Xbox Live Arcade Creator Urges Microsoft to Bring Back XBLA

According to Greg Canessa, reviving XBLA for the Xbox One audience would be "easily fixable" for Microsoft.

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PancakeLova974d ago

Love me some summer of arcade action

CoNn3r_B974d ago

"Can I have my job back" is what I got from the title.

ScorpiusX974d ago

Just as long that they don't allow the copy & paste of last time , where you had to dig thru crap games to find the real good ones .

Jmanzare973d ago

I believe your thinking of the indie games

Gaming4Life1981974d ago

They do need to bring back xbla, we had garunteed great games every summer. With xbla their was tons of great downloadable titles all the time. We don't get half of that now, xbla was a great thing and I can't believe ms got rid of it.

rainslacker973d ago

I have a feeling they'll offer something similar in the future. One platform and more specifically oneApp, is very much based on the principals which made XBLA feasible to the small developers.