Kojima On Why He Will Never Release A Game Like P.T., Doesn't Want To Look Back At The Konami Drama

Hideo Kojima is a free man now. He is allowed to do whatever he wants to and is allowed to develop whatever he wants to.

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bixxel1676d ago

Why didn't you bring the MGS license with you?

Herbalistic1676d ago

I'm sure he is tired of that franchise and wants to create something fresh.

never4get1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Giant Robot Space Opera Open-World/Space!

TwoForce1676d ago

@never4get i would prefer him to make a Cyperpunk. But let just him decide.

KiwiViper851675d ago

Isn't everyone tired of that franchise?

killer8761675d ago


you forgot "gone sexual"

SolidStoner1675d ago

I want everything from Metal Gear and MORE! Kojima just do what you have to do, play and twist our minds with games! :D

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gameseveryday1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

The license belongs to Konami and given they are making a new Metal Gear Solid game, a MGS game by Kojima is only a dream now.

Honestly, its best he makes something new. The execution of story was a complete mess in MGS5, despite an amazing gameplay. There is no way anyone can defend how disappointingly the story was told in MGS5 despite having so much potential. SPOILER - despite having a body double -END SPOILER.

Perhaps a new talent could tell a new story in the next MGS game that will be simple and touching just like in MGS and MGS3.

Nyxus1676d ago

The story in MGSV was actually quite good, it just wasn't what people were expecting.

MRJefferson1676d ago

MGSV only good part was the double body nothing else,
MGSV is failed in the story because of too much quiet and parasite bullshits, too little time with liquid and ocelot,miller.SS dont even in the game.I never liked MGS3 story its was james bond mixed mgs style, antagonist volgin was a parody lol. for me the last good mgs was mgs2.

Seraphim1676d ago

I agree Nyxus, the story in MGSV was quite good. I also think to some degree it was somewhat unfinished. I think if given more time Kojima would have ironed it out a little more. But it was actually brilliant, just not a typical and what people expected.

Moe-Gunz1675d ago

The story was good, but it was the way it was told. It basically was told through cassette tapes in lieu of cutscenes.

TwoForce1675d ago

I don't know about this. MGS is ended. MGS 4 for me was the final installment of MGS series. I don't want it to continue.

_-EDMIX-_1675d ago

I actually liked MGSV's story too along with its over all narrative about the military industrial complex.

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assdan1676d ago

He's wanted to move on to a new game since mgs3

Legion211676d ago

The IP is owned by Konami, even if Kojima did create it.

harrisk9541675d ago

Is this a serious question? I can't imagine that it is.

IceKoldKilla1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

He probably couldn't. It's rare for a creator to own the right to the IP when he/she is seeking money to develop it and publish it. I'm pretty sure Bungie owns Destiny and this is also why you don't see Activision in bold big letters everywhere. Hell, most people might not even know Activision published it. But they had money and power once they left Microsoft. Kojima didn't start off as a known person or with money (I'm assuming) to own the IP.
Also they is always the possibility of Konami selling the IP if they want and if Kojima had the money and wanted to, he could of bought off the IP from them... maybe. But Konami needs the IP more than ever.

UltraNova1675d ago

There's absolutely zero chance Konami sells the MGS IP and certainly not to Kojima.

rocketpanda1675d ago

Let him do what he wants now. He has done more than enough for the series. Let Konami milk the franchise with pachinko games now.

_-EDMIX-_1675d ago


N4G. Seriously folks, this is the level of users we have on this site lolz, yet many on here love trying to converse about topics in gaming without actually knowing anything about the industry in the first place.

....for how? lol

Angel9111675d ago

It's not upto him...Konami owns the IP..He can't force them to sell MGS IP.

Cernunnos1675d ago

Because he doesn't own the MGS license... Konami do.

Segata1675d ago

Like Konami would want to let go of their biggest cash cow. Kojima himself has wanted to be done with MGS since 2. Let him create what he wants and not what people demand as it saps the passion out of his work.

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Summons751676d ago

That sounds fair enough, plus I'm really sick of saying he is going to make Silent Hills again with Del Toro when he doesn't have the right to make that.

Honestly, I'd want to see a spiritual successor to Zone of the Enders. The mech fighting in that was and still is the best mech fighting in gaming.

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DarkOcelet1676d ago

“After P.T. there were similar games that were released or were developed. Personally, I don’t want to do something that is in the same tone, I would prefer to do something that takes a different approach and a different perspective to it,”

The title is misleading, he said he doesn't want to it in the same tone, so he could do horror but in a different way.

KwietStorm1676d ago

You say the title is misleading because if the way you interpret it. He could be talking about games like Soma, Alien Isolation, Outlast 2, etc. People want him to do something similar to P.T but he doesn't have to make a horror game at all if he doesn't want to.

1676d ago
KwietStorm1676d ago


We're not talking about a sequel here, with improvements people are looking for. This is a new IP, coming off of what has to be the most publicized breakup with one of the most well known icons in the industry. It's ridiculous to even think that the man has to make anything remotely similar to P.T just because some fans want it.

lipton1011675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I'm inclined to believe your interpretation. IMO though, this is all hot air from Kojima. Apart from MGS and PT, I didn't like any of his other properties. Castlevania was just bad and I remember ZotE from when I was a kid and it just wasn't my thing.

I bet he left Konami because his head and personality got way too big for their organization. He essentially became the face of Konami. I bet he faced them with an ultimatum stemming from some disagreement and they called him on it. He's not telling his side of the story, or any side, for a reason

andrewer1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

The ones making wannabe P.T.s should listen to this. PT was awesome, and Kojima knew exactly what he was doing. These guys trying to copy it or parts of it don't really understand anything.

Benjammin251676d ago

Layers of fear was actually pretty decent. And Alison Roads looks like it may be decent too. I'm actually happy that P.T. has inspired so many to make their own horror game.

andrewer1675d ago

I played Layers of Fear and I was sincerely bored. Only got a little scared at one point (the books coming at you), and couldn't feel any tension from the game at all. Meanwhile PT really got me with the atmosphere, even though I was just watching a gameplay video. But it's just me, not saying the game was bad. Just far far away from PT.

Ser1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


You say that, but Visage looks great on Kickstarter. Same with Allison Road. It doesn't take a genius to make a tense horror game. While I love Kojima and Del Toro both, they aren't the only ones that can make a good horror game. Layers of Fear just released and it scratched all the itches P.T. gave me.

andrewer1675d ago

"It doesn't take a genius to make a tense horror game." Well it doesn't take a genius to make a jump scare horror, and if that's what you like, no problem. But I prefer psychological horror. I played Layers of Fear, but I was pretty calm through the whole game, couldn't get tense, so if it's considered psychological horror, it was pretty weak. Silent Hill 2 will always be my favourite.

lipton1011675d ago

It definitely takes a genius to make a tense, dreadful well played horror games. Just look at horror movies. Crap like the Texas Chainsaw remakes and Friday the 13th are a dime a dozen. But every one in a while you get the Babadook. Or "It Follows". Or The Witch. They're not run of the mill horror movies just as PT is not a run of the mill horror game.

To make true, unsettling horror, it takes a genius, or at least an intellect damn close to. Games are even tougher to do as they're trying to create a feeling through an experience, not just convey a feeling through images.

If you're that sure horror is easy, try it, in any media, and let the public be the judge.

Ser1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

^ These comments implying that I'm not a fan of psychological horror. lol

I've played all of the Silent Hills and seen The Babadook, It Follows, AND The Witch. They're all great psychological horrors (and some of them even had jump scares), but that isn't to say they're works of art. They used minimum jump scares and instilled a sense of dread with tension.

It's really not hard to make good psychological horror. Do the masses go for it over jump scares, though? Nope. Almost never.

Also, Silent Hill 2 wasn't a masterpiece. It borrowed heavily from other works. Ahem, Jacob's Ladder, anyone?

My argument being: P.T. was a cool thing, not cool enough for people to knock other games trying to imitate it, though. P.T. didn't invent realistic horror environments with unsettling atmosphere. Gimme a break, fankids. (I love Kojima and Del Toro, but I'm also not blind to the facts.)

assdan1676d ago

I really just wish PT would get added back to the store. Konami would get a lot of good PR if they did that. I also really hope Kojima is making a horror game, but it looks like he isn't.

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