Street Fighter V Producer Yoshinori Ono Answers on Returning Characters, Chance of New DarkStalkers

Street Fighter V is only a couple of days away, with 16 characters at launch and six more already announced, but not everyone’s favorite has been included, so fans are already asking Producer Yoshinori Ono whether there’s a chance to see the return of some of those who are, for now, excluded.

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Hoffmann977d ago

I wish that fans could vote at least one of the dlc characters each year.

And that they could include Street Fighter EX characters.

Garuda and Skullomania were great designs.

Abriael977d ago

I'm always a bit iffy on character votes. On one hand, it's nice for fans to be able to choose. On the other hand, it's probably better for developers to select what the game needs in terms of gameplay.

But I guess one isn't too much.

Hoffmann977d ago

Yup, thats why I suggested just one of the 6 per year. Remember how Arc System Works did exactly that a few months ago with their public poll for the GG Xrd Revelator character that was chosen by the voters. I bet they wanted to include Dizzy anyway though, but who knows, maybe the 2nd voted character, Baiken makes it in eventually as well.

breakpad977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

if new darkstalkers is like new Sf4 and SF5 -No thanks!(aka removing all the anime characteristics and buff up their characters to look like retarded cretins)..Darkstalkers was a unique fighting game i dont think the nowdays Capcom has the talent potential to bring a good aesthetically game

abstractel977d ago

One point to make, they are releasing one character a month so the last of the announced will be in September. There's a chance we'll see more DLC characters this year.

3-4-5977d ago

* I'd like to see these characters added:

* Sean
* Dan
* Akuma
* Guile - Good thing they are bringing him back via DLC
* Cody - But not with stupid jail suit. The Real cody with White T-shirt & Jeans.
* Guy
* Dudley
* Yun
* Yang
* Fei Long
* Kairi
* Shadowgeist
* Eagle
* Retsu
* Geki
* Mike
* Joe
* Cracker Jack
* Ace
* Hayate
* Dean
* Allen Snider
* Vulcano Rosso
* Gou Hibiki
* Carlos Miyamoto

So many good past characters to choose from that they have just left out of lots of Street Fighter games and 90% of them are cooler characters than most of what is in SFV.

maniacmayhem977d ago

Give me Cracker Jack and Kairi from the EX universe.

Majin-vegeta977d ago

Capcom no longer has rights to either dont expect MVSC4 for a long time.

I hope they bring Fei long back.No evil ryu unless they plan to make him completely different less shoto spammers the better.

Hoffmann977d ago

Would love to see them doing something like the Omega mode in USFIV but improved and with more changes this time..maybe similar to the variations in MKX. Evil Ryu could be the alternate form of Ryu instead of making him an own character.

DivineAssault 977d ago

They could work Sakura into the game as a school teacher..

Elda977d ago

Picking up SFV tomorrow night!

Majinzo977d ago

Sfv is going to go great.

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