New Games In The PS3 Demo Kiosks (Japan)

Sony says that in the PS3-Demo-Kiosk ' PlayStation Store ' that are playable in Japan the following demos are now available.

- Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
- Virtua Tennis 3 [Power Smash 3] (Sega)
- Gran Turismo HD (Sony)
- Genji (Sony)
- Formula One Championship Edition (Sony)
- Motorstorm (Sony)
- Resistance (Sony)
- Kidou Senshi Gundam: Target in Sight (Bandai Namco)
- Ridge Racer 7 (Bandai Namco)
- Enchant Arm (From Software)
- Video With 33 New PS3-Games

There are 1,006 PS3 demo kiosks set up in Japan.

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kingboy6411d ago

wow! gaming glory for japan

Karibu6411d ago

Was that not a X360 exclusive??

Grown Folks Talk6411d ago

don't think it sold too well. figured they'd try to make some money i guess.

BIadestarX6411d ago

As far as I understand it's an exclusive for US or it was a timed exclusive. I bough this game for the 360 and it got boring. Final Fantasy will blow this game out of the water.

Odiah6410d ago

Crisis Core is the best looking upcoming FF game IMO.

DJ6410d ago

But the devs decided to make a PS3 version and fix some graphical/gameplay problems along the way. It'll probably be minor stuff, but at least they're doing it.

They need to put these demos into the U.S. kiosks by at least end of January. Once people actually get to play F1 Championship, Resistance, Motorstorm (final build), GTHD, and Devil May Cry, it's going to build a massive amount of buzz.

Grown Folks Talk6410d ago

didn't intentionally make their demo units freeze up. the fact that it's a pain in the arse to back out of a game and switch to a different 1 on the demo unit doesn't help either.

DJ6410d ago (Edited 6410d ago )

It was completely ridiculous and was completely illogical. And how is it a pain in the ass to switch games on the PS3 kiosk? All you do is press UP and DOWN! Haha.

Grown Folks Talk6409d ago (Edited 6409d ago )

... as far as up and down, i meant when you're already playing, not choosing what to play.

MissAubrey6410d ago (Edited 6410d ago )


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Ranking the Devil May Cry Series

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "Upon finally finishing Devil May Cry 5 recently - after it spent several years on my “I’ll play that soon” list - I considered giving it a fittingly-named Late Look article. However, considering that this was indeed the final piece I was missing in the DMC puzzle, I decided to instead take this opportunity to take a look back at the entirety of this genre-defining series and rank the entries. What also made this a particularly tempting notion was that while most high-profile series have developed fairly evenly over time, with a few bumps on the road, the history of Devil May Cry has, at least in my eyes, been an absolute roller coaster, with everything from total disasters to action game gold."

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VersusDMC91d ago

First to last for me...3,4,5,1,2.

VersusDMC91d ago

Me leaving it out should be telling of my thoughts on it. Better than 2 as a DMC game.

Still a good game though.

Exvalos90d ago

What a weird name, it's essentially devil may cry, devil may cry lol

Cacabunga90d ago

Best to good for me: 3, reboot, 1, 5

2 and 4 are trash, didnt like any of them.
5 has very good gameplay variety but i hated the foes.. it is just insects the whole time. Reboot has the best foes for me

Friendlygamer91d ago

3,1,4,5 to me, never played 2. 5 gameplay is amazing but level design was really disappointing to me, just a bunch of plain arenas, the story felt like a worse written rehash of the 3rd and the charater models looked weird ( specially the ladies ). Another problem with 5 was that there was not enough content for 3 charaters so I could never really familiarize with any of them

monkey60291d ago (Edited 91d ago )


God DMC2 was an awful game.
And in case this isn't obvious it goes worst to best

Yui_Suzumiya91d ago

1 and DmC. The rest are unimportant.

DarXyde91d ago

Order changes depending on your focus. I tend to focus on gameplay/fun factor, so...

5, 3, 1, 4, 2.

I really didn't like 4 but commend Dante's weapon diversity. The retreading of old ground was pretty unacceptable to me.

But even then... Still more enjoyable than 2 for me

SeTTriP91d ago

This right here is my order as I thought DMC 5 was amazing and obviously 3 comes after 4 was great and 1 for the nastilgic value it holds 2 was so terrible that my local GameStop gave full refunds to people who returned it.

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PlayStation 3 Games That Desperately Need a PS5 Remaster

The PlayStation 3 may not have been the strongest generation for Sony, but there were still some diamonds in the rough that deserve a revisit as PS5 remasters.

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OtterX134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Even if they could just remaster and put on PSVR2, some would still look great as VR titles and could do a whole lot to bolster the headset w these exclusives! I'd imagine the investment of reworking these titles into VR would be way less than building new games from the ground up, and they could be amazing experiences, and VR often makes flat games feel fresh again. The Resistance and Killzone games are particularly what I want to see!!