Rocket League Dev: We Hope It Means A Lot To XB1 Owners,Explains Why It Took So Long For XB1 Version

Rocket League's Jeremy Dunham also talks about the game's achievements.

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YinYangGaming975d ago

I'd say it had more to do with the deal they had with Sony than the size of the team seeming how the architecture is so similar between the systems this seems like a bit of a cop out answer

Aloy-Boyfriend975d ago

When they say their team size was small, they meant they could only focus on One console at a time. Working simultaneously for both would hace cause RL to release way later maybe in the holidays and more money

donthate975d ago

Yeah, I would believe that if they actually said that at the time, instead of championing it as if it is an exclusive.

That said, I'm glad Xbox One gamers are getting this supposed gem.

UltraNova974d ago


"That said, I'm glad Xbox One gamers are getting this supposed gem."

Supposed? It is a might even be the best multiplayer 'sports' game of 2015 IMHO.

^^coming from a guy who generally dislikes multiplayer games.

sizeofyou975d ago

Nobody forcing you whatsoever. Missing out though...

TheHaloGuy975d ago

Game looks intense. Personally, I can't wait.

Dabigsiebowski975d ago

Good let him pass, I'm sure his Xbox one has other great games... kinda /s??

frostypants975d ago

Most addictively fun game of 2015. Your loss.

Allsystemgamer975d ago

Have fun not playing one of the best games this gen because of your allegiance to a plastic box.

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travestyj975d ago

Except there was no deal with Sony. People just assume that because it was console exclusive. There are plenty of console exclusives on PS4 that Sony was never involved in.

u4one975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

That's just simply not true. Any time a developer releases an exclusive, they are narrowing potential sales regardless of platform. All platforms is still more than the lead platform no matter how much of a lead that platform has. I.e. 60 million gen8 console sales... Sure around 38-40 of that is ps4 but there are still 20+ million X1 owners and that's still a lot of sales that can be potentially lost by exclusivity.

No business cuts off potential income just for the love of a brand. They all get something out of it. Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog for example are basically bought and paid for by Sony or Sony provides a lot of financial support for development and marketing.

The exceptions being small studios that don't have the manpower to do multiple builds at once. They would be forced to choose which platform goes first in which case the one with the bigger install base is priority... Hence why rocket league hit ps4 first. More market saturation betters your odds for success.

KiwiViper85975d ago

It was free on PS4 no?

How could there not be a deal? Surely you can't be that naive...

travestyj975d ago (Edited 975d ago )


It was free with PS+ like many other games. Doesn't mean Sony had an exclusive agreement...

travestyj975d ago (Edited 975d ago )


You seem like you are disagreeing with me and then agree with me in your last paragraph... The reason they give for it being on Xbox One is because they are a small team.

rainslacker974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Sony has a lot of exclusives from japan, which get localized in the west, which are exclusive with no deal involving Sony. They don't look for the potential sales on other consoles because they don't sell enough on those consoles when they tried to release games on it. Not all those games are of the indie sort, and some come close to AAA.

The only time you see games such as that on the Xbox is when MS tries to get some sort of love in with 5pb this gen, or some SE stuff last gen.

dirkdady974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

This is what u call defacto exclusive.. Get a lot of that on the ps4. Teams are small can only develop one platform at a time of course they go with the platform with 2:1 userbase over the other. Sony comes along sweetens the pot by saying lets make it a full yr exclusive with marketing support, etc.

Best of both worlds for the dev team. Let's be honest here sonys curation team did a bang up job here they saw the potential in this game when no one even had a clue and brilliantly packaged it up with ps+ to give it maximum visibility.

Adam Boye's team is rockin it.

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XSpike975d ago

The only deal we know of was for the game to be on PS+. Since PS allows crossplay with PC but most importantly other consoles. The developers most likely picked PC & PS4 to develop first with cross-play as MS wouldn't allow Xbox users to vs PS players, so only PS users can play PC users.

Happened with many games before, so no doubt the same with Rocket League.

dcbronco974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

If it was about crossplay has something changed. If not it still shouldn't be on Xbox One. So unless this free on Xbox there was a deal. Even if that was based on it being free on PS Plus. If its free to play that's one thing. If its not Sony gave them money. Otherwise ever developer would make every game completely free because gaming is magic.

Just looked it up, they now want $20 for a game that was free on PlayStation. I won't give them a dime. They put out a game and sold it to Sony cheap because they were unsure about how well it would sell. Now that its a huge hit they bring it to Xbox to cash in for themselves. They could have easily done all three. The team size excuse is nonsense, the architectures are almost the same. It was a matter of optimization. They won't cash in with me. Offer Microsoft the same deal Sony paid. Cash in on your next title.

Kayant974d ago

"So unless this free on Xbox there was a deal."
That A* logic...

"Just looked it up, they now want $20 for a game that was free on PlayStation." Hmm the PC verison released at the same time.

Aenea974d ago

Both the X1 and PS4 might have an x86 CPU that are essentially the same, the way you use the underlying OS and GPU is quite different.

The Windows version was probably closer to the X1 version in the end than the PS4 version is (at least the engine), still it's not as simple as just a re-compile and it takes time, so no, it's not really a cop out answer...

otherZinc974d ago

LMAO, is this ***t free?

Ahh no, Soccer Cars is extremely overrated for any price. This **** should be free. And, I still wouldn't play it.

Liqu1d974d ago

True gamer right here. /s

djplonker974d ago


Pc and ps4 players play together and we all know microsofts position on that hence why the xbox is last...

butchertroll974d ago

LOL! What deal with Sony? They're small team. They can't develop game simultaneously for more platforms. Instead, they choose PS4 because it's a lead console platform.

WeedyOne974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

There was no deal with Sony...

They released it on PC and PS4 1st so that they could ensure a large player base since PS4 and PC play together on the same servers.

Xbox would not allow them to use those servers so they were a lower priority due to small dev team.

Simple as that.

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WiiU-Dude975d ago

My support is a drop in the bucket. Nearly silly. We are told everyone's purchase or as in elections 'votes' count, yet I know if only a tiny fraction of people buy this game and I'm a part of it it will still be a failure. Even still, I will buy this game in spite getting it free on my PS4. I do believe in supporting developers if my pocket book allows. This will likely be a fair prices game and since I got the other free, I will buy it on XB1. I'm tired of all the hate XB1 gets. I love mine more than the PS4 right now...but SFV and Ratchet are hitting this year...Xbox you HAVE to find a way to have a game match Ratchet. WHY DONT YOU SECURE RIGHT TO CRASH AND BRING HIM BACK!! Sorry, got sidetracked there. Anyway, I did support the developers a little and picked up the preceding Rocket League on PS3. Thank you for bringing it to XB1. As silly as it may be, I appreciate it.

GearSkiN975d ago

I have the ps4 version and sure will get the Xbox version as well.

cooksauce975d ago

Why would you do that? It makes no sense. Let's buy a game twice!! I understand supporting the artist but come on. You sir need a life

ABACAB72974d ago

Seriously, Cooksauce. He probably got the PS4 version for free like most people who play it did. So, why not give them a little somethin somethin'? They deserve the support. And if he wants to give them the money, who are you to judge? It's his money, not yours. Sounds like you're the one that needs a life.

FriedGoat974d ago

I got this game for PS4, but I also bought it for PC.
The less framedrops the better in a competitive setting like this.

GearSkiN974d ago


i do have a life actually i travel for work. i carry my consoles with me wherever i go,

i play on my xbox a lot and whats wrong playing with my xbox friends with this game?

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Ginpachi-sama975d ago ShowReplies(3)
ElusiveAura975d ago

There is an error in the article. It says it releases April 17th but its actually releasing February 17th, this wednesday.

ElusiveAura975d ago

Hilarious that I got downvoted when I'm speaking the truth. Leave it to N4G

Solid_Penguin-64974d ago

Could be phone users with large thumbs hitting it by mistake...

343_Guilty_Spark975d ago

Glad they pulled it off. Now we need the Witness and Firewatch.

TheHaloGuy975d ago

I'd rather have Towerfall Ascension. Easily the best mp game I played on ps4.

ABACAB72974d ago

I read that both said they were planning on making XB1 versions of those games, so who knows?

dkp23975d ago

Going to wait for free with gold.

PancakeLova975d ago

Yeah, you wait. We haven't gotten a new release that didn't outright suck since idarb.