Konami Receives Greatest Burn of the Year at the D.I.C.E. Awards

They say that Karma is a… well, you know what it is, and after what happened at the Game Awards in December, with Hideo Kojima prevented from receiving his award by a Lawyer sent by Konami, payback has been delivered at the D.I.C.E. awards tonight, by way of 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill.

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DarkOcelet970d ago


Apply cold water to that burn.

Abriael970d ago

Most epic Karma moment ever.

DarkOcelet970d ago

Karma's a Bi*** .

They got what they deserved.

**** Konami.

Bansai970d ago

Really? To me it seems too #tryhard'y - it's painful to watch really.

Anyway, DICE is not a good awards show so I didn't really expect much after reading that title.

Abriael970d ago

@Bansai: I wonder what you'd consider a good awards show. Considering that this one is peer-voted, it's certainly better than most that get their votes from opinionated journos.

thekhurg970d ago

Where was the burn? There's no context in this video to explain why Konami not being there to receive the award is a burn.

nX970d ago

I don't think Konami cares enough to make this an epic Karma moment...

hay970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Dat sealed envelope and grins on their faces totally aware of what will be said next.

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Relientk77970d ago

That was awesome!

Get rekt Konami

-Ikon-970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Sick of dbags saying mgs v took 80 mil and 5 years when half that time was purely making fox engine.

Wahwahwah games not finished yet it's howlongtobeat is longer than F4 and TW3 all while also having two online mp modes

PS know wtf your talking about get rekt. Entitled generation is the death of us all

garrettbobbyferguson970d ago

You realize that making the game engine for a specific game is part of that development time, yes?

SUCKxITxEZ970d ago

@garrettbobbyferguson- it was also used for PES I believe, so I'd only count like half the engine cost towards mgs5.

vegasgamerdawg970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

What burn? I didn't see any. I saw them accept an award he help is that a burn? This is just click bait.

Life is like a box of N4G, you never know what you're going to get.

lipton101970d ago

Lol I commented the same thing 9 minutes after you did. It's just passive aggressive baby stuff. I wanted a legit burn, not 2 people laughing as if it's an inside joke.

Masterofwiiu3ds970d ago

Best reply I've seen on N4G.

lipton101970d ago

I missed said "burn." All they said is that they're accepting the award on their behalf? Kinda disappointed, i was waiting for a Jeselnek style burn

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showtimefolks970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

here we go again

did konami not give kojima over 5 years of development time? did konami not provide more than sufficient funds(of over $80 million)

i hate the way they treated kojima towards the end but MGS is not a huge seller (and i am a huge mgs fan)facts are facts

mgs 5 is not finished and 99.9% of the blame goes to kojima. he should have finished the game better and all those emotional trailers than a emotionless mgs game

did konami force kojima to use that long jeep ride?

did konami force konami to hide all the story in cassette tapes?

i am as big of a kojioma fan as anyone but he shouldn't get a free pass

Cha0tik970d ago

Do you not know what happened? He was isolated away from the development team and given a deadline. These were the situations he had to go through when with Konami. They even spoke about it a little during his conversation with Geoff K and Del Toro. When you have very little resources and told how to create your game without the assistance of your development team... how are you supposed to communicate how things are supposed to be done and how you want them to be presented?

Eamon970d ago

No, the isolation occurred very near to the end of the development. Before that Kojima was fine.

The problem began when (allegedly) Kojima asked for more development time after already going overbudget and past deadlines. Konami wasn't happy and instead of just saying no to Kojima, they "punished" him severely.

Abriael970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Konami prevented a relevant game developer from receiving an award he received. That's all there's to it.

The rest you list is very debatable, and your personal perspective, which seems flavored by salt.

Quite evidently there are a ton of people that consider MGS5 an awesome game.

Saying that "facts are facts" doesn't make what you say actually a fact.

OoglyBoogly970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

There may be a ton of people that liked MGS5 but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a very non-MGS game. The story, which has ALWAYS been the primary focus, took a MAJOR step much in that it feels like the least focused part of the game. That one thing alone, to me and a lot of people, make this game much less playable and enjoyable.

Add to the fact that they took away the Snake we all knew and loved (well only some of us apparently) makes it even harder.

You can act like we're just being "salty" all you want but it's just that we're true fans of the series and knew what to expect from it. The point that this new one basically does a 180 on the formula (and for the worse) isn't us being little bitches but just us being disappointed that the last Kojima MGS is the worse one in the series.

Now I will say that the game play aspects were top notch. While traversing the bland and useless "open" world was a pain in the ass the actual stealth and combat mechanics were great! But for me that's about the only positive thing in the game.

Abriael970d ago

"true fans of the series" way too often want it to never evolve. Creators have the right to evolve their creations, especially after four and a half games.

Bottomline, your personal taste, or that of the self-proclaimed "trues fans of the series" isn't the absolute indicator of a game's quality.

garrettbobbyferguson970d ago


Evolution for the sake of evolution is not always good. You have a formula which is near perfect, you do not want it to evolve, you want it to expand and become the best IT can be. Not become something that it isn't. I'll never understand those of you that think everything has to evolve and change for no apparent reason. Not to mention, you are attempting to apply your preferences to an established series, so you are the one that is in the wrong here.

showtimefolks970d ago (Edited 970d ago )


that's why kojima isn't with konami. he tried to chase new fans to mgs while thinking no matter what i still have my old school fans

oh and please provide me a link of where mgs game was a huge seller. i will really wait for you to reply.

as a publishers when you invest $80 plus million you think the game could do atleast 10 plus million but i don't remember a single game in M GS history that crossed or even matched 10 million number

so fans are happy that MGS 5 is an complete game with the actual ending being not there?

or are the fans happy that it';s a semi open world game with story hidden behind cassette tapes?

you have a right to your opinion and i have mine. unlike many i am willing to see on both sides of the coin and not just blindly hating on one side.

konami should have never stopped kojima from accepting the awards but does that change the fact he was given a huge budget and over 5 years to develop a game?

MGS 5 was suppose to be a true ending to MGS series(even though it ended perfectly with mgs 4) MGS5 was a fan service than how come we had almost no

cut scenes
worst bosses in MGS history
incomplete story
demo which we were charged for

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SethBrundlefly970d ago

It's true we don't know all the details, but Konami seems to mistreat ALL their employees. Therefore I tend to agree with the flak they're getting.

ion666970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Damn who pissed in your corn flakes dude. That was a pretty long game to me. It was a full experience, it has an online function with bases and multilayer modes. Unlike the crap being spewed as full retail titles. Like battlefront and street fighter 5.

Fez970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Long for all the wrong reasons lol
Go back and time how long it takes for that chopper to arrive and take you to your destination. Go back and look at the lack of variety in missions. Go back and look at how empty the world was. Go back and look at chapter 2. Go back and critique the story pacing and dialogue.

Shallow experience. Unbelievable it was so highly praised. I think Kojima was given a pass by reviewers as it was his last MGS.

The more I think about it the sadder and angrier I get because the overarching story had the potential to be the greatest in any MGS. The gameplay could have been used to create the best MGS ever also, but what we got was so far from the best it's laughable any serious gaming publication could give it anywhere close to a great review.

Forgetting MGS, the underlying danger is that if that is what passes for an amazing game nowadays we're going to see more unfinished games that aren't that much fun being released to fanfares from the gaming press. Whoop-dee-do.

UltraNova970d ago

Look I'm not into handing free passes either but as long as they keep the truth from us I'll give both the benefit of the doubt regarding MGSV's development.

BUT the way they treated him towards the end(and that we know for sure)was absolutely abysmal for a someone who worked there for 20+ years producing some of the greatest gaming experiences.

GutZ31970d ago

<"here we go again

did konami not give kojima over 5 years of development time? did konami not provide more than sufficient funds(of over $80 million)

i hate the way they treated kojima towards the end but MGS is not a huge seller (and i am a huge mgs fan)facts are facts"/>

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain made $179 million worldwide on its first day on sale.
The game was made for an estimated $80 million.

Your argument is invalid out the gate.

Nekroo91970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

But you understand that Konami only made arround 40/50 million from those 179 right? You have to pay productions costs, distribution,even sony and ms. And that's for each game sold, no to mention marketing costs etc.

"Wholesalers typically pay around $30 per game and with the costs of getting the goods to the wholesalers, any co-op advertising or marketing, and return of good contingencies being roughly $14 per game, the publisher is going to typically get $16 for every unit sold"

rainslacker970d ago

Distributors, and big retailers are buying games for between $42-46 per copy. This of course includes the costs to distribute, and the cost of manufacturing has to be taken out of profits., but Konami was getting more than $30 per copy. Marketing is part of the budget to release a game, and revenue and profit aren't the same thing. The game sold enough to make a profit, otherwise, it wouldn't have gotten the budget it did in the first place.

DDMNeo970d ago

I really hate to play devil's advocate on this, but this is konami's game in every way legally. If you are a creative for a business you sign away everything you create when you're hired. It's the nature of the beast if you're going to be working in any industry as a creative. Basically because they funded everything he did, and he couldn't do any of what he did without Konami's help via funding, or getting him the appropriate staff to use in his team. It's the same reason the FOX Engine and the rights to MGS remains at Konami.

As someone who actually works as a creative professionally for a company I follow these rules, and I understand where it's coming from. Creatives can still advertise their work for instances of maybe finding another job, such as adding some assets created on a project to a portfolio (Unless they signed a NDA on a project). As a professional though I'm ok with these laws, as long as they don't go too far. The case could be made that companies can claim your family pictures edited on company computers. A similar, but more extreme example, is how John Carmack's work for Oculus was being claimed by id. That's why I recommend any future creatives work on personal project at home, or anywhere besides work.

sereal_killer970d ago

But people also forget that he wasnt just making a game, he had to build a game engine.

Now konami has a game engine that they apparantly will only use for pes and mgs. And kojima who build ths engine doesnt evenget to use it.

I will beleive kojima over konami because of what has been revealed about the working conditions at konami.

I liked MGS5 its not exactly what i wanted and it does seem like he was rushed in the end but it still offers more gameplay valuee for me than most other games

fsdgf970d ago

Game engines are built internally by developers fairly regularly.
Monolith Soft built a game with well over 100 hours of content along with a brand new engine in the space of five years with a much smaller budget that Kojima Productions.
343i made a new engine for Halo 5 and developed the game in the space of 3 years.
Larian (who are essentially an indie studio at this point) created both an aRPG and a cRPG along with a brand new engine over four years.

Justifying the lack of content by saying "oh, but he had to make an engine too with all that money!" really isn't a good argument.

rainslacker970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

He was also involved in the production of Revengence, and somehow involved in ZOE HD release, although I'm not sure in what capacity. Then there was Ground Zeroes. There was another game he was working on too but forget which one, as well as the whole PT thing, so it's not like he was working solely on MGSV or the Fox Engine alone. I think a lot of people don't realize how many different directions he was pulled in over the last few years. Surprised he kept his sanity given how difficult it is to create one game, much less several all at once.

Soldierone970d ago

Wait what facts prove MGS is not a huge seller? It sold over 5 million units by October, it made double it's budget in less than 24 hours (124 million), Konami itself saw stocks rise from 7 billion yen to 12 billion, and their profits increased by 20 million all due to one game.

Oh and that doesn't even include Ground Zeroes....And you can't blame that one on Kojima.

Sorry, but Kojima made Konami relevant. Without him Castlevania would still be dead entirely, Silent Hills would have never been relevant, PES wouldn't have a new game engine to use, and Metal Gear wouldn't put Konami stocks up. (notice they are sliding right back downhill) About two games in when Konami starts milking MGS, you will feel the pain. That is if Konami is even still making games....

Eamon970d ago

I think what Konami did was disgraceful, and MGS5 has already become profitable. Konami jeopardized the future of their franchise because they were scared MGS5 would not be a flop.

These people are mad. Every MGS game has been a major success both in game development and business-wise.

Why do you think Sony jumped at Kojima when he left? Because the man is one of the greatest video game designers in the world.

vegasgamerdawg970d ago

80 million isn't that much of a budget for AAA games, so he did a fantastic job. Did he have total freedom with the game? How do you know what his bosses told him to do, and what not to do? Serious questions, not trolling.

iluvmaPS3970d ago

Mgs5 isn't a finished game? What's your example of a finished game? You sound like a feminist lol

DarXyde970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

The disagreements here do prove one thing:

None of us know exactly what happened. And probably never will.

Speculate however you will, but let's not talk about this like we have concrete facts.

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mynameisq970d ago

Gonna get negged to hell for this but i honestly feel this latest mgs was the worst ever. Soulless, gameplay was actually probably the best but it was just tedious.

Sashamaz970d ago

For me it is the best gameplay wise, the story is somewhat lacking but I enjoyed the game enough to overlook that element of the game. At over 150hrs it is the most amount of time I have ever spent on an mgs game.

mynameisq969d ago

I could overlook the story too tbh but what i couldn't handle was repetitively doing the pretty much the same mission over and over. Also with the cassette tapes, all they had to do was do it the way bioshock did. That was perfect you could listen as soon as you find it while still playing the game!

lipton101970d ago

I'd say best gameplay, but the story, or lack thereof, was just awful. At no point in he game did I care about any characters, nor did I know why I was going from point A to Point B

mynameisq969d ago

Definitely, especially when going from a to b was a vast emptiness with maybe a couple of guardposts

Vegamyster970d ago

The core gameplay is great, it's the generic fetch quests, empty game world, overused Helicopter ride that shows credits, very little story ect that dragged it down.

mynameisq969d ago

Yes exactly! I'm a huge mgs fan but i genuinely stopped playing it because it was so repetitive. Especially coming from Witcher and Bloodborne it didn't feel fun running around an empty desert with nothing to do

JamesBroski970d ago

I think it's a great game, but a really bad MGS

mynameisq969d ago

Interesting, i think it's a decent game- gameplay very good but missions and lack of boss fights awful. Bad mgs definitely .

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Naughty_Cloud970d ago

Hideo Kojima on his future and breaking up with Konami, Metal Gear and Silent Hill

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