After a Decade of Absence, Bring Back Onimusha

Onimusha has been absent for almost a decade since the conclusion of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. Now would be a great time to revisit the franchise, and reboot it.

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PixelGateUk973d ago

Less Hollyowood cameos though this time :P

DarkOcelet973d ago

I thought Jean Reno was awesome in Onimusha 3.

PixelGateUk973d ago

But if they made it now you know for a fact they would thrown in some teen heart idol for the 'wider' market

DarkOcelet973d ago

They did that with Nero in DMC4 and with IMO Dante in DMC.

So i wouldn't be surprised.

GamerProfessionals973d ago

I actually thought that the acting and cameos were what made the games great. :P

rebeljoe14973d ago

NO because the first Onimusha did that WITH the main character who is a famous HK actor

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DragonDDark973d ago

Capcom's said they are discussing it so here's hoping.

Godmars290973d ago

I wish game sites and the gaming community at large would stop begging for things like this when it should be obvious that the industry has some major issues right now which Street Fighter V is yet another sign of.

I don't trust Capcom with doing justice to a reboot. Would likely make another DMC:DMC. Something that has no regard for the original work.

GamerProfessionals973d ago

I'm personally not a huge fan of remasters. They're cheap cash grabs, but I'm going to indulge on my childhood for a second and look at this one as an exception. Am I a bit biased here? I won't deny it, but hey. It was fun to write the piece during a flight over.

DragonDDark973d ago (Edited 973d ago )


I still don't know what's the problem with SFV.
Yes, it was rushed but they are not letting you pay for what they are trying to add in the future updates... aka Destiny or Battlefront. EVERYTHING will be free. I really hate that the game was rushed but let us at least appreciate that they are not letting us pay like those games.

Capcom is still better than Activision and EA.
But they are not far away from them but still better.

GamerProfessionals973d ago

Lots of features were cut, and it's basically only out because it's making a big appearance at some upcoming and very close Capcom tournaments.

DragonDDark973d ago

I know.. Which is why my comment talks about that.

GameBoyColor973d ago

sounds like a good thing to me. and now they sorted out their servers and it's pretty fun now. The hardcores get what they want, the casuals can buy it in june.

It's still a good game, capcom delivered in gameplay and netcode. Just not for the casuals that like story yet.

The 10th Rider972d ago

Now, I'm not 100% familiar with the issue. Is the content going to be 100% free? Or will you have to grind to earn in-game currency to purchase the content? If we know it's the first, that's not so bad, but since it's Capcom I have a feeling it will be the second . . .

DragonDDark972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Only thing you'll buy with the in-game currency is the characters. 100k for alex confirmed. Lots of people have 1M already o.O

guywazeldatatt973d ago

I would love to see this. great series.

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