X-Play Reviews Too Human

At long last, Too Human has been released. The long development cycle of the game and a seemingly endless stream of controversies have threatened to establish a mythology larger than the one presented in the game itself and eclipse the true question, "Is the game any good." Well here's your answer, while it's not perfect it's very, very good.

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mohib-uddin79865324731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I dont like that site they give any rpg games made by a japanese company a 3/5 max. they even said it themselves.

these guys are racist. check wiki

chaosatom3334731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

They give now give no substance in reviews and fell apart pretty easily.

I think Adam and Morgan's acting is started to go down the sink too. I just never noticed it unitl they started their 'new xplay'

The Lazy One4731d ago

final fantasy IV, final fantasy tactics A2, MGS4, The World Ends With You, Okami, Persona 3, and kingdom hearts beg to differ. They all got 4s or higher.

Thoas4731d ago

They made no reference to the horrible camera angle or lack there of. Xplay is a joke in the video game world.

Mao4731d ago

I'm glad Too Human got a good score and all, but THIS IS X-PLAY. This is the same show that RIPS anything Japanese and Sony and calls for it to evolve and move on whilst giving anything Nintendo branded an automatic good score. This is the same show that will promote the 360 like they're on the MS payroll and focus entirely on Microsoft for interviews and special segments unless it envolves Ted Price and Insomniac (cause Morgan loves those guys).

I remember X-Play giving a 4/5 to Viking. I was like, HEY! Good review!...that game sucked horribly. I remember them giving FF: Crisis Core a 2/5....averaging 85 on metacritic and with them giving little explaination...nice!

I also remember Motorstorm's 3/5 and comments like "why would you buy a PS3", "useless PS3", "sell your PS3."

*sigh* I hate X-Play. Useless, biased and overexposed.

ARBitrator4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I guess a lot of people are still made at G4 for not going against popular vote and declaring MS4G as their GOY. Wow you people hold grudges.

Edit: I say great job, xplay finally a site not afraid to separate themselves from the sites that appear to be afraid of the big companies. Remember when gamespot game a sony title a bad review and they pulled (or threated) their support. G4 doesn't have these problem..haha

zethos564731d ago

no, X-play and g4 as a whole is just crap. x-play used to be my favorite show, I think it really fell apart when they got that orange/black set change.g4 is a joke because it went from being a true gamers channel to a rerun channel that tries to mimic Spike but fails horribly.

juuken4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

They can't be serious with that review...
This game deserves a 3/5 at the most. Giving it a 4/5 is like saying it's close to perfection.

zethos564731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

why? to me the game looks like a solid rental. i did laugh at the "great visuals". you can easily see the blockyness of the characters.

edit: 4/5=80/100. it's no where near "close to perfection"

Millah4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

If any G4 cast member likes something, then it seems the whole station rides that things nuts and hops on the bandwagon. I remember hearing Kevin on AOTS yesterday being excited about Too Humans release, and Adam and Morgan also were anticipating this game. Seriously the whole network hops on the bandwagon when its that time. They are the biggest bandwagoners I've ever seen on cable television.

But I knew they would praise this game. Really proves their current lack of credibility. Oh what happened to G4.

TheDeadMetalhead4731d ago

So what? If they liked the game, then they liked the game. I don't think X-Play's biased. Not everyone has to hate the game. Let the people who enjoy the game enjoy the game, right?

juuken4731d ago

You know what?
Forget what I said.
Enjoy the game.
Life goes on.

NegativeCreep4274731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Adam Sessler is a balding virgin idiot that doesn't know his hand from his a$$ crack!.

and come on you guys! Morgan isn't THAT hot. She's like above-average. Despite her stupidity, Most of you gamer's focus on that particular asset she has. You know what I mean? It's between her left thigh and her right thigh...

solar4731d ago

i wouldnt kick her outta bed :P i find her hot in that she doesnt look like what the media and hollywood tells us is hot.

other than that, from the other review scores ive seen im surprised. yet reviews mean nothing really. just fodder for fanboys. if you like it, you like it. you dont you dont. simple as that.

tordavis4730d ago

@Juuken, No wait...really have you played the game? I want an answer!

TheDeadMetalhead4730d ago

I agree with you on both counts. ;)

@ Tordavis

You are a sad, sad, miserable little man. *Shakes head*

Overr8ed4730d ago

They overrated the game, it should have a 3.5

militant074730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

i got sick from you and your picture.
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psycho3604730d ago


If you see what juuken (he/she/it) has been writing then you would know he/she/it is a troll and 24/7 in in 360 news with nothing but negative comments for 360.

I doubt he/she/it even owns any console.

Montrealien4730d ago

X-play also gave MGS4 5 stars, I don't remember anybody saying they where a joke then....

People like this game, people hate this game....I love Lair, wtf people?!?! It's about gaming, stop being condescending know it alls every time there is a different opinion then yours.

juuken4730d ago

I own a PS3. My PSN-id is in my profile.
I own a PS1 and a PS2. My brother has a 360 and I've played on it a few times.

You were saying?

Gold3nStat3KID4730d ago

Now first of all, I only own a 360, but I LOVE GAMES ONLY, and it suck that I do not own a PS3. But I was doing a research on Xplay, G4 Media, and TechTV. Now what I have found out is that G4 Media is just a network own by Comcast & EchoStar. But, Xplay the show itself is owned by TechTV. Now eversince in May of 2004 TechTv merged with G4 Media, alot of their shows were droped, CUZ IT SUCKED MAJOR ASS, except for a couple includeing Xplay. Now tis the surprise. TechTV is owned by Ziff-Davis (ZDmedia), G4 Media (Comcast) and VULCAN VENTURES, which is an INVESTMENT company OWNED BY PAUL ALLEN (co-founder of Microsoft) to handle HIS INVESTMENTS. Wiki it YOURSELVES.

LossTheEarthbreaker4730d ago

Good work there!

I think you'd be surprised to find out how many of these major media organizations are funded or owned by people with financial biases.

Check out EGM, Gamespot, IGN, 1up, and Game Informer.

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ferdus-hutki-shira4731d ago

This site are like the KKK

they are pro american all the way

KBDuB4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

And, the Japanese are like Anti-American..

Don't be stupid. They have praised stuff on the PS3 as well. And, just because they gave this a good score, means they are fanboys?

Oh, wait.. nevermind, Anything positive towards Microsoft means that wherever that positive news came from means that they are pro-MS and Anti-Sony.

Grow up.

pixelsword4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

...the parent company is owned by Microsoft, or Bill Gates, however that goes. It's not a bad thing, but you have to wonder sometimes when you see reviews like that. It seems like every review site that had Too Human advertising plastered on it gave it a good review; not all of them, but most of them.

Me? I dunno; it seems okay. I would rent it myself, but that's just a personal choice.

By the way, when did G4 start to matter?

Silogon4731d ago

B.S. review from a B.S. tv show for a B.S. game made exclusive for a B.s. console that is manufactured by a B.S. company/corporation.

Think that about covers it.

AIi_The_Brit4731d ago

you pretty much hate both microsoft and sony dont ya?

RonDeMuerte4731d ago

shut up.....he's temporarily rooting for our side.....let him be........just joking haha...

KBDuB4730d ago

I think he may be a.... Wii fanboy!!

NewSchoolGamer4731d ago

clearly somebody is biased.

Adamalicious4730d ago

In the past year or so X-Play has sadly given up on the idea of "brutally honest" game reviews (used to be their motto) in favor of straight up pandering. Basically if a game has a lot of marketing money, hype behind it it gets a higher score than it might deserve. They thrive on industry access and now that they are becoming more mainstream they can't afford to cheese people off - so they go for the safe option.

Take a Assassin's Creed. I played the whole game, it was OK. It has some cool elements, but was far far from perfect. But it had a ton of hype surrounding it so X-Play gave it a 5 out of 5 and hailed it as one of the best games of the year.

It's a shame, but they've sold out. I still TiVo it though :)

Montrealien4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

outside in the real world, a lot of people love Assassin's creed, and you know what? 80% of them don't even know about video game sites, and don't care really either. And like I said in the above comment realgamer, it seems they where not biased when thy gave MGS4 5 stars.

DeadIIIRed4730d ago

Just because they gave MGS4 a 5/5 doesn't mean they aren't biased. I've heard G4 constantly rip on the PS3, especially Adam Sessler. I remember the days when I could watch G4 without having my investments be questioned.

LossTheEarthbreaker4730d ago

To quote GoldenStateKid above,

"Now what I have found out is that G4 Media is just a network own by Comcast & EchoStar. But, Xplay the show itself is owned by TechTV. Now eversince in May of 2004 TechTv merged with G4 Media, alot of their shows were droped, CUZ IT SUCKED MAJOR ASS, except for a couple includeing Xplay. Now tis the surprise. TechTV is owned by Ziff-Davis (ZDmedia), G4 Media (Comcast) and VULCAN VENTURES, which is an INVESTMENT company OWNED BY PAUL ALLEN (co-founder of Microsoft) to handle HIS INVESTMENTS. Wiki it YOURSELVES."

EGM, 1up, IGN, Game Informer, Gamespot, Gamespy, etc.

Almost all of them are biased one way or another.

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