Street Fighter V May be the Thinnest AAA Title Released this Gen

Street Fighter V has launch with a criminally small amount of content...

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Hoffmann2535d ago

*at launch

Its not so thin anymore in 3 weeks, or in june..or in 5 years.

But today..its as thin as Destiny or Star Wars Battlefronts.

Maybe thinner.

Neonridr2535d ago

that might be true, but it sets a terrible precedent that companies can release such a bare bones title and use an excuse that they will just add in more content later.

DarkOcelet2535d ago

"but it sets a terrible precedent "

That precedent was set a while ago with Destiny's launch. Then we saw it with Battlefront then R6 Seige.

Neonridr2535d ago

@DarkOcelet - oh definitely, but it's a trend that is catching on like wildfire unfortunately.

IanTH2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Yea, I'm not a fan of that approach either. Destiny, as was mentioned, is a big offender. MGSV had the online portion launch months afterwards - and some feel the base game launched unfinished. It's definitely getting to the point of AAA Early Access almost. I tended to wait for game prices to go down post-launch, but these kinds of practices just enforce that waiting is becoming the most prudent thing to do now.

rainslacker2535d ago

We already see it in episodic content within other genres, as well as content released in genres like racing where the content comes after the initial purchase.

It's actually rather annoying to those of us who like complete games because we don't always revisit games every month or two when new content is released, because we have huge back logs, or just don't care.

gangsta_red2535d ago

Definitely agree with these points.

Seriously, when did sequels to games start to take steps back in terms of modes and features instead of moving forward.

I would feel better about this model if a standard feature complete game was released and then extra modes were added later.

AngelicIceDiamond2535d ago

Company's need to quit releasing barebone games at launch and give gamers the other half of the damn game its greed and shady. The game didn't need a delay they just wanted to launch it that way that's all it is.

Majinzo2535d ago

They probably want to sell it to us in micro transactions.

never4get2534d ago

It'll DRIVECLUB...probably.

demonddel2534d ago

And charge you for it I guess it's ok it's a console exclusive

PurpHerbison2534d ago

That trend that caught "wildfire" has already been going on for years. Why people trying to pin everything on SFV? Lol.

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Saijahn2535d ago

My brother went and got it yesterday, to my surprise some key vets aren't even in the game...=/ still fun i guess but yeah this launch is a bit rushed and disappointing.

Dark_Crow2535d ago

The $60 tag should come with the full game not the beta. Or 1st chapter with the promise of more content.

They literally sold you a season pass instead of a game.

3-4-52535d ago

SF5 = $60 = 16 Characters
DLC = $30 = 6 characters(in 2016)

Total of 22 Characters for $90.

SF4 = $60 launched with 25 characters

* So for $30 more than SF4, they give you 3 less characters and many less game modes, whilst removing many fan favorites.

The initial roster isn't even that appealing either...or at least IMO it's not.

They literally had to go out of their way to screw this launch up and they did.

Makes no sense. From somebody like Capcom, I expected better.

I'm sure it plays all right but with fighting games you need content and variety otherwise they can get stale pretty fast.

Hoffmann2535d ago

SF Alpha 3 in 1998 launched with around 30 characters.

It is really difficult to defend capcom or the game. But the gameplay is fun, its a great fighting game.

Tetsujin2535d ago

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my all time favorite game next to the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament in 1999. If a game like that was to release today here's the breakdown:

15 characters at launch
5 per 3 months depending on "feedback" at $5.99
Extra modes as "asked by the fans"

I bought SF5 with the confidence Capcom would at least cater to the fighting community - WRONG! It's hard to take Capcom seriously after this fiasco, and they will have to come up with something highly convincing to justify this practice. I will say players can either play the game to unlock characters OR pay for them out the gate.

RiseofScorpio2535d ago

I'm disappointed by this, these practices need to stop.

gangsta_red2535d ago

Didn't SF4 launch with only 19 playable characters?

The initial roster is very unappealing too, there isn't one new character on that list that I am excited to play. I am seriously waiting for Guile, Urien and Alex to make an appearance.

I also expected Capcom to go all out and make this a defining SF experience especially with all the hype and talk about them partnering up with Sony and how Sony "supposedly" made this sequel dream come true.


The practice needs to stop...

but seriously, WE NEED TO STOP!

We don't like it, we complain, then we go out and by it regardless. That is the real problem here.

When we stop, they will stop.

They do it because they believe the demand is there and there is more profit in it for them to do it this way.

If there was no profit in it they will stop doing it.

Stop supporting this stuff by not buying it.


eferreira2534d ago

characters can be earned for free.

Masterofwiiu3ds2534d ago

This is a very misleading comment. The 6 characters can be earned through playing the game. You can unlock 2 of them just by playing through the story mode, and you can unlock the rest just by playing survival mode. I already have enough in game credit to get 4 of the 6 characters, and the game hasn't even been out for 3 full days yet.

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joab7772534d ago

Just a question. Imagine your favorite game is coming in 5 months. Now, imagine of theu gave you the option to get it in 4 months, but some of the options wouldn't be available for a month. They are free when theu release, but not quite ready forlaunch.

Would you want it or no? I honestly don't know. I probably would depending on how important these features were to the 1st month of your playtime.

Clown_Syndr0me2534d ago

I'm sick of buying half a game.

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WilliamSheridan2535d ago

I honestly didn't expect this game to be so light, but it makes sense. Sony is broke and they funded it. Capcom can't afford to do extra right now.

It's tinge for Capcom to be bought and end the bleeding...

spektical2535d ago

lol wut? We as gamers know this has very little to do with SONY corp struggles nevermind Playstation is recording major profits... This has to do with a publisher gauging fans with "premium" DLC.

RosweeSon2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Sony is broke?! Yeah films no longer get watched at a cinema or purchased on blu Rays to be watched on the 30+ million ps4's, 80-90 million ps3's, laptops, TV sets and phones amongst others, yeah they are probably going off to collect tin cans from the homeless shelter as we speak. If you think Sony is Broke, might wanna check a dictionary last I heard it meant either homeless with no money, struggling to pay your way/bills or actually being bankrupt... Now where does Sony fit into that hmmmm.
The only money Sony would have paid for SF5 is for the exclusive rights for ps4 Capcom may well have used some of that towards development costs or publishing but I think even Capcom would have been funding majority of this its one of their biggest franchises. If not their biggest. Besides even Capcom aren't "Broke"

If they (Sony) purely had Vita maybe but with their masses of products, broke? Don't think so buddy.

travestyj2535d ago

I always shake my head when people say Sony is broke. They have billions upon billions of dollars, over 140,000 employees, $135 billion in assets and are worth $34 billion. They also develop and publish more games than Microsoft... They aren't broke, you are.

Neonridr2535d ago

what does MS have anything to do with this? Don't turn the argument into something it is not please.

travestyj2535d ago

I am comparing Sony to the richest video game developer which happens to be Microsoft who make less games than Sony. If Sony was "broke" they wouldn't be making more games than Microsoft...

Tobsesan2535d ago

Last year Sony only had first party remasters compared to ms its not even close. No trolling, look it up and proof me wrong.

travestyj2534d ago


Sony had MLB 16, Tearaway Unfolded, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Until Dawn, DriveClub Bikes and technically paid for the development of PlanetSide 2. As for remasters they had Uncharted Collection and GOW 3 Remastered. For smaller titles they published Helldivers and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

As for Xbox One it has: Forza 6, Halo 5 and Tomb Raider which they partially funded. As for remasters or ports they has.GOW UE and Rare Replay. Smaller game was Ori.

SONY publishes and develops a lot more games. Go back 6 years and Sony has developed/published around twice as many.

The reason a lot of Sony's first party games arent coming this year is because they supported the PS3 for so long unlike MS who basically abandoned the 360 in 2010.

Tobsesan2534d ago

"I am comparing Sony to the richest video game developer which happens to be Microsoft who make less games than Sony. If Sony was "broke" they wouldn't be making more games than Microsoft.."

You talk about who makes "more" games. So you talk about FIRST party games. Sony doesnt make The Order or Bloodborne. PlanetSide 2 was released back in 2012 for PC, before next gen consoles were even announced... They just now ported it over.

I give you MLB 16, Until Dawn and Driveclub (Tearaway is a remaster)

Dont act like Sony is pumping out game after game after game.

travestyj2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )


I said develop and publish but again these are all large investments that cost resources and money. Tearwax Unfolded is more than a remaster and has 50% more contenot among the other changes.

Their first party studios also co-develope these games. Sony Santa Monica for The Order and Sony Japan for Bloodborne.

Also don't ignore the fact that their first party studios released way more over the last 5 years and most are coming out this year because theyvery actually released games in the last 3 years.

This year they have a lot more releasing than MS as well.

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Dark_Crow2535d ago

Sony doesn't own Capcom. The only possibility with Sony being involved is in the console exclusivity deal...

This is all on capcom.

Kribwalker2535d ago

The consistent argument has been that without Sony street fighter 5 would not have been made and that is why it's exclusive. So that is where it relates to Sony. Now the sony is broke argument is stupid. But they did play a direct part in the making of this game

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theshredded2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Oh please, The Order 1886, Destiny, R6, Godzilla, Star Wars...

Saijahn2535d ago

that's terrible considering SFV and The Order exclusives, Sony was the lead platform for Destiny.

I know they have no control over third party developed games but you'd think they'd want better content considering they are the crown jewel this generation.

R6 it was expected a long time ago after they changed directions from Patriots. Star Wars was a money grab. I can't speak on Godzilla, haven't played that.

travestyj2535d ago

They invest in franchises people will buy. They are a business and like you said have zero control of what is in the game on release with the exception of The Order 1886.

RiseofScorpio2535d ago

They also took the cheap developer option when porting SFIV and it was a turd at launch.

remixx1162535d ago

Add titanfall to that bunch

RosweeSon2535d ago

Takes episodic gaming to a whole other place.