God of War IV Predictions

Ryan from Bit Cultures discusses three likely options for where the series is headed and how to return the series to its proper form.

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DarkOcelet1071d ago

"With the success of God of War: Remastered on the PS4, there are rumors swirling about the possibility of a fourth sequel"

The sequel was confirmed before God Of War 3 Remastered landed on PS4. So whether it was a success or not, God Of War IV was going to happen.

BC-SocialLink1071d ago

Contacted author and he applied the revision. Also updated the description. Thank you for the feedback!

T1ttyMunch3r1071d ago

Is this a sequel? It would be interesting if they make one in another universe. Like Egyptian gods or indian gods etc. But that might not work like Bethesda making a fallout game set in japan. They cant make one without American lore.

DarkOcelet1071d ago

Well, it will be called God Of War IV. So whether its a true sequel in the same universe or not is yet to be seen. Only time will tell.

jon_snow1071d ago

God of war 4 we battle Thor; well that is my dream new mythology. Imagine Kratos vs Thor Battle, It will be epic.

I_am_Batman1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Not only would it be epic it would also make absolutely no sense at all. Different mythologies can't coexist in the same world they have way too many similarities. And even if they found a semi plausible exlplanation for the sudden appearance of the norse gods what would be Kratos' motivation of going after them? I really hope that SSM don't give in to the public demand of introducing other mythologies to God of War cause in my opinion it would ridicule the story of the previous games.

jon_snow1071d ago

Guy can dream right besides there are many brilliant writers who can create a setting for such events to occur.

Ezz20131070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

You still could do it though
think about it for sec

Since there is no more Zeus and the other gods to rule earth
The Norse gods decide to step in from another dimension and rule this Earth too
How Kratos would fit in this ?!
maybe they could make him go after them because he blame himself over what happened to the world and since he give "Hope" to people and now Norse Gods want to take that from them again
he go for one last fight.

That all i got.

Solid_Penguin-641069d ago

(GOW3 spoiler alert)

I thought it might be possible for them to do Norse mythology by how GOW3 ended; when Kratos impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus in order to release hope into the world. This event could have generated an immense amount of magical energy, opening a portal to the dimension in which the Norse mythology takes place. That's why you see a blood trail leading to the edge of the cliff in the after credits scene (Kratos dragged himself into the portal there). Then, after resting himself back to full strength in this new world, he comes into contact with Thor who mocks his Spartan skirt. And thus GOW4 begins lol

I_am_Batman1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

I just don't think that forcing the story in that direction is the right approach to begin with. I'd love to see what SSM can do with other mythologies as much as you do but why should they limit themselves by trying to shoe-horn the already existing GoW storyline into a new setting. If they'd go with another mythology they should start from scratch and create a new world and a new main character that belongs in this world.

SlightlyRetarted1070d ago

I'm sorry, but you are wrong. Idea of Kratos destroying every mythology has been there since the beginning.

"What David Jaffe talked about doing was — and I'm not sure how it would happen — basically, you destroy Greek mythology and then Norse mythology is right around the corner", Asmussen told GamePro. "That's the next thing that Kratos would go after. It becomes clear at the end that he's going to become this harbinger of death across different mythologies in the world and maybe carry the series on from there."

I_am_Batman1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

@SlightlyRetarted: I only voice my opinion there is no being right or wrong here. I'm just saying that I'd prefer them to start from scratch with a new protagonist if they decide to go for different mythologies cause that would allow SSM to free themselves from finding all those answers why the other mythologies sudden appearance and how Kratos would fit in all of that. They could be much more creative in crafting a new story without the need to tie in all those events form previous GoW gamnes.

I am well aware that Jaffe wanted the series to go in that direction but as a matter of fact he or Asmussen aren't in charge for directing the game. As far as I know Cory Barlog never planned on going for other mythologies.

I think GoW: Ascension introduced some possible ways to continue GoW without having to go for other mythologies. The primordials could come back and recreate a new world from the chaos that Kratos left on earth from killing the gods. In Greek mythology, chaos, the primeval void, was the first thing which existed.

There was also the picture in GoW: Ascension which said:

"When earth stops, the journey begins..."

I think that that's the most likely route for them to continue on. But then again like I said before Cory Barlog is in charge now and he might have other plans. We'll know for sure when we see the announcement trailer. For now we can only speculate.

SlightlyRetarted1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

You are right. We can only speculate right now. But i don't understand why there can't be other religions, civilizations and gods within same universe? Like in our world right now.

Actually i have two predictions that i would be completely fine with.

1.) This is how i've pictured in my head how things would go if i would have to continue from GOW3. So it's a mix between Jaffes idea and my own.
So most of the Greek gods are now dead, there is a power vacuum. And let's say Norse gods see this as an opportunty to expand their territory and send a set of gods to conquer Greece. Kratos has healed now, and realizes that common people can't live in peace if there is power hungry gods living in the world. First part of the game is Kratos destroying Norse conquerers in Greece, after that Kratos travels to north europe. Where he wipes out all the gods and moves on the next region, until all the gods of the world are slain.

2.) This is more into your liking (i think), except that it all happens in same universe. This one actually has some lore tie ins. It's based on three murals found in GOW2 and David Jaffes ideas.

"In the original draft by David Jaffe, the Three Wise Men were meant to be Kratos and his Norse and Egyptian counterparts, after they wiped out the Olympians, the Gods of Asgard and the Egyptian Pantheon."

So every mythology has their own protagonists, but it's all happening in same universe. Everything ties together in the end and three protagonists become the Three Wise Men.

Here are the three murals:
"The First or Second Great War"

"The Last Survivor-Possibly Kratos after The Second Titanomachy"

"The Three Wise Men"

I_am_Batman1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

My problem with all those different mythologies existing in the same world is that there will be different explanations for the same things. For example the world creation. In God of War Ascension it is said that before the Titans and Gods existed the Primordials forged the earth. In norse mythology those Primordials don't exist and the world was consisted of Muspelheim - the land of fire and Niflheim - The land of ice separated by Ginnungagap - the yawning void. If norse mythology was a part of the world in God of War which version would be true? Also what about Yggdrasil?

Since the myths were created to explain the world there would just be too many things that are just different versions of one another. And some things that are essential in explaning the world that don't exist in the other mythology.

Here are some parallels for example:

Zeus and Odin - Ruler of the gods
Tyr and Ares - God of War
Hades and Hel - Underwolrd

I'm no expert on mythology and I'm sure there can be something found to explain all of this but I just don't know why SSM would want to do that at all instead of starting fresh with another mythology. If they would've gone with the multiple mythologies from the get go it would've easily worked out. I just think that 6 games in we should've gotten more indication of other mythologies existing in this world.

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TomatoDragon1070d ago

I just want more God of War. Whether it's set in Egypt, Norse, whatever. ARRRREEEESSSSS!!!

SlightlyRetarted1070d ago

Or Hindu gods. I'm ready to rip these multi-handed deities to pieces: http://quizsocial-wpengine....

Rookie_Monster1070d ago

Can't wait for the announcement of one of my all time favorite series. MY PS4 is ready!

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Dark_Crow1070d ago

Gimme gimme. loved them all. Isn't Santa Monica helping out Indies tho?

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