Gamestop CEO: "Those tax checks tend to drive hardware sales"; "We will launch PS VR This Fall"

GameStop CEO Paul Raines on tax season, the outlook for sales and virtual reality.

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DarkOcelet1070d ago

So its gonna release between September and December eh? Hopefully GT Sports is a Launch Title.

Septic1070d ago

That would be insane.

GT Sports, No Mans Sky and Ace Combat at launch? I'd pimp myself out to get all that day one.

DarkOcelet1070d ago

I can see No Man's Sky and GT Sports being a Launch Titles but i highly doubt Ace Combat 7 will come this year.

Also hopefully Detroit have VR Support. That would be crazy.

ShadowKnight1070d ago

No DarkOcelet don't say that I need Ace Combat in my life and this year

DarkOcelet1070d ago


I want Ace Combat in my life too but with the Plethora of games releasing this year. I dont mind waiting for it :)

bouzebbal1070d ago

If Ace Combat skips 2016 there is no way Detroit releases this year.
GT Sports on the other hand is gonna be a monster this year. I think the 2016 release has more or less been confirmed.
I want them to surprise me and announce a new WipEout with VR.. I can imagine how insane that might look.
That would make me buy it day ONE! One of my most beloved series of all time!

DarkOcelet1070d ago


I never said Detroit will release in 2016. All i am saying it would be awesome for it to have VR Support, that is all.

InTheZoneAC1070d ago

Not hyped at all for No Mans Sky. And I'm not hyped for GT Sports if it's anything like Prologue.

As for VR itself I need to test it with a full fledged game a year or two from now and not some sorry intro game because if try it now I'm sure I'll write it off completely because right now it is just simulating a wider viewer angle than my tv, but I still have to use the right analog stick to move the camera further

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ArchangelMike1070d ago

I guess we'll know for sure at E3. I'm willing to bet Sony rolls out the full red carpet for PSVR and will probably start taking pre-orders in June.

SniperControl1070d ago

Ahh gutted if true, but deep down i kinda knew this was the case, we are so close to the supposed Q2 release date and we still have no details regarding price and pre-orders.
Ah well, i still have my DK2 for my VR needs, here's hoping Oculus dont cut support for it when the CV1 releases.

thisismyaccount1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Well Sony said that NMS will launch this year around June ... and to me it´s currently the only title with "gimmie all your VR jazz* over me" written on it. So...

They have not shown anything (games) nor talked about the endprice/product. Based on this, i can definitely see them postponing the VR AND NMS (once more ...) to fall of this year. They´re not gonna allow the PC folks to play NMS with their OCrifts before the PS4 ppl.

To launch anything within the next few months (incl. post e3 "Effect") ... you need to start talking about it (no big fancy articles, psblog few words about current status is enough, for noe) ... yet they haven´t done that, no hype, no games, no nothing ...

START TALKING ABOUT IT! Sony ... dont wait ´til the e3. How long will the PC of Sony be at this years e3? if they wanna talk about PSVR (their goals, games etc) and still have room for non PSVR PS4 games, PS3, vita etc...?! 4h long Sony e3-2016 PC incoming confirmed? :)

They definitely need to announce a dedicated PSVR Event prior (if they wanna launch it before) the e3 or after (if the plan on launch it Q3Q4 of this year like the Gamespot CEO has said.

with courtesy of Zhuge

Christopher1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

So annoyed with how he pronounced Naruto... and I don't even watch/read it.

Edit: tax refund? What is this thing you speak of?

Erik73571069d ago

"The virtual reality revolution"

Fox news...lawl

IamTylerDurden11069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

It's a good thing.

The launch lineup will be dramatically improved.

Gran Turismo Sport

No Man's Sky


London Heist

Eve Valkyrie

Robinson The Journey

The Assembly


Driveclub VR, SFV, Tekken 7, Project Cars, Ark, FF 14, Until Dawn RoB, Eagle Flight, Battlezone, Adrift, Get Even.

The launch is going to be impressive.

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ShadowKnight1070d ago

I used my tax money to build a new PC LOL

SirCharles1070d ago

As did I. I5 4460 and asus strix gtx 970. Masterrace ftw!

Zoombael1070d ago

masterrace... but cant even afford minimun requirements.

SirCharles1070d ago

You realize the minimum is an fx6300 and r7 260x, right? Learn to read.

SniperControl1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


The minimum is infact a GTX970 for VR.

I have two of those Strix 970 cards in SLI overclocked, unfortunately VR is yet to support SLI, so down to one card for VR.
Playing a non-vr game, the card is simply amazing, however, VR struggles big time as the card just cant hack it, expect to play alot of VR games at thier lowest graphical settings.
I have just ordered a Strix 980ti, which should at least be able to push medium settings.

SirCharles1070d ago

@snipercontrol Apologies, I appear to be incredibly confused, thought I was responding to a Quantum Break article. My bad.

SniperControl1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

No worries fella, QB seems to have alot of people riled up at the moment, lol.

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thisismyaccount1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

SirCharles said:

You realize the minimum is an fx6300 and r7 260x, right?

For what? Playing Solitaire in 4K? You need a lot more horse power for VR (2x 1200x1080) at 90fps or higher ... if you still wanna have some fancy graphics.

jstark1069d ago

apparently you cant either console welfie lmao

ps4fanboy1070d ago

I guarantee , v.r will be big.

Erik73571069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

in sales....for the real vr experience its pc bro

WeAreLegion1070d ago

Fall? FALL?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO Q2?!?!?

MasterCornholio1070d ago

I guess they want to release a hot new product during the holidays.


No idea why they want to do that.

WeAreLegion1070d ago

I get that. I just want PSVR yesterday. Come on!

dcbronco1070d ago

Holiday is great and all but isn't everyone else launching in a month or two? I'm not sure its wise to launch six months after everyone else. If others have great launches you've allowed them to become the standard. Afterwards you have to re-blow people's minds. That will be hard unless you have something better than they have. Right now Sony will be behind in software and most of their big guns are either on the other devices or have a better counterpart on PC.

I love Ace Combat, but PC has better flight simulators. GT might be nice, PC has several racing series better than what's on consoles. It would be a blow to PSVR to not launch in the same month.

ShutUpDonny1070d ago

They need word to mouth and people trying it at friends house before the Holidays so I think that Q2 was a wiser choice, BUT I think the problem was the softwares. Games are getting push back all the time. Imagine in a new VR form. If they don't have enough games for lunch, Sony will wait.

DashArrivals1070d ago

I know how you feel. If this is all true, then I'll try and think of it like a game delay. They have only one chance to launch and they must do it right. So I'll wait if I have to, but I'm pretty upset. I thought Q2 also. I had money put aside to buy everything I could get for PSVR. :-(

WeAreLegion1070d ago

Same here. I was so ready. But I agree. This has to be done right. That includes a strong launch lineup.

IamTylerDurden11069d ago

More important to have a tremendous launch with polished games.

uth111070d ago

They just recently said it would be released by June, didn't they?

jb2271069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )


"Right now Sony will be behind in software and most of their big guns are either on the other devices or have a better counterpart on PC"

Have you actually looked at Sony's exclusive lineup for PSVR? It is a much better lineup than you are giving it credit for...Crytek is doing The Journey exclusively for PS if I'm not mistaken, which is one of the biggest VR titles going at the moment...Ace Combat, The Heist, GT, Golem, Psychonats, Rez, if NMS goes VR I pretty sure it'll be exclusive to PSVR, etc...Sony seems to have as much if not more exclusive support than their PC counterparts at this point.

They did just fine in the end launching after 360 last gen solely because they supported their system w/ exclusives better than any competitor..pretty sure that will happen again w/ PSVR. It'll be the most affordable & attainable VR experience for the masses...may not have access to porn like their competitors, but for anyone interested in diving into VR w/o breaking the bank to do so, PSVR will be hands down the best option w/ absolutely no real competition. As far as sales go, I'd personally put down good money that PSVR will sell more units than any competitor easily.

Either way it's pretty telling that the only people on N4G concerned about VR are either people who have never tried it or people who have suspiciously never had anything but criticism towards any Sony game or product on every other article. 2016 is the year that VR finally hits the masses & I'd guarantee that Sony will be the leader in sales & worthwhile exclusive games...the competitors will have a wider functionality (mainly just porn) but if Sony is able to use their other media branches like their film division to put out the first VR film content, they are poised to potentially revolutionize more than gaming. People comparing to 3d are pretty off base, but if we are going to make those comparisons, Avatar was one of the highest grossing films ever made, and that wasn't down to Spielberg or the film itself, it was down to the revolutionary use of the newest version of 3D...the difference is people have seen some form of 3d for nearly a century, but VR is in it's relative infancy as a brand new never before experienced medium.

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Relientk771070d ago

Good idea PlayStation VR will be a hot Christmas item then