Godus Wars, Kickstarter Backer Reactions and How to Not Open a Can of Worms

Georgi Trenev writes: "What we are currently seeing could very well be described as a final push aimed at fixing the damage that has already been done, and only time will tell whether Godus Wars ends up being successful. But one thing’s for sure – you know things are bad when people are still giving you a tough time even after releasing a product for free."

garyanderson3081d ago

I can't think of many other kickstarter that are a bigger disaster than this one.,oooh.


Godus an “Ongoing Project” States 22cans CEO

Techraptor talks to 22cans CEO Simon Phillips about kickstarter Godus, and whether the project has been lost with their more successful games.

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Legendary Game Maker Peter Molyneux Talks Regrets and What's Next

In his first major interview in over a year, Molyneux opens up about his legacy, his empathy for the 'No Man's Sky' team, and redefining himself.

solideagle2665d ago

great interview...i hope he comes back to console industry

Mystogan2665d ago

Bring him back for Fable 4

Kaneki-Ken2665d ago

Bring him to PlayStation and do a spiritual Successor to Fable. PlayStation will fund the game and give full creative control over the game.

XXanderXX2664d ago

only with the exception where he doesn't over sale and not deliver like he did with Fable 1-3

zuul90182665d ago

Yea he had part in some neat games, (fable, black and white) but i think all im gonna remember him for was his pre-fable 2 interview.

"You dont control the dog, the dog acts on its own." Feel like that was the most proud hes ever been about a feature in his game. "You dont control the dog" kinda funny

UltraNova2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yeah the time where people got excited about Peter's promises is long long gone. He has to deliver...

badz1492664d ago

Knowing Molyneux, this talk about regrets might be another one of his promises he's not gonna fulfill.

XanderZane2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I want a new Populus game for the new generation. Played that game to death on the Genesis. It's too bad that Peter's ambitions always seemed to exceed his final product. He always had big dreams though.

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TheColbertinator2665d ago

I miss this crazy fool. Microsoft could use a game developer like Molyneux again.

omegaheat2665d ago

Dude, you really should get a life. No matter what developer comes on board, you'll find some way to make it out as a bad thing. Save some of that surplus of criticism for things that really matter, you know things like Donald Trump.

S2Killinit2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Whaaa. Im just saying they dont show a lot of movement in terms of first party. If we all sit back and dont say nothing, it will continue to be that way.

Trekster_Gamer2665d ago

Yes like Sony could use free backwards compatibility the cheap bastards

ThePresentIsAgift2665d ago

That was hilarious BTW and I owned all Xbox Consoles/

Godmars2902665d ago

No, just need to loosen the reigns - a lot. Realize that not everything needs to be online so as to need a paying sub just to access.

rainslacker2665d ago


Actually, thinking on it, maybe you could name one high profile game designer that works for Microsoft?

Without a google search.

There's a reason that high profile game designers become high profile....it's usually because they make some rather iconic, impressive, or innovative games.

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Godmars2902665d ago

MS is literally in the shape they're in because of this guy. Especially regarding Kinect.

psuedo2665d ago

Dod that hurt pulling that out of your know where?

Godmars2902664d ago

So he wasn't in charge of Kinect game development at one point? Never delivered with Milo?

InTheLab2664d ago

That was Kudo and Don Mattrik. They pushed the motion gimmicks and Molyneux simply believed in the project enough to stage a phony demo as proof of concept.

The only other notable instance of him ruining Xbox was that completely on the rails Fable that he argued and had 50 idiots from gaming media to sign their names stating the game wasn't on the rails.

While I do believe Kate and Milo sold a dream to millions (many of whom still argue the potential for Kinect), at that point in Xbox history the Kinect was entirely optional.

He has zero to do with Forced Kinect, DRM, no used games, and all of that deal from the Xbox launch and he certainly doesn't have anything to do with Phil's mission to gut the Xbox one of all exclusives

Godmars2902664d ago


How as the face of Kinect is the man as if not more culpable? By all counts he had skill and resources in excess to deliver Milo, but instead held up an empty example expecting 3rd parties to do as well if not better? And since, apparent grand tradition of overselling and at some point walking back, shareholders bought something yet to be proven never to actually work as Mattrick only saw the money to be made through watching XB1 owners, how was Molyneux and Milo not responsible for Kinect being mandatory on the next system?

The XB1 was built around Kinect, Kinect never worked as advertised, effectively crippled the XB1, and that's on Molyneux and a proof of concept.

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phoenixwing2665d ago

He sure talked big about his games. As for them hitting the mark, at least he has an ambitious imagination. He walked the line of what is barely acceptable to promise to gamers without getting huge backlash. Unlike a certain game publisher with their procedurally generated universe.

cfc832665d ago

Very good interview. Good luck to him.

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