Home Theater Magazine: On The PS3.

It's just so beautiful. I realize that's a pretty shallow initial evaluation of Sony's much-hyped super-fun-happy-smile machine, the PlayStation 3. But the lines are so bold, the shape is so commanding, and it's all just so…shiny.

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Juevani5244d ago

good to see there is still people with brain in this world.

PS3n3605243d ago

Its great to see the bluray PS3 getting great reviews because if you look at this review which contains screenshots to back it up the 360 HDDVD add-on spanks the PS3 Bluray player pretty badly. One more win for MS.

Islandkiwi5244d ago

So it gets a positive review as a blu-ray player. Well, guess what. I want a game console.

THAMMER15244d ago

I've never met a gamer who cares how well a dvd plays in thier console.

Dandiego5244d ago

I gotta give it to sony although I prefer (personally) the Xbox 360 I will get a PS3 for a Blu-Ray/Gaming machine (in that order) when prices drop a bit.

Close_Second5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago ) rather than this crap where all he does is repeat Sonuy provided benchmarks. which mean nothing until someone actually makes good on them. There was also no mention of the current battle in the HD vs BR DVD wars which HD seems to be winning.

Lets face it, the PS3 is not going to be a hit like the PS2 until the price drops and they come out with a smaller model. Right now its aimed at the high-end market but it will need to be repackaged for the general maket (like the slimline PS2). I for one would not want a $1300 (NZD) piece of hardware in my 8 year old son's bedroom. I dare say my insurance company would not be too happy about it either...I can hear my premiums going up already!

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The story is too old to be commented.