Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Video Game Characters, Would You Date Them Too?

Let's admit it, we all though about it at least once. Today is February 14 and yes, love is in the air. For some, it is an important day where you get to show your love and affection towards your better half.

If you could date a video game characters, who would you ask out?

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teezanpleez1254d ago

HAAHAHAHA Sona ... nice choice !! the gurl that dont annoy you with her voice !! instead she just play music for you !!!

T1ttyMunch3r1254d ago

I would go for tomb raider. And then raid her tomb. hehehe

Vhampir1253d ago

Sona can speak directly into your mind, good luck blocking that out.

teezanpleez1245d ago

i know i just remembered !! she will sing to me that gurl !!!

Aziiizou1254d ago

Sona seriously?... At least Miss Fortune or Katarina... Or ASHE... lol

djslimzz1254d ago

Ashe is hot..Kat too, a lot of league chicks are hot

Majin-vegeta1254d ago

R.Mika,Mai Valentine and Chun li ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

nassour1254d ago

Crazy enough ivy and jynx mhmmm

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