Best Buy Listing of Final Fantasy VII on PS3

Despite the fact that gaming journalists and fans have been questioning Square Enix representatives and developers about a Final Fantasy VII remake for years, and despite the company's consistently negative response, Best Buy has updated its site with a listing for Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 3. The listing even reveals a price - $59.99 - and a release date as December 1, 2006,

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ps3willrule6554d ago

HOLY FUKIN SH!T, i am not trying to sound like fanboy at all ok 360 fans but in all honesty if square announced this game its over...i know alot of 360 ppl jus buyin sony stuff for the ff series just because of 7 seriously if u guyz havent played ff7 u guyz should its really good!! even its a PS its a classic game and a number 1 seller and would b a moajor system seller if announced.....but seriously i heard alot of rumors about tgs coming up in septmeber and it seems this site is not posting about it so i'll fill u in....tgs (tokyo game show) is going to be key for sony to overhaul hype on ps3...the big guns are supposed to be there that wern't there for E3 cause sony was saving them including playable devil may cry and killzone.....and in an earlier post it was rumored that they were supposed to announce somthing BIG such as killzone as a launch title but seeing this maybe it could b ff7 OMG THAT WOULD OWN!!

FamoAmo6554d ago

lol... They announced a remake to #7. No doubt 7 was a good game but Its only a remake!! Final Fantasy is a played out old series. Now GOW, Mass Effect, Prey, and Lost planet alone kill this game. I don't even have to name the big H!!

Shin_Akakage6554d ago

Square has repeatedly shot this rumor down..yet it refused to go away. As of right now Square has 3 Final Fantasy XIII titles to worry about and unfortunately that would leave little time for a FF7 remake. I seriously doubt that Square would announce a FF7 remake via best buy as opposed to E3 or TGS. During my time at Gamestop..they often put titles and release dates in their system that were false. Alot of the times they responded to rumors such as this by placing a sku in their system and even took reservations on it...until more info was given. When PS2 first came out..Ninja Gaiden was one of the titles on the reservation list, before Xbox was even shown for the first time. Tecmo confirmed Ninja Gaiden would be made...but never confirmed the console...Internet rumors and retail store automatically assumed PS2. Obviously they were wrong.

Bottomline...I hate to burst your bubbles but FF7 at PS3 completely untrue. Square announced and debuted multiple Final Fantasy titles a E3...none of which were 7. This rumor's strength may persuade Square to do such a title...but as of right does not exist.

PS360PCROCKS6553d ago

lol let them, Microsoft will steal all the thunder right back with GOW release announcement, and some sort of Halo announcement or demo, lol FF would be abandoned

PS360PCROCKS6553d ago

oh wait it's in Tokyo, yeah they would own the show, but it's just tokyo so who cares, GOW and Halo would own the press clips

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ps3willrule6554d ago

well ff7 in development not alunch title i mean that would b to good to b tru

OutLaw6554d ago

This game isn't going to be out at least 2008 the earliest so don't hold your breathe.

Scythesean6554d ago

If FF7 is remade (which I hope) then I know a lot of 360 owners that will be getting a PS3. For some reason this game in the series is the most popular. I really do hope that they release a remake of it but keeping the story the same. I tried to play the game a few months ago but the level of graphics and the fact I didn't have a PS1 memory stick kept me from playing it.

If you want to play this game be sure to have a PS1 Memory stick because the game doesn't see PS2 MS. The game is amazing and the story really draws you in and the characters evolve so well. The Graphics blow badly after you have been use to playing newer FF Games.

So I hope they do remake this game so I can play it the way it was ment to be played in true graphicly glory.

OutLaw6554d ago

Out of all the Final Fantasy games. FF7 was my favorite. So I could see this game changing some people's mind

360theAssasinsCreed6554d ago

I to loved FF7 on my psone, i have a 360 love the system, now if they do make this remake i will get a PS3, but would wait for a price drop, this game and MGS4 now all i need is a few more killer titles oh and FFXIII i will be sold, otherwise even PS3 fans know at this point in gaming its the game preferences and the gaps have closed as far as exclusives so its harder to justify owning the 2 respective systems since around 80-90% of the games will be on both. That being said i will get a ps3 though when the price drops and they give me another 4 killer games that are exclusives and i will be playing on both, i am sure Sony will pull through they haven't been the market leader for over 10 years now for nothing, Either way the 360 is a great machine as will the PS3 when its out, you have to be ignorant not to acknowledge that, so hey if we can find a way to stop bickering over who's is better and get down to being gamers again we all will be in for some good times ahead.

ps3willrule6554d ago

tru tru man its nice to see i guy that likes 360 can honestly aknolege good games coming for another system...good job man u have more sense then most on here.