Xbox 360 Achivements: Too Human Review

Xbox 360 Achivements writes: "Too Human is one of those titles that people thought would never emerge or see the light of day. The vast majority of games that encounter so many knock backs and roadblocks in the development stage tend to disappear in to nothingness and become nothing more than a distant memory. Too Human however is an exception. It was originally announced for the Playstation at E3 '99, a partnership that lasted not even a year as it suddenly switched over to the Gamecube when Silicon Knights teamed up with Nintendo. But as things do in this day and age, the partnership broke down and Too Human was in limbo... Until however, Microsoft picked up this distant memory and gave Silicon Knights the go ahead for their Too Human trilogy."

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MaximusPrime3764d ago

even xbox360achievements gave it a low mark.

another one to be added to metacritic >

Steady at 6.7

Cyrus3653764d ago

I wouldn't call 78 a low mark, it's not great but it's not low either, if that's a low mark, what a high mark? 90's?