Microsoft: iPhone Xbox Live Apps Must Be Free

Microsoft has officially halted the distribution of all Xbox Live-related iPhone applications via Apple's App Store -- not to quell creative coding, but instead to mandate that all such programs must be offered to users free of charge.

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doshey3715d ago

why should it be free someone should get money for making something u little money grubbing aholes get all the money

GameOn3715d ago

They dont get any of the money because they're free.

Maybe if you removed the egg from your face you could read better.

GameOn3715d ago

How can you complain about something going free?

doshey3715d ago

ah sh!t i read it wrong and piss off it happens

Presentist3715d ago

Doshey grow the hell up.

deeznuts3715d ago

It's cool they are making it free ... but funny because Microsoft charges for EVERYTHING.

Remember when Epic wanted to make Gears maps for free but MS said no, they must charge ...

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DevastationEve3715d ago

I hope they have something similar in the works for Zune, or it will quickly fall behind. Now, itunes sux MAJORLY so to me there's no better media library/store than Zune Marketplace. It's also fully integrated with your Xbox Live account, so your points are universally accessible across both.

But without an App Store-like option in the Zune, iPhone/iPod Touch still has an edge. I have the 80gb Zune Touch.

LittleBigKillzone3715d ago

I personally own a Iphone and have the Xbox app where you can view friends that are online but its completly useless considering you can just access your full xbox live account by just going to the Xbox website on the Iphone's browser and not only that but you can message your friends if you just go to and log in, you cant even message your friends through the Iphone xbox app, just view who is online

joydestroy3715d ago

thanks for keeping me from wasting my time! :]

GiantEnemyCrab3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I bought that same app. I want my money back!

Hopefully someone can get access to the API and actually make a Live Aware type of app for it. There is a great one for Mac and I think some decent widget type apps for Windows.

joydestroy3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )


EDIT: lame since this app apparently sucks.

Rhythmattic3715d ago

Why not make Live free MS ?

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