BioWare Answers Mass Effect Questions From Fans in “Ask BioWare” Video

In the two-minute video above, we get to see the devs answer burning questions like would they choose Ashley or Kaiden? Would you rather romance a vorcha or a rachni? Check their answers in the video above.

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Kreisen975d ago

"If you could name then newly discovered 9th planet in our solar system, what would you call it"
Practically all of them went "David Bowie" lol. That made me cringe so hard. Maybe thats why ME3 was so shallow, the people behind the game seem like total airheads.

TacticAce975d ago

The only question they should be answering is why is so many people leaving this project...

slappy508975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Pointless tripe, both the questions and the devs answers, Id advise people to not waste their time watching this

Hitoemi975d ago

Way to have a piontless video with a miss leading tile. Ugh come on E3.

ThePope975d ago

Guys it's just for fun. I want info on the new mass effect game as much as the next guy. But if any of you are typing how mad/sad/mislead you feel by this video. Stop this instant and go the heck outside or to dinner, or so,etching. As you're so gone. It's just for fun.

dreamoner975d ago

No, they should either come up with real info/gameplay video etc or they should stay silent.

Bad reactions are unacceptable now?

ThePope975d ago

YES! This is not a serious video. They can do what ever they want. Maybe this is a recruiting video for prospective employees.

If this makes you mad you need to take a step back. This is a simple video. A bad reaction is YOUR fault and insane.

dreamoner974d ago

I don't care if it's a casual or dead serious video. They showed a cinematic near 2 years ago and nothing since, only poor attempts at teasing. The timing is wrong for this kinda videos, when people expect juicy stuff.

Also insane? : p

ThePope974d ago

Insane is 100% what I mean. Gamers go from 0 to 100 over even the slightest perceived anything basically.