MONG Podcast 112 | Should Duration Determine Price?

The podcast crew went in on the question of if a game’s duration and features should determine its cost. The answers may shock you, or seem absolutely reasonable because Myles, Adam and Jordan are quite reasonable human beings. Regardless, they did cover some actual news as well. Kojima made a return to the podcast with Norman Reedus’ possible tease of a collaboration to come, Watch_Dogs 2 has been confirmed to little fanfare, Quantum Break had a bevy of news this week and Dark Souls III is getting pre-order incentives while the enemies of Dark Souls I are being made to look silly. On top of that, Bethesda has confirmed, priced, and divulged information on the Fallout 4 DLC and last, but most certainly not least, is that PlayStation VR will be on the market this Fall! If you’re not excited, you. Should. Be.

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Bluefox20001064d ago

In some cases I would say yes. I won't play £40 for a 5 hour game. But ultimately I care more about the game's quality.