February 2016 PSN Flash Sale Is All About Valentine's Deals, Here's the Games on Sale

PSLS: Just like they did last year, Sony is holding a PlayStation Store Flash Sale on Valentine's weekend, saving you money on a wide variety of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games you can play with someone else.

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Majin-vegeta2479d ago

Man they got some good deals.

Army_of_Darkness2479d ago

Some good deals indeed, but for a Valentine's flash deal I would expect games like Catherine, FFX remastered and other games in those lines LOL!

Chumdiddy2479d ago

Catherine is almost constantly on sale for $2-5 so it is surprising to not see it in the Vday flash sale.

XisThatKid2478d ago

Awesome flash sale deff picking up a few Vita titles this weekend at the very least. Any one can tell me if XBL have anything like this? I'm not being facetious I really wanna know. Thinking about getting an X1 again but budget and kids and stuff.

Griever2478d ago

Awesome flash sale!! I just bought Divinity for my PS4 at 60% discount!! I had just the right amount in my account: $24.60. Lol. I had been waiting for that game to fall in price! Finally, I can play it.

BenRage32478d ago

FFX remastered would be most welcome! Nonetheless I picked up NBA Jam On Fire Edition. For $1.50 it's totally worth it.

NukaCola2478d ago

Definitely getting Borderlands on Vita. Is my save data cross transferable from PS3/PS4?

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Kribwalker2479d ago

I'm waiting for the order to show up on one of these sales

Chumdiddy2479d ago

Kind of non-angry ranted about PS+ below but The Order is exactly the type of game I'm talking about. A game like that - an exclusive that isn't selling anymore but is intriguing despite reviews - should be on PS+ by now. JMHO

nunley332478d ago

The order was recently on sale for $10 and it's an awesome game but on the short side but for $10, that becomes less of an issue. It's also a pretty easy platinum besides some collectibles too.

SuperJay1822478d ago

agree with Nunley.... for $10, The Order was worth picking up and playing through.. I'd of been annoyed paying full price but happy to get it a bit cheaper

Muzikguy2479d ago

Wow! I was just going to buy monopoly the other day too. I'm jumping on that now! Same with Blue Estate. That demo was fun and I can't argue with $2.50

Mrgolden792478d ago

Hey man I just bought monopoly too. I can't play online cuz it keeps kicking me off! That sucks. Are you having problems too?

2478d ago
Muzikguy2477d ago


I haven't tried playing it online. I'm actually a bit mad at myself for not realizing it's a Ubisoft game. That explains all that they're trying to sell even after getting the game itself. I'll still play it though I suppose.

Nice lol

bloodybutcher2478d ago

Yeah, shame it's not also in EU though-_-

parentoftheyear2478d ago

With Knack being that Cheap, im betting its coming for free soon.

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Hoffmann2479d ago

Super SF II HD Remix $2.49 finally buying that one now.

Vhampir2479d ago

I'm a little peeved third strike isn't on sale :(

Tankbusta402479d ago

How come it seems like almost every sale on both ps4 and xone include battlefield 4 lol

Silly gameAr2479d ago

Yeah, that game is always on sale it seems like.

Omegasyde2479d ago

Yea thats a steal with all dlc and base game @20$

Muzikguy2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

At this point, they can't even give it away! That should be telling right there. If I were on the fence I wouldn't touch the game. They'll probably shut the servers down soon

formanbradley2478d ago

It's a great game (after all the patches), and they are still updating it so I can shut your theory down about turning servers off

InTheZoneAC2478d ago

no reason for shooter fans to not have it

it is smart of companies to try to squeeze out more sales at a discounted price rather than forget the game ever existed and keep selling at full price 4 years later(which limits sales because no one's going to pay full price on an old game)....looks at nintendo.

johndoe112112479d ago

Ok, now that sale is very impressive.

jc122479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

You're kidding right? I dont see one game on here thats worth buying at this point. Games like Knack should be offered free to PS+ users.

If someone has never played BF4 or Resogun, then those would be worth buying I guess...though they are quite old by now.

AgentSmithPS42479d ago

Yeah Resogun is great, I got the 'rambo' addon but it's been awhile maybe there's even more new content.

blackblades2479d ago

That's just you, you don't speak for everyone.

jc122479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Nope, I don't speak for everyone. But I think most would agree that this sale is not "very impressive."

skratchy2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

This generation of gamers is worse than what conservatives think of Bernie Sanders. You all want free games! "I demand free Indies, remasters and emulated games! Blah blah blah, free stuff". They are in the business of making money. They're not going to decide what games are free, and which aren't, just because YOU think they should be. Who are you?

jc122478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Technically nothing on PS+ is free, as you are paying $50 annually over the course what is likely to be 7 or 8 years. Do that math, that's $350-$400. I think they could offer their less than stellar launch game, Knack, for free, instead of $8.

Not asking for handouts, just some measure of value from a service that - let's face it - thus far has been a bit underwhelming.

eferreira2478d ago

About your final comment below. You get games rated better than knack. Why are you obsessed with the fact that it has to be AAA? A good game is a good game regardless who makes it.

jc122478d ago

Because the majority of people want AAA games, not indies. I think we both know this to be this case.

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MegaRay2479d ago

Judging by the disagrees, I guess THERE IS something for me, YAY.

Im gonna check the list again... *excited*

Sureshot2478d ago

Thanks for the chuckles :)

Castlevania2479d ago

Yeah, me neither. Oh well, at least other people get a few good games out of the sale. Plus there's always next month!