Favourite Video Game Boss Fights

Favourite video game boss fights for me are in The Shadow of the Colossus, very few other games have such good boss fight design.

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NiteX1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

The Hydra intro boss fight on the first GoW. Was not really something games did back then. It was pretty damn memorable for me.

miidylan1128d ago

I remember playing that and it was one of the most epic things I had played for the first time.

sdcard4gb1130d ago

I'd probably go with Terra's Armor from KH2 FM. The very assence of overpowered superboss, even Sephiroth can't put a finger on him... or rather it.

Tex1171130d ago

I thought the Storm King fight in Demon's Souls using the Storm Ruler Sword was effing awesome.