In 2007, the race to sell boxes will begin to sort itself out, but the real story should be software. Games must return to the foreground.

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THAMMER15451d ago

I'm looking forward to Halo 3 myself.

Scrumptious5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

We need original games. This is why it's a great time to own a 360. 2007 is stacked with original games:
Lost Planet
Kane and Lynch
Too Human
Mass Effect
Alan Wake
Bullet Witch
Blue Dragon
Battle Stations Midway
Frontline Fuels of War
Project Offset
Culdicept Saga
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars

All original 360 exclusives.

Then you have the sequals Like a little title called Halo 3, Forza 2, Fusion Frenzy 2...

There are some additional stellar milti-platform titles as well like..
MOH airborne assault
Battlefield Bad Company
BIA Hells Highway
Army of 2
Burnout 5
Alone in the dark
Dark Sector

If 2007 is all about the games, then it will be all about the 360. Hands down the most original content and exclusives.

Now 360 owners will have a problem of almost too many great games to choose from!

MicroGamer5451d ago

You can build the most kick a$$ console that has ever been built, but if there are no killer games, it won't sell.

ChickeyCantor5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

.........wait.....did someone just woke up?!!!!!!!!!!!!!............MY GOD!
it is obvious that the games are important and not really the console!

its like repeating what so many people have sad: The ps2 won the race cozz it had GAMES so many games it sold the console!

the bigger the library the better consoles will sell......even if so many games suck it will sell the console....its obvious becozz there are more games for the console!

Odiah5449d ago

SOme I can agree with but others of those look crap aka Halo Wars


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