Final Fantasy 9 iOS / Android vs PS One Graphics Comparison

Although both Android and iOS versions of Final Fantasy 9 does not differ significantly, yet improvements over the original, is another topic, which, this short video graphics comparison is about to show. Gameplay recorded on Android device.

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nullifier2120d ago

Believe it or not I'd jump all over these remakes if it was on Xbox One.

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shalanka2120d ago

Its a Fantastic game if like to play online visit

Summons752120d ago

It may LOOK better but it will never play as well without a controller. It's how these games were made.

Pookandpie2120d ago

Can't wait for this on Steam.

user66660472120d ago

Gonna get this on PS4. Come on, Its gonna happen.

Cryptcuzz2119d ago

I would too man and I never got to finish this game when it was on the PS One. I want to learn what happened to Vivi. He is too cute of a character and I remember stopping (too many games to play during that time) when he was going through that mist factory and seeing how there were others like him.