Is P.T (Silent Hill) back on?

IM PLAYIN look at a recent post from Norman Reedus - could P.T. be back on the table?

"Last year, the P.T. demo took the world by storm. Well… when I say world, I actually mean PS4 – which is close enough. It was truly terrifying, and it was a wonderful little experiment to see how a small demo could become one of the most talked about mini-games of the year. But, sadly, after a clash between Konami and Hideo Kojima, P.T. was scraped and removed from the store. With it, the potential new Silent Hill game faded into the darkness of games that aren’t to be. Or has it?"

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WeAreLegion975d ago

Oh sweet baby could be happening.

Gamist2dot0975d ago

Yes, but they would probably give it a different name: T.P.

Goldby974d ago

you'll need alot of that by the time those three are done making everyone fear their closets again.

Austin48974d ago

T.P for the bun hole lol

MasterCornholio974d ago

-crashes in-

Did someone say TP?

TP for my bunghole?

To must give me all your TP or face the wrath of my bunghole!!!!!!!

PaleMoonDeath975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Not the way we remember anyhow, Konami have that baby wrapped up.

Something very similair though.. can be done.

WeAreLegion975d ago

Luckily, P.T. was a proof of concept. I'm sure the final game wouldn't have resembled it at all. The other tech demo they showed off for Silent Hills was nothing like P.T.

PaleMoonDeath975d ago

You know something, that's actually spot on! I was worried Silent Hills would stray to far from P.T though, I loved the grounded "real life" horror vibe.

Who knows, whatever will happen will be glorious I'm sure of it!

Mikeyy975d ago

What other tech demo? Have a link?

All I've experienced for Silent Hills was P.T.

Eidolon974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

If it has Guillermo del Toro directing and Norman Reedus acting it, and Hideo Kojima producing and designing it, it's going to/would be great. I have my doubts, though.

Bathyj975d ago

Ha, still got my copy. Should play it again. It still works right?

lipton101975d ago

It does! I just streamed it last night to a friend who just bought a ps4. Not sure about share play though since my upload speed is stuck in 2005... (3 meg up)

DarkOcelet974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

You should be thankful for that lol.

Where i am staying right now. The internet companies has implemented the worst Fair Use system i have seen in my life.

You get 1 gigabyte of data everyday and then your net speed goes down to 512kb.

If your is stuck in 2005 then mine is stuck in the 1990's internet.

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