Tekken 6 next PS3-exclusive that is coming to Xbox 360?

The rumours about PS3-exclusive games that might also come to Xbox 360 keep on coming. After recent messages about Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4, this time it's Tekken 6 whose exclusivity is taken into doubt.

According to "sources within IGN" (the same source who said VF5 would come to Xbox 360) Namco is currently working on a Xbox 360 version of Tekken 6, that would appear winter 2007, just short after the PS3-version.

Is Tekken 6 the next exclusive Sony is going to lose and where will it stop? Will Sony have any exclusive important franchises left at the end of 2007?

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OutLaw5451d ago

Sony is going to have to pay companies to keep exclusives if this happens.

DJ5451d ago

A few million dollars for a few high-end titles could go a long way. If I was in charge of Sony, I would've bought up Assassins and Bioshock right away.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

Killzone, GT. Hell Sony might even start making games for the 360.

TheMART5451d ago


You can't buy up Bioshock if they're announced exclusive on 360/PC. I guess Bill has already paid the bill.

So there you go that's one of the list.

Ubisoft has been major supplier on 360. They know they sell on the platform. GRAW, Rainbow Six and other games. Sell like hot cakes. Assassins Creed won't be different. Sony has to pay a lot, so freaking very much to pay of for 10 to 15 million gamers on 360 for 2007 as potential buyers for the game.

Keep dreaming.

PS3 exclusives are running low. 360 exclusives will hit an all time high. Multiplatform games are best on 360 confirmed by several independent gaming sources.

Bottleneck 3 = doomed

DJ5451d ago

Sony did help make the new Colin McCrae game for PS3 AND Xbox 360. I wonder how the anti-Sony fans are going to react once they realize they're playing Sony software on their Microsoft hardware. Watch, one of them pulls an exorcism. =P

Antan5450d ago

The thing is DJ, Colin Mcrae 360 is the lead machine! and i should know.

Antan5449d ago

LOL! someone disagreed with a person who is working on the game!!!!

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ACE5451d ago

its good to be a 360 owner :)

Scrumptious5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

are waking up to the fact that 360 is where the money is. 360 has an attach rate of over 5 games per console, with an install base of 10 million and growing. If a developer wants to make money on an investment, there better be a 360 copy. It's just business, and with the 360 being this generations dominant console that's where the business is.

FirstknighT5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

Sony had a huge fanbase with the ps2 and probably thinks they dont need the exclusives anymore ...the sony faithful will come crawling no matter what. At the same time, Microsoft knows this...and have been acquiring AAA titles like Splinter Cell or Bioshock. Besides what company is going to deny 10 million possible customers?

Tekken is a horrible fighting game. Just another button masher. Virtual Fighter coming to the 360 is the news that everybody wanted to see. This is my rank for 3d fight games...

1.Virtual Fighter
2.Soul Calibur (to bad the ps2 killed the franchise
with soul calibur 3)
3.Dead or Alive
4.Mortal Kombat

ThaTeflonDon5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

You must be smoking. Tekken is the best HAND TO HAND 3d fighting game ever made. If you didn't know how to play and didn't learn you couldn't help but mash buttons. And even then you only got cheap moves with button mashing. You have to learn the combo system in Tekken to master it or you weren't doing anything except wasting your time. One example is King. Button mash and you get no where. Learn his combo throws and you could kill someone in one combo throw. Off da chain!!

Best HAND2HAND 3D Combat:
1. Tekken (franchise)
2. Dead or Alive

1. Soul Calibur (franshise)
2. Mortal Kombat (later franchise)

I for one will be glad to see it on 360!!

darthkojima5357d ago

it goes like this.

1. Tekken
2. Soul Calibur
3. Virtua Fighter
4. Dead or Alive

and MK's sucks..

just my two cents