PlayStation Japan President Challenges Square Enix CEO at Call of Duty: Black Ops III Duel

Apparently both Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita and his counterpart at Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda are quite confident in their Call of Duty: Black Ops III skills, and they’re both eager to demonstrate them in front of everyone.

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Majin-vegeta3070d ago

1vs1 me bruh quicksopes on Rust.

DragonDDark3070d ago

Generic "puts only headshot kills in options" troll.

ZaWarudo3070d ago

m8 get rekt with my 360 no-scope knife l33t skillz. Rust all day

Goldby3070d ago

you twerks got nothing on my 1880 no scope double back flip to triple sow-cow off the blue petrol-can that you though i missed but actually was intended to ricochet off that onto a little teddy bear with 150 lbs of c4 strapped to him.

i win.

Kreisen3070d ago

Real men shout when challenging somebody to a duel. He shouldve been like "KONOYAROOOOO". They were all sweet and kind about it like he ws asking him out on a date.

sk8ofmnd3070d ago

I hope is old ass keeps his prescription sunglasses on while he owns his opponents = epic

Godmars2903070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Started reading the title and hoped Sony was challenging Square - TO MAKE A GOOD GAME!

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Square Enix President Matsuda resignation will not affect FF and Dragon Quest development

On March 3, 2023, Square Enix announced the change of representative director and consolidated subsidiary representative director. From June 2023, the representative director will be transferred from Mr. Yosuke Matsuda to Mr. Takashi Kiryu.

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TheColbertinator501d ago

The new guy better scrap all the Crypto nonsense

sparky77501d ago

The new guy is the main guy who wanted to go full NFT and metaverse crazy.

-Foxtrot500d ago

Which is stupid because one of the main reasons the old guy is going is because of the failures in those areas.

Why don't they just admit defeat?

The only issue with Japanese gaming companies like Square Enix, Nintendo and the like are that they are so stubborn.

shinoff2183500d ago

Would help if you came with a link.

Tapani500d ago

@Foxrot, Yeah, I'm sure you have all the knowledge in the world how to lead a 133 year old 13 Billion dollar company. It's very easy to lead 7000 employees as well. Just let them all know it's their nationality based stubborness and I'm sure they will follow you to whatever path you will take!

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BandarHub500d ago

It's not crypto nonsense. It's the next version of the Web called Web 3 and it will utilise blockchain technology.
If you are put off by the crypto bros who invested in NFTs then that cool. But this tech is the next big thing for the internet.
A lot of people(especially Jornos) have come out to bash it because they did not understand what the tech is. They said things like NFT are bad for the environment because of mining which is absolute nonsense. Those people hate it because they did not get into it sooner which means they could not control the narrative around it.

To give you can example, lets say a full game is sold as an NFT. If you digitally buy the game you own that game on the blockchain. This mean if you want to sell it in the future you can do so. Currently, in the version of the web we currently have we can sell our digital games but with WEB 3 it allows you to do that.
Think of it for assets in a video game, you can own an armour type in a game like diablo which dropped in the game or purchased. You own that armour and depending on the rarity it could fetch a high price.

SoulWarrior500d ago

We just wanna play games man lol.

FinalFantasyFanatic500d ago

I literally do not care about that stuff, and if I buy a game digitally, I probably want to keep it forever, instead of resell it.

PapaBop497d ago

They can go nuts with their NFT nonsense despite the fact the bubble has clearly burst, I just hope Yoshi P keeps these lunatics away from FF14.


Square Enix to Replace Current CEO Yosuke Matsuda with Takashi Kiryu

Today Square Enix announced with a press release that it will implement change at the top with the current CEO Yosuke Matsuda stepping down.