Bethesda's Pete Hines Defends Fallout 4's Season Pass Price Increase, Reveals More DLC Info

Today, Bethesda finally took the wraps off of the long awaited Fallout 4 DLC plans. On the whole, there was a lot to be happy about.

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xPhearR3dx3045d ago

People love to make a big deal over nothing. I remember when Techland announced they were upping the price of the Season Pass, everyone cried and threw a fit. DLC got released, got very positive reviews and everyone is happy.

Aside from their Horse Armor stunt, Bethesda has proven they put very content filled quality DLC. I'm more than certain the DLC will be well worth the increased asking price if you're not able to pick it up before March 1st.

Very rarely do we get expansion packs these days. Most DLC is map packs, throwaway game modes, outfits etc. They already said the first expansion is bigger than any previous one they've done. And they've done some pretty massive expansions.

-Foxtrot3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

No one is making a big deal over nothing. It's not about posistive reviews for the DLC/game, if shitty practices are involved it's a bad thing. If you had a game which was the best game ever but it had crap DLC or Season Pass plans does that mean we should automatically let it slide? No I don't think so.

Fallout 3 had 5 great DLC packs, nearly all story related.

Fallout New Vegas had 4 and again were all story related...these ones actually built up the Couriers story until it came full circle to a gripping conclusion. They did it better then Fallout 3

Fallout 4 however has two over priced DLC packs which is basically mods you can already get on PC for free and which could easily become consoles first mod content but no, no they want us to pay for it despite making a big deal over console mods. Not to mention they add nothing to the game or story. You really want to pay £7.99 for a robot companion? Differen't if it was in the game from the start but we have so many people to travel with what is the point. They could have been bundled together for like £4.99 or do something like the Witcher where they are free.

The third is the only good content pack but that's not coming until May. Even then it just seems like a Nick Valentine case, who knows if it's story related.

What about more DLC packs like it...because it seems we won't get more untill the end of this year. Not really that good when Fallout 3s DLC packs all came out within the first 8-9 months

Just feels they are forcing us into it. Do we just buy the main content for £20 on it's own or pay the extra £4 for the season pass...basically buying into the shitty system. I feel conflicted and I shouldn't.

Xb1ps43045d ago

My answer... I haven't bought the game yet and don't plan to until everything is included or the game is cheaper...

To this day I still can't believe I got a game like the witcher 3 for 25$.. I almost feel bad for the devs cause it's well worth the full price but sometimes it's just better off to sit back and wait especially with so many games to help make the time pass..

I'm sure fall out 4 is a great game I just don't think it's as good as the witcher 3 so sometimes you just have to sit back and wait for the sale price or just skip it all together to send a clear message cause imo Bethesda is just on a high horse right now.

_-EDMIX-_3045d ago

No ones forcing you to do anything and where did you read that the content they were releasing was not story related?

Such practices will continue to get praised by gamers as they're going to vote with their wallets.

you could go on and continue your parade in trying to lobby everyone against the concept but the reality is everybody has already voted and you kind of lost. if you consider people are buying this enough for them to keep doing it through this generation.

You're free to give your opinion as anybody else's though, you are merely fighting a concept that is completely irrelevant to the idea of business.

You're using emotional ideals in terms of what you think is fair or bad practices to ward off or fight off extra post-launch content that clearly is making enough money for them to continue the practice if no one wanted it, it wouldn't be made it. simple supply and demand I have no clue how anyone thinks they can have any real impact or change regarding a practice if they can't even factor in supply and demand somebody wants it buddy I'm sorry that you don't like it but someone wants it enough to justify its existence.

it's basically like holding a sign out in McDonalds telling everybody to rally with you and get the value menu items that are a dollar to be $0.01 because of what you believe in if the majority has more money than you and they're telling you that they are fine with the practice and huge factual numbers you're sort of out on your own.

Situations like this show you are in the extreme minority, the majority do not care they have enough money and they see this content as a value if they're paying for it in the first place.

10. Factor in supply and demand and real market value is essentially destroy your entire rally or protest against such things as those are for a matter of fact real proof that determine the value of the content and what the majority feels about them we don't need you to tell us what's good for gamers the numbers will speak for themselves in the market will sort itself out.

Considered as a listing agent and an investor I've dealt with people like this so many times that seem to think that they could rally against factual things that they have no control of, you do not deem the value of something the entire market as a whole does I could care less if you think Jordans are worth a single dollar the majority see it otherwise as they have their own perceived value and what they believe it's worth it's no different than starting a blog to fight and make everyone try to pay a dollar. Yet the majority of all ready for you matter of fact voted with their wallets.

So it sorta doesn't matter what you think about this practice if its that bad consumers will not buy it.

_-EDMIX-_3045d ago

I mean consider this Fox with all of your chest bumping in tears regarding Battlefront the game went on to move 13 million units.

I'm not sure what you're saying regarding DLC with Games matters to the majority when in the Mega Millions people honestly do not care.

Your nit picking with a microscope crying about all these small things that I'm pretty positive nobody cares about but nobody is going to really care that much in the huge millions to honestly affect anything if it's really that bad again the market will reflect that.

I mean fallout 4 moved like 12 million units in a week I'm pretty sure no one cares buddy it's just one of these sad things where you seem to really believe that someone is going to care this much about the small details if you can't afford to play this hobby why are you in it? When was there a time where we just got all games for free in all content for free as a normal thing?

You're also in love with trying to count pieces of items as worth or value and disregarding the overall quality of the game as if a numerical count gives you a great idea and conveys an understanding of fun it might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Team Fortress 2 first year in Battlefront sort of show you how stupid that concept is yet those games went on to do millions because they were fun I've never met somebody that would play a game based on how much it had vs the fun in the game it's like saying you would watch a 12 hour movie VS a 2 hour one in merely measure the time to determine the quality it doesn't really make sense you're not talking about something objective you're talking about something subjective that is not based on numerical count.

If the quality in the Season Pass justifies it people will buy it no one really cares that you think season passes should be $2 or free or anything of the sort because the majority clearly think otherwise if their purchasing it in the first place.

freshslicepizza3045d ago


a) nobody 'forced you' to do anything. you fail time and again that nobody owes you anything. it's their game and they can do as they wish with it. you as a consumer can use your own judgement on what to buy.

b) the game as far as a i know offers a ton of content. i have yet heard anyone complain about paying $60 for it. yet you who always seems to have a tendency to see the bleak side of things will look for any angle to discredit something and in this case you mention the dlc. once again nobody owes you any dlc and you as a consumer can decide what to support.

c) speaking of fallout 3, do you honestly think the same cost ratio is there to compare? fallout 3 likely costs a heck of a lot less to make than fallout 4. and we all know the new tactics are to sell dlc to compensate. don't like it don't buy it. simple.

d) the whining and having to explain to people is getting ridiculous. he said the price is still the same if you pre-ordered you will get all that content for the same price. you can also pay the same price now and are giving lots of warning that the price will go up. so as a consumer it's up to you to take that gamble. but again this dlc is not dire to the game as the game itself was already a $60 game most people were quite happy with.

the internet has fueled a bunch of critics out there who have now made it their full time job to bash and attack and whine just about anything.

Omnisonne3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

The way I see it, that 3rd DLC with the new area and Valentine (Far Harbor) will cost 24.99 seperately, which i'm most interested in.
For the moment the season pass is only 5 bucks/euros more, so I'm fine with paying those 5 euros more. So thats 5 euros for basically the rest of the DLC content aside from Far Harbor, hardly a loss.

Now I understand the trick for pushing the sales by Beth, but atleast they let you know what they will be selling beforehand with the respective prices, so you have a clear idea what's up.

xPhearR3dx3045d ago

How is it a shitty practice? If you were going to develop X amount of content for 30 bucks, then suddenly you got bigger and better ideas and can over (for example) 3x the amount of content, why shouldn't they charge more for it. The problem is, everyone is entitled and feels like they are owed something for nothing. Yes, the first two DLC packs are small things, but we don't know exactly how deep they are or how much content is in those. So saying "oh you can simply download a mod" isn't the answer.

Like you said, the 3rd DLC which is more of an expansion pack is $25. I just paid $24 for the Season Pass over at GMG. So I saved a buck and I'm getting that DLC along with every other piece of DLC for free upon release.

The best part about this is, you have options. You can simply not buy it. Buy only some, or buy all of it.

Herpofderpopol3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Didn't they say these first 3 were the first round of the season pass? There will be another 2 rounds, and I'll assume they'll be similar with 2 large story packs and 2 similar to the protectotron and workshop dlc. So considering that, plus the fact that they gave us another 2 weeks or so to get the pass at 30$, I really see no reason to complain.
*4 of the smallerpacks, 2 in each round I mean

hellothere19773044d ago

don't like it, send the message and don't buy it. or get a job and don't whine about what hard working people ask for the luxury goods they are making. you're seriously starting to sound like those entitled SJWs and feminist.

only your whining isn't about perceived fairness...it's about your wallet.

DragonKnight3044d ago

@EDMIX: Wow, how much are you selling that book for? Ok, so while Fox is incorrect that Bethesda are not actually forcing anything, here are some key points to know.

1. None of the DLC is story related. The one releasing in May is in Maine and while it does have Faction Quests, FO4's story is about the Sole Survivor finding Shaun, a task you perform in the main game with no ambiguity or room for opening it up in unexpected ways. FO4's main story is blander than Skyrim's. So, sorry, but trying to defend Bethesda witb a "you don't know it's not story related" defense ignores what happens in the main game and just how streamlined the game is.

2. Your "business" argument sucks too. I hope you don't own your own. All of these DLC packs were planned in advance. They have to be, that's the nature of efficient business. If the DLC came out a year from release, then you could argue it wasn't, but that's not the case here. The scope of the DLC was also planned in advance and should have been reflected in the initial asking price of the Season Pass. The price hike reflects either that Bethesda is greedy and knows they'll get away with it because people like you will defend them, or it reflects their incompetence at development budgetting and they bit off more than they could chew. Probably both, but unlike what PR Execs would say, the price is not a reflection of quality. Bugthesda is an apt moniker for the quality of the games, and there's no way anyone will believe that Bethesda made unprecedented improvements to the DLC in such a short timespan that would justify the price hike.

Every time I see you comment, no matter what the subject is, you rarely comment on the topic and instead find someone to oppose. Maybe remember that without people like Foxtrot, Xbox One would have been very different. Defending business doesn't help you.

UnHoly_One3044d ago

I bought the deluxe edition at launch that included the season pass. I don't normally buy season passes, and if I do it is usually only after I know for sure what I'm going to get, but I got this one right away because (a) I love fallout, and (b) I have never been disappointed by bethesda dlc as a whole in the past. So I assumed it would be multiple good packages and well worth the 30 bucks in the end.

So for me the deal is already done. Now it's just time to wait and see if they live up to their past reputation or not.

If not, then next time I wait. No big deal.

For those of you that haven't purchased it yet you still have time to make the decision based on the current price. Even if you only care about the one big dlc, that makes up most of the current value of the season pass right there. So it's just about whether or not you think they'll come through with anything else that is a big story add-on or not.

With them raising the price to $50, I find it really hard to believe that you won't get the current $30 value out of the whole package, but I can't know that for sure. Based on what he is saying, there are some more big add-ons coming and I don't think many people would be disappointed.

Pongwater3044d ago

I'd love to see the footage of you or anyone else being forced to buy DLC at any price.

garrettbobbyferguson3044d ago


If you do not buy it now for cheaper, you can only buy it later when it is more expensive. That is effectively forcing the user into a decision: wait until they know that it is worth it and purchase at the higher price or blow 30 dollars right now with the hope that it will be worth it.

Terrifying that there are people actually defending this practice.

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USMC_POLICE3045d ago

I agree they even told people the increase is not until March giving a lot of time to buy it at 29.99 but still people complain.

garrettbobbyferguson3044d ago

Telling someone "you better buy it now before we increase the price!" is not in good faith and is plenty of reason for people to complain. Irrelevant of how much "more content" they claim they may be adding. Far as we're aware, the current content offered by the season pass isn't even worth 30 dollars, let alone the rest being worth AN EXTRA 30 dollars. Stop supporting bad business practices. Gotta say gamers truly are pathetic at times.

yomfweeee3044d ago

Garrett how is that not in good faith? They could have raised it without warning.

The revealed content is ALREADY worth more than $30, so why are you saying it isn't?

DragonKnight3044d ago

The content is not worth more than $30. The robot companion pack and the additional settlement crap are $2 at the most. The expansion DLC is supposedly larger in size than any past expansion, but I'll bet that's only in map size and the expansion suffers from the same bland story telling as the main game.

Omnisonne3044d ago


Did you actually play the DLC then?
So far thats baseless assumption

One could claim the main game not being worth 60$ either, yet others get over 200h+ of game time out of it.
I'd say judge for yourself once it's released, if you thought the vanilla game to be so bad

DragonKnight3044d ago

@Omnisonne: Don't have to play the DLC to know that mods the PC community can do better than Bethesda (robot companion, additional settlement items), and provide free of charge are not worth more than $2. That's basic common sense. Far Harbor is $25 for a Nick Valentine quest in Maine and additional faction quests and sidequests, likely radiant quests. The price is reflective of the map size alone. Far Harbor provides nothing that could not have been added to the base map. It's not like Dragonborn on Skyrim which added lore to the story of the Dragonborn and featured much more of Hermaeus Mora. Far Harbor will not add to anything in the main game because it can't. FO4's story is ridiculously streamlined with no room for ambiguity.

All you need to do is look at the info Bethesda has provided and you can easily see that the current DLC pack is nowhere near worth more than $30. It's barely worth that.

Ark_3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

You know that this is a marketing trick ...
It doesn't affect me, since I wait for the Goty edition. Just pointing out, that if it's working and people buy heavily into it, EA and Co will adapt their practices accordingly.

garrettbobbyferguson3044d ago

"How is that not in good faith"

Oh, I don't know. The fact that you are forced into making the decision of blowing 30 dollars now without even getting content or waiting until you know the content is good (and available) and then spending even more money. Is this that difficult of a concept to comprehend?

pumpactionpimp3044d ago

this is basically running in to someone on the street offering something. saying i may have it tomorrow but it will be $20 more. Then when you hand them your money, they say "Ok wait here while I get it." while they disappear in to some back alley, and you're left wondering if they will come back or not.

How could you defend the practice of giving extra money up front, for what amounts to promises?

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Mr-Dude3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Well, you can buy the seasonpass for 30€ now... Buy it now and not over two weeks. It is not rocket science

-Foxtrot3045d ago

"and we aren’t going to continue to give away $60 or more worth of DLC for $30"

Meanwhile at CD Projekt


Mr-Dude3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I am a huge fan of CD Projekt, but if you buy the season pass now, you get everything. Am I wrong?

Edit: I read your comment above again, this time without my fanboy goggles

I get your point, but Bethesda isn't the first to do this.. Techland did it to, and many more are sure to follow. It's becoming a new trend..