Vivendi Is Making Moves on Gameloft After Ubisoft Purchase

Vivendi is currently trying to purchase a majority stake in the Guillemot owned Gameloft.

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GigawattConduit2544d ago

They're coming for EVERYONE.

capitanandi2544d ago

I don't blame them. The mobile market is crazy profitable right now.

MJunior2544d ago

I understand why Vivendi is interested in gaming right now, but, Gameloft? You know, back on 2009 - 2013, they're the big thing, but today?

ginsunuva2543d ago

The CEOs of Ubi and GL are brothers

IIFloodyII2543d ago

Gameloft own something like 15% of Ubi, they are probably going for that more than anything.

rawshack2543d ago

When did they buy ubisoft?

IIFloodyII2543d ago

They haven't. Though people think once they get Gameloft, Ubisoft are next.

IIFloodyII2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

They are worried enough that they have growth plans to try and fend them off.
The reason is, they'll most likely take a lot more than they'll give.

TripleCs2543d ago

I'm confused... How can a company like Vivendi buy another company like Ubisoft if the said company doesn't want to be bought or doesn't agree to being bought? You can't just buy something from someone if they don't agree to it. That's almost like someone putting a gun to my head and forcing me to sell my motor bike to them. Isn't that illegal? lol

IIFloodyII2542d ago

They can because Ubisoft are on the stock market, and not privately owned. So they'd just need to have the majority stake, and from there will just force the rest to either sell over or play along, as they would pretty much have full control.

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ScorpiusX2543d ago

Think if Ubi Ceo wants to avoid issues with vivendi, they start buying back majority of Share before share holders get wind or market starts BS evaluations.

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