Is Falllout 3 HD Remake Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

IGN: "A recent hustle by Bethesda in Germany to lift Fallout 3's ban might suggest the publisher is working on a re-release - might be for current-gen consoles?"

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-Foxtrot1685d ago

It would have to be bundled with all DLC and if I'm pushing it....maybe New Vegas.

God I loved collecting special stuff in those games. It was a mission without it's self

xPhearR3dx1685d ago

Imagine they ported this game (or even New Vegas) to the upgraded engine Fallout 4 was using. Man, that would be absolutely amazing.

MrSugarholic1685d ago

Is that some sort of joke or something because I thought that the engine was old and that's why fallout 4 wasn't so great, that's just what I heard.

Rookie_Monster1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

What is the point? FO3 is already BC on XB1. Fallout Vegas would be a better choice.

Aenea1685d ago

Remaster better than emulation, plus perhaps 36 million more people could enjoy it?

Though, have to admit, don't see the point of an FO3 remaster either...

Angerfist1685d ago

Out of those 36 million probably 35 Million already owned a PS3 or 360. And its already on the One through BC. Maybe it's a PS4 Version but I highly doubt it will be anything more than a simple port, maybe it's a bundle of both games for PS3/360 again.

Aenea1685d ago


Ahh, so when MS/whoever is bundling a lastgen game with a newgen game it is useless too? After all, out of the 19 million X1 owners, 18 million probably already owned a PS3 or an 360 so they don't need it either...

Why can't X1 fans look beyond their own console?

freshslicepizza1685d ago

after looking at fallout 4 i dont really see the point. these guys are not known to push graphics

_-EDMIX-_1685d ago

Fallout 3 isn't a HD Remake.

The point is, its something else entirely, not sure why you thought HD remakes and their last versions where the same thing despite the clear understanding of what a HD remake is. (or not as you seem to be a bit confused on what is being rumored and what is currently on XB1)

eyeDEVOUR1685d ago

I'd prefer New Vegas or Fallout2.

Heyxyz1685d ago

If the price was reasonable, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Fallout 3 is in my top ten favorite games of all-time, and I constantly look for excuses to play it. This would be a good excuse!

Good-Smurf1685d ago

Well considering that PS3 version have performance issues and didn't looked very good it makes sense for a remaster, make it run 1080P 60FPS on PS4 still one of the best game in the series and Fallout 4 new style really put me off.
The pricing will have to be just right of course.

HaHa_Ostrich1685d ago

Performance issues is an understatement. The darn thing froze every 10 minutes, regardless of firmware, game patches, autosaves and other tricks. I finished it later on PC. New Vegas on the other hand was the exact opposite. I couldnt get it to run on the same PC that ran F3 butter-smooth, yet on my PS3 it was without any problems (and it was vanilla).

Clown_Syndr0me1685d ago

Rather elder scrolls but hey ho.

DragonKnight1685d ago

As would I, especially since they ported Skyrim's Engine to Xbox One in order to test it for Fallout 4 so they can easily re-release an updated, smoother Skyrim to current consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.