes people away

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ApocalypseShadow2038d ago

It's the determination of the developers that has pulled this game to the top even after launch problems. But the core game was still a great game.

I mean we are talking "maniacs unite" guys of motorstorm.I trusted that they would get it done. **Fans** of the developer's previous games and developers pulled in from top racing games of the past,knew they weren't going to be let down.

It was only the negative nannies trying to stop the super train that is PS4 from going full steam. And trying to dog its game titles.

Driveclub is a great title. Now give us some ***mud***

TwoForce2037d ago

It's still a great game. When the game launched, it was getting too much hate. Developer at Evo Studio made a huge comeback, excellent free and paid dlc, cheaper season pass and outstanding community. I maybe sound bias, but i have never been feel so happy how much this game has changed from good to excellent.

ShadowKnight2037d ago

Driveclub is one of the best arcade/sim racer's out now. Great Job Evo

rainslacker2037d ago

Agreed. Despite the rocky start, it is by far one of my most played games this gen. Despite some of the odd racing "physics" it's still tons of fun to play once you make the adjustment.

Too many still don't give it any credit because of it's initial rocky launch, but those who play it will know how far it's progressed, and how it's only gotten better and with more content than most racers out there, with new stuff about every month or so.

Only season pass I can say is absolutely worth the investment, and with the PS+ discount, and the season pass, it's a great value for what you get.

My only complaint is them throwing in their weather mechanics into too many of the events, which makes some of them not as entertaining because I'd rather not race a super car on a tight track in the snow, as it's just dumb in both principal and practice and removes some enjoyment from the races. I get the stars and move on though.:)

Shinuz2037d ago

I bought the game on launch day and I was so excited of playing with others but the online connection problem lasted for like almost a month and by then I grew bored of the single player(if only it had splitscreen) and never touched it again.

Pongwater2037d ago

If you still have it you should fire it back up.

rainslacker2037d ago

Definitely worth going back to now. It's not even the same game anymore. If you haven't brought the season pass, you may find yourself very tempted, because it offers a ton of content for around $20.

Dabigkahuna762037d ago

Starting to like it now they added a easy mode at 1st the controls was horrendous that's just my opinion but now I can say it's the best racer out right now

InMyOpinion2037d ago

I really really wanted to like it but also thought the controls were horrible and the cars behaved very weird on track. I also felt like the campaign or what to call it lacked any incentives to keep struggling since you don't feel like you make any real progress and can't customize the cars except for the colors. The game just felt like an empty shell with nice visuals.

Might give it another try though with all the updates they've added. Still want to enjoy it since there aren't any decent racers on the PS4 until Dirt Rally drops.

C-H-E-F2037d ago

@Dabi and IMO

By controls are you all referring to the actual control scheme? Because they are 100% customizable, in the control layout settings. For example I set my manual gears up shift to L3 and downshift to R3. KRS to R1 etc. etc.

The game was great, it was a gem indeed. I played it non-stop (platinum it).

Dabigkahuna762037d ago

@Chef let's just say Im glad they added a easy mode

InMyOpinion2036d ago

@C-H-E-F - No, I was referring to the handling and driving physics.

C-H-E-F2036d ago


Ahh interesting, The game was very challenging indeed, I wasn't aware of the easy mode being added, that's really good for those that can't grasp the gameplay mechanics.

However, did you see the control configuration settings menu? You can fully customize any layout you want, even sensitivity settings. This helped me get a good handle on the game hopefully it can help you all adjust as well.

Otherwise the other thing that helped me get ahead was the DLC, the new cars added some stability to me as a racer on the track. Because those newer cars handled better than the initial cars. (some atleast)

The third thing that helped me was getting whooped online, those guys/gals online were beast and it only made me play singleplayer more to learn tracks and best cars for each track.

Hopefully I was of assistance, glad you still enjoy the game. :D I will be looping back to it after I knock out some of my backlog. I still have yet to dive into The Crew fully. smh

sprinterboy2037d ago

Best arcade/sim racer ever in all departments, sound, gfx, gameplay, content etc.

Free_Fro2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Bring back Motorstorm

Enough of this..


TwoForce2037d ago

Hate Driveclub that much ? Look, it will happen but it gonna be awhile.

rainslacker2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Why not both? They're both different sorts of racers. I mean, Forza and Horizon seem to coexist quite happily. GT and MS seemed to coexist quite happily. I'm all for a 3rd happy contender in the racing genre on the system. DC is awesome. Not the best racer ever,but far from bad, and certainly enjoyable. I know you hate all Sony games and all, but give credit where it's due.

Edit at below

More that you seem to have great disdain for anything Sony does, or have something negative or passive aggressive to say about any positive Sony title or article.

Absolute love is not necessary, and would be annoying, but the other extreme of never having anything good to say is no better, and paints you as a hater or troll. Lack of objectivity in your comments tends to make it so no one takes you seriously.

Take that for what you will. Said my piece, and it's off topic anyhow.

Care to discuss why we can't have both...since that's what you seem to be implying with your OP.

Free_Fro2037d ago

Whoa, 'hate'?
How could a gamer hate games?

When a man shares an unpopular opinion it's hate..

I suppose we must all praise and love every single game by Sony, Kumbaya..


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