UGO: Call of Duty: World at War hands-on impressions

UGO writes: "There are one or two Call of Duty 4 junkies in the UGO office. In fact, you're reading the words of one right now. Keep that fact in mind when you read the following: fans have nothing to fear from Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War. It might not be Game of the Year material as its predecessor was, but it look as though it's going to serve up the same tight, story-focused action as its predecessor in the "fresh" settings of World War II's Pacific Theater and Russia's final push into Germany.

Let's be honest with ourselves here. It's kind of hard for anyone to screw up Call of Duty, what with it being built on the previous game's engine and all. Sure, Treyarch didn't exactly bring the fire in Call of Duty 3 and we still haven't seen any examples of the vehicle-based gameplay in World at War, but the highly detailed environments and character models, the cinematic effects tearing the war-torn world apart and the chunky, visceral punch which makes each weapon feel unique are all present and accounted for."

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borgome3713d ago

I freakin love cheese.

perseus3713d ago

COD4 was basically what Battlefield: Modern Combat should have been. Great game, but nothing revolutionary. It just properly brought the PC FPS to consoles.

COD5 should be a great continuation of that.