5 Reasons why Microsoft's cross-buy is great for gamers

MWEB GameZone writes: "The new cross-buy feature for Quantum Break has upset some hardcore Xbox One fans. Here are 5 reasons why Xbox One and PC fans should be excited, rather than disappointed, about cross-buy.

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remixx1162111d ago

When has cross buy ever been a negative for gamers????

Fist4achin2111d ago

It makes it easy if you have to travel and want to take it with!

Nightmar3Demom2111d ago

I really can't see how this whole thing is even an issue.

yeahright22111d ago

*ahem* as I pretend to be an xbox fanboy's id.:
let me inform you of how big an issue this really is! See now I have ponies just throwing in my face that xbox barely has any exclusives! And I have to just sit there and take it! How can I say that xbox is where it's at and cool kids play if you can play those games on a different machine! People like you just don't realize how much this devalues the game/console and now no one will buy the console! how am I supposed to win the console war in order to justify my purchase! Everybody knows the only way to enjoy a console is if it has more sales than the other guy! MS lied to me. hashtag
Of course I'll do a 180 the second someone says it's a cool feature they wish they had.

*pretend time over* it'll all blow over. it's just a very vocal minority. the ones that actually cancel their preorders or pass on the game because of this, I doubt they will even amount to 1% of total sales.

kayoss2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

So what youre saying is that this "Console War" will get more complicated because of this? Now Sony Fans will claim xbox one have no exclusives, PC fans will thrive for the Master race, Xbox fans will scream its better for gamers, while Nintendo fans brag about the NX?

Give me a second, need to go get my popcorn and my VR headset.

Free_Fro2111d ago

Well thought out
5 great reasons ..


TFJWM2110d ago

It is great for gamers but the article's reasons are kinda weak...

1. More places to play is great but if my friend is over I am not going to let them play on the console then go into the other room to play on pc, I would want to hang out with them...

2)Value for money, only if you want to pre-order and go digital. If you don't need it day one you can prob wait a month or two and get a physical Xbox one copy and pc for less

3)Developers are not reaching anyone new with cross-buy it still the same xbox1 gamers buying it...

4)Cross-play(also has nothing to do with cross-buy) has not been confirmed for any multiplayer game...

5)I guess

welly3002111d ago

If you have gaming pc why would you want xbox one.

yeahright22111d ago

If you're a PC gamer, you're probably happy MS is keeping their promise to look out for PC gamers by not forcing them to buy an X1 to play games that they can easily port. Sure you lose a hardware sale, but you also rake in software sales, and there's money to be made there.
It's already the fastest selling xbox console and they know they won't beat Sony. so they're focused on making money. Something tells me the only part of the "console war" MS cares about is their image. Just making sure they have consumer confidence in the MS brand.

Utalkin2me2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Thats totally true. Wouldn't make much sense.


But with each hardware sale lost, you possibly lose more sales in Live subscriptions, Other software sales and Accessories.

343_Guilty_Spark2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Perhaps you have a wife and kids that like and prefer the Xbox in the living room. It's simple and easy to use. Plus they won't go messing up your expensive gaming PC.

Maybe you see added value in buying your game once and it's available on PC for free.

Maybe you enjoy seeing your achievement progress, party chatting, cloud saves, the Xbox App, and streaming across your Windows 10 devices.

The synergy between Xbox One and PC, both being Windows 10 devices is increasing by the day.

Maybe you aren't as fond of Playststion exclusives.

Some Xbox One games are only available on Xbox. Such as Halo.

green2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Let me answer that for you. I own a flat, so i have my gaming PC and Xbox One in my living room. I am getting a new 50 inch TV in April and that will go in the bedroom.

When my significant other is watching TV in the living room, i can continue playing Quantum break in the bedroom. When living room, is free, i can continue where i left off and enjoy playing in the comfort of the living room.

I am also west African and spend up to a month in Ghana and Nigeria every year. Traveling with a gaming PC is just not an option. But i can travel with my X1 without a problem and continue gaming where i left off.

People need to stop looking at the Xbox One and PC as rivals because they are not. WHat Microsoft is doing is making one and extension of the other by making then unified devices running Windows 10 and that in my opinion, provides immense value to gamers.

Considering that we live in an age were games value is in question - like SF4 - gamers should be happy that Microsoft is doing this and stop crying.

kayoss2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Isnt the X1 as big as a gaming PC?
I feel like you dont see the negative affect that this may have on the Xbox gaming community. Whats the main reasons for a gaming console's success? The support it gets from its user base and the support it get from developers. If a developer feels that a gaming console is not selling do you think they will invest money in the console?
One thing we can all agree on is, every person at least owns a PC (regardless if its a gaming PC or just a normal PC) or laptop. If people can play xbox 1 games on the PCs or laptops, why in the world would they buy a Xbox 1? You see where im going with this?
By doing this, they are potentially killing the Xbox one's success. Lets not deny that the xbox one is a success even if its way behind the PS4.
I was planning to buy an Xbox one console, but now i will hold off and see how this Windows 10 gaming is. If I can play Xbox one games on my windows 10 pc, i will definately skip the xbox one.

343_Guilty_Spark2111d ago


People are still buying tons of Xbox Ones.
Developers haven't stopped making games.
Everyone owns a PC, but every PC isn't built for gaming.
No we don't see where you are going with this.

green2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

@Kayoss: Isnt the X1 as big as a gaming PC? This is my PC case

My case is a mid-tower case so not even a full tower and it is bigger than four xbox one consoles glued together and much much heavier. The biggest graphics cards would even have issues fitting in my case so You do the math regarding portability.

The question was why would a person that owns a gamin PC buy an Xbox One. I believe i have answered it. If you do not see the value for a gamer in what i have said, then there is nothing i can say or do to convince you otherwise.

mark_parch2111d ago

true if you have a windows 10 pc there isn't much reason to get a windows 10 console (xbox one) for me I will be sticking with xbox one as that's where my friends play

JeffGUNZ2111d ago

Because someone who invested in a gaming PC is most likely a PC gamer, not a console gamer. A lot of console gamers are not PC gamers and a lot of PC gamers are not console gamers. Yeah, I know people do both, but they are the minority. Of all the console gamers I know in my actual life and gaming life, zero of them have a gaming rig.

2110d ago
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