360 Starter Pack coming in November

Revealed on a flyer in GC, Microsoft will be releasing an Xbox 360 Starter Pack containing a 60GB Hard Drive, Wired Headset and 3 months of Xbox LIVE Gold.

The pack goes on sale across Europe on November 21st for 79 Euros.

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Captain Tuttle5674d ago (Edited 5674d ago )

Pretty good idea. Good way to upgrade those Arcades.

Captain Tuttle5674d ago (Edited 5674d ago )

More like $116 US.

Gam715674d ago

£50 is a decent price.

i'll be getting it if its true.

Chris Hansen5674d ago

How much is 79 euros? According to google 79 euros is equivalent to 116 dollars...

projectile5674d ago

You can not directly convert euro to usd, its probably going to end up cheaper in the US.

ThaGeNeCySt5674d ago

i'm not payin that much for no damn hard drive MS... kiss my balls with those prices.

Dark_Vendetta5674d ago

I would buy it without the 3 month live gold card (about 30€) because I already have a 1 year subscription. 49€ would be alright

Vespertine5674d ago

That's not that bad.

They could have added a wireless headset instead though.

PirateThom5674d ago

And a year subscription to Live.

Vespertine5674d ago

Yeah that would have been better as well.

felidae5674d ago

i love(d) my 360 but i think it's slowly dying. i really don't know what to play on this system.

ps3 feels fresh and new and the exclusives are way better.

i don't understand people like TheMART - they're missing the best games the next generation has to offer.

Captain Tuttle5674d ago

It's been a pretty dry summer for 360 games. Fall is looking up though.

LightningPS35674d ago

I don't think the 360 is dying. People make too big a deal about it because it was outsold by PS3 by 20K. That's not much. We don't even know what sales are like in Europe.

PirateThom5674d ago

It was 20,000 last month, the only month the 360 outsold the PS3 this year in the US was by less than 2,000 units.

European sales are heavily biased towards PS3 over 360. The periodic sales figures show the PS3 has exceeded or almost matched the 360s LTD in evert country.

thenickel5674d ago (Edited 5674d ago )

Well this holiday anything can happen and given Sony's strong brand name I thinks it's quite an accomplishment for MS to be holding them right there until busy season.

Edit below: The 360's lineup this holiday looks just as good if not better then what PS3 has to offer this year. MS hasn't even announced it's 360 games of 2009 so just hold your horses before you stsrt claiming years again.

aiphanes5674d ago

It is using old tech...DVD9...and has no real inovation...except for its dashboard update comming this fall..which bites off of the nintendo wii...

All the good games comming out this fall and winter are on the PS3...the only good game for the Xbox 360 is Gears of War 2...and its not that much different than Gears of War 1...they did not go all out on the sequel like they are doing in Resistance 2 or motorstorm 2...FF13 will be a port on the Xbox 360....people can not forget that...it will be worst than the PS3 version....and be out maybe over a year later...sometime in 2010...

Merritt5674d ago

I've pretty much my 360 off this summer, only a few times has it been on...but it is summer. Shouldn't be inside playing games...

As far as being brainwashed that DVD9 can't cut it...That means I should get rid of my PC as well then right? The optional install for gams onto the HDD will more than make for a lack of BR on the 360 put the game on 3 DVD's then. Who cares?

Jeremy Gerard5674d ago

So what are all these games that have been coming out on PS3 this summer?

360 has had far more exclusives this year than the big black box.

Whats wrong with you people, brain washed much?

KBDuB5673d ago

And, I guess you've played Gears of War 2, eh?

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