$150 PlayStation 3 discount

Thanks to a promotion by Sony Style (Sony's retail operation), folks who sign up for a Sony-branded credit card by January 4, 2007 and who purchase stuff with said card by March 31, 2007, will receive $150 off of their first credit card statement.

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MicroGamer5241d ago

if they keep this up. $300 loss per console, $70 Blu Ray movie rebate, now $150 credit if you buy your PS3 using a Sony credit card. That's $520 people. Sony is so desperate to get everyone to have a PS3, they are literally giving them away now.

wolfgang5241d ago

I already have the ps3 but that would still be good to buy a 100$ wii and then thrash the credit card.

Monchichi0255241d ago

I was just on Craigslist and seen a post from some former Sony Fanboy who is already tired of his PS3 and wants to trade it for a Wii! LOL Here read it yourself:

"I have a used PlayStation 3 in Mint condition that I want to trade for a Nintendo Wii plus $250 cash. The PS3 is the 60MB version and will come with Resistance, and FightNight. The System works great but I am just extremely dissappointed with the system itself as my 360 blows it out the water! I was just expecting a lot more for a $600 machine. But, I know there is some Sony fan who might want it so if you can get me a Wii, used or not, I'll be willing to trade you systems. Oh and $250 extra dollars of course! Let me know ASAP!!"


This wasn't the only person selling a used PS3 either as there was more on the site as well. LOL Guess things are looking pretty bad for Sony huh?!

frostbite065241d ago

So this is really just a discount on anything over 150....hdtv, xbox 360, ps3

The Snake5241d ago

I'll admit that Sony paying someone $150 to buy an Xbox 360 is a pretty funny concept. Thanks Sony.
For real though, if I was in the market for another credit card this would be a good deal. Hell, Amazon only gives you $30 off your first order from them when you get theirs.

Fat Onion5241d ago

Most people that will use it for the purpose of buying a game system will most likely buy a 360 since the Wii and ps3 are not readily available.

Odiah5241d ago

going on a spending spree with a false name sony credit card. Can I get one sent to an abandoned house over the net?

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