Iranian state TV accidentally airs Medal of Honor footage

Iranian state TV has broadcast footage it claimed was a Hezbollah sniper shooting six ISIS soldiers in just two minutes.

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spicelicka1981d ago

This is crazy! Just goes to show how convincing games have become, hell even I was having trouble discerning if that was real or not.

Summons751981d ago

It was pretty obvious the first time he shot someone and the body flopped around like a ragdoll...also pretty sure ding's and headshot symbols don't pop up in real life...

FasterThanFTL11981d ago

Even Iranian people knew it was Medal of Honor. What was the TV station thinking.

Unlimax1981d ago

They use this footage on purpose to shade and take advantage of the weak minds in Iran so they can involve themselves in the Syrian war by trying to make Hezbollah mercenaries look like heroes and create this delusional image in their minds , this is not the only time they did this .. they did much worse than that .. this is just a glimpse from their shady propaganda

KurtRussell1981d ago

FYI propaganda is used by EVERY nation on Earth, only thing is some do it much better (like say US and UK). In fact the Americans pretty much mastered propaganda that is much more devious and subtle than old Soviet style bullshitting countries like Iran and North Korea use (Russians are also getting very good). Pretty much all the modern propaganda and advertising in the west stems from the work of Freuds nephew Edward Bernays and his work for US gov and United Fruit Company and other corporations. There is a book by him fittingly named "Propaganda". He is actually the reason women started smoking in 1920's, the guy knows human psyche and urges and knows how to exploit them. Watch Adam Curtis' documetary which he did for BBC called The Century Of Self and see what real propaganda is.

Der_Kommandant1981d ago

Next time Iran will claim they killed Hitler showing footage of the original Wolfenstein.

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