Nintendo Selects Games Mean NX is Approaching?

With the onslaught of Nintendo NX news, does the Nintendo Selects announcement mean the end of an era for Wii U?

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

no offense but:
oh lord more idiotic speculations about the NX

what next?

RosweeSon1679d ago

It's Next yeah but question is when, 2017 me thinks, 2016 is hype train and preparation.

Scatpants1679d ago

I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised to see it announced in the summer and released around November this year.

RosweeSon1679d ago

Haha exactly, did it mean the NX was coming out the following month when Nintendogs, Mario Tennis and Zelda got added to the Nintendo selects

pcz1679d ago

i dont get the select series, or any other re-releases put out at a cut price. why do they do it? what is different from the first print run, to the select? why is it cheaper? are the discs poorer quality? are the plastic cases poorer quality? did they pay the designers less to come up with the special designs printed on the select range covers?

who would want to own what is essentially the 'cheap and tacky cut price edition' ?

why dont they simply reprint the original games in their original cases but with a cut price?

OR , an even better idea, is to stop playing around with the software prices and give the CONSOLE the price cut everybody wants, instead of cutting the prices of games every wiiu owner already has.

deathtok1679d ago

It drives a significant number of software sales because of the low price. That is why.

rainslacker1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

It's a reprint of a game that likely can't be ordered anymore. They do it to sell more copies at the distribution level, because the initial run is already out in the wild, and there is no revenue from it.

The games are typically the same as the first print, however, sometimes they include extras like DLC or MT stuff.

It's cheaper because it's an older game, the discs are not as expensive to press, and the cases are cheaper to make. These are intended to sell as a value game, as opposed to a new release game, to those who don't buy full priced games. Typically, for Nintendo at least, the art design is the same, they just slap the selects logo over not much expenditure involved.

Some people don't care about the packaging, or the disc, they just buy it for the price. This allows the publisher to make more money, and make the game more accesible. There are also people who skipped it when it came out, but may be more inclined to buy it at a cheaper price.

Don't know why they don't reprint the games. Well, they actually do if they're popular enough, but that happens before the games prime selling life is over(first 6-12 months). However, GOTY, Select, and things like Greatest Hits packaging give the perception that they were popular titles the first go around...which they usually were....thus it's a psychological thing for the more casual gamer to feel they are getting a good game that was popular the first time.

Obviously, not every WiiU owner has these games, or else they wouldn't be rereleasing them, and they'd probably be bathing in champagne because the software sales would be well above the average for a singular title.

ThePhantomHaircut1680d ago

The writing is on the wall. Their YouTube has been slow, their Twitter has been quiet, their investors meetings have been vague. NX is coming soon.

wonderfulmonkeyman1680d ago

You're reading invisible ink, then, because Nintendo's always been secretive with new projects.
That includes new projects on already released systems.

This isn't an indication of anything; Wii U haters WANT it to be, but it isn't.

ThePhantomHaircut1679d ago

Who's hating on the Wii U? I like my Wii U. But I'm always excited for new hardware.

And no, it hasn't always been this way. I've followed Nintendo news for years. This is the quietest they've been since before the Wii U launch.

wakeNbake1680d ago

Another nonsense correlation leading to baseless speculation.

Segata1680d ago

I farted does that mean NX is around the corner? Read my blog to find out. It's usually about bananas but this month is all NX!

gerbwmu1679d ago

Yes.......NX is approaching......and will be here sometime before 2018.

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