Review: Rocket League(XB1) - Kicks off In Style and Worth The Wait [XLC Gaming Network]

XLC Gaming Network writes:- Rocket League, one of the best multiplayer titles of 2015, has finally arrived on the Xbox one thanks to the Xbox self publishing program. Strap on four wheels and get ready for some RC football mayhem across some stunning arenas. While Xbox One gamers have had to wait, it has been worth it, as it comes with some exclusive goodies and all three of the DLC packs free of charge.

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nowitzki2004971d ago

Xbox gamers... Get this game!!! Easily the most addictive game of 2015, and should have been a GOTY contender.. Worth every penny.

Wallstreet37971d ago

Great game! Im really happy both camps get to enjoy it. I wish it also went to Wiiu so Nintendo only console owners could enjoy it.

Kyoshi971d ago

I played this for about 3 hours with a friend yesterday and it was some of the most fun I have had in a game in a long time. This game needs to be experienced by everyone.