Quirky Romantic Couples in Video Games

Love and romance has no bounds, even in gaming. DESIblitz explores the best and weirdest couples and their epic love stories in video games.

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Kreisen999d ago

Except nowadays it does seem to have bounds in gaming. In recent years for every game that featured straight romance weve had like 5 centered around gays. Afcourse im talking about the likes of Gone Home, The last of us, Life is Strange etc. Dont get me started on the sheer amount of Visual Novels flooding Steam right now, majority of which seem to be centered guessed it! Gay romance!

Instead of having a healthy dose of both i feel like the industry is doing a 180. Same thing with Female protagonists. In the end Anita Fakebrows did win, her feminist propaganda can be seen everywhere in gaming now.

InMyOpinion999d ago

I think the storytelling and gameplay matters more than if the protagonists are straight or not. I thought both Life is strange and The last of us were great games.

999d ago